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Woman arrested in connection with vehicle theft

June 11, 2009


A 24-year-old Lawrence woman was arrested Wednesday morning on charges of theft totaling more than $1,000.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office booking log and offense reports, the arrest was made in connection with a vehicle theft reported Wednesday morning.

The vehicle, a 2001 Dodge Durango with a value of $5,000, was reported stolen at 2:41 a.m. Wednesday from the 1500 block of Wedgewood Drive.

The woman was booked into the Douglas County Jail at 7:05 a.m. on $1,500 bond.


skinny 9 years ago

Her name? It is public information LJWorld! You are the only paper in Kanas that does not print public information that is given to your staff dailey but then the first to file an open records lawsuit! Go figure! I guess that is why people only read your paper online as it isn't worth paying for!

RoeDapple 9 years ago

Typical of anonymous posters (yeah, me too) to expect full disclosure. relax skinny, the Douglas County Sheriff website isn't that difficult

geekin_topekan 9 years ago

This is the same lass who had her fingers smashed with a hammer after she was allegedly taken hostage for a coupla days for stealing from crackheads two years ago.

At that time I offered the idea that the incident would be her turning point and she may find a different lifestyle and find recovery and yadayadayada.

Leslie Swearingen 9 years ago

autie, if that was meant to be a joke it is not funny!!!

RoeDapple 9 years ago

Py - Statute of limitations isn't up for me either ;-)

actually I do agree with you, but then LJW hasn't been asking me lately to help establish policy so I let it slide. If my curiosity gets the best of me I search on my own, or wait for 00/gnome to come up with it. After all he is the insider......

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