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U.S. 59 bridge project closes North 1 Road

June 9, 2009


Construction of a new freeway has closed the southernmost rural road in Douglas County.

This week, crews are putting up girders for two bridges along the new U.S. Highway 59 between Lawrence and Ottawa.

The work has closed a stretch of North 1 Road, which runs along the Douglas/Franklin County line and also is known as Woodson Road. The closure is between existing U.S. 59 and East 1300 Road.

The closure will remain in effect during daylight hours only, said Kimberly Qualls, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Each bridge will be wide enough to carry two lanes of traffic, plus provide paved shoulders.

In all, the new freeway’s construction costs are estimated at $157.5 million. The project is set to be finished in late 2012.


Travis Shinkle 9 years ago

logrithmic, wow, you're really waaaaay out there!

How many people have died in the past ten years on US-59 between Ottawa and Lawrence? The current road is NOT safe. A side note: the new highway isn't six lanes, only four.

"...Furthermore, 56 highway will tie into 59 highway, providing a quick short cut to I70 from the truck depot in Gardner. All at a cost to every taxpayer in the state..."

And how much money will that bring into the state via taxes?!? Millions! Also think of all of the jobs that the link will help create!

"...Meanwhile, the slashing of health and education budgets continues unabated...All of this highway spending continues unabated while education is being cut..."

Where does the money come from that funds those health and education programs? Magic? At least with infrastructure projects, the state is able to recoup monies spent by allowing the private sector to grow, to create jobs...shoot, 95% of all social programs are a bottomless pit when it comes to money, there's no return on any monies spent!

"...Get a clue folks. It's clear what the state values more - truck traffic - over your kids education..."

Ah, yes, the old threat of doom--death to your kids education!!! Yea! Turn the state into a crumbling infrastructure mess with dangerous roads--and be happy about it!

The state cares about safety, creating jobs and attracting businesses. What more do you want?

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