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Severe thunderstorm watches, warnings canceled for Douglas, surrounding counties

Leavenworth and Wyandotte under flash flood watch

June 9, 2009, 8:38 a.m. Updated June 9, 2009, 1:22 p.m.


3:37 p.m.

Leavenworth, Wyandotte and Johnson counties are under a flash flood watch until 7 a.m. Wednesday.

Severe Weather for June 9, 2009

A severe thunderstorm rolled through Lawrence around noon on Monday, swelling gutters and whipping trees around.

1:22 p.m. Lawrence police dispatch report traffic signals out at Ninth and Iowa streets and at 14th and Massachusetts streets. Latest update from Westar Energy shows 532 customers without power in Douglas County.

12:59 p.m. The National Weather Service has canceled the severe thunderstorm watch that was to be in effect until 3 p.m. for Douglas, Shawnee and Jefferson counties.

The watch continues for Leavenworth, Wyandotte and Johnson counties, however that watch too is expected to be canceled once the storm line moves through.

12:54 p.m. A new severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for portions of Leavenworth County and most of Wyandotte County.

A separate warning covers part of Johnson County.

12:32 p.m. The National Weather Service has allowed the severe thunderstorm warning in Douglas County and surrounding counties to expire at 12:30 p.m.

No new warning is expected.

The severe thunderstorm watch issued this morning is scheduled to continue until 3 p.m.

About 960 households in Douglas County are without power at this time, according to Westar Energy. North Lawrence and central Lawrence continue to be the areas with the greatest number of outages.

Keep checking for more information on the developing weather situation.

12:30 p.m. Westar Energy is now reporting that 531 households in Douglas County are without power.

The majority of the outages are in two areas, central Lawrence near Bob Billings and Iowa and North Lawrence.

Keep checking for all the latest severe weather information.

12:20 p.m. According to the National Weather Service, the storm is currently located on a line from northeast of Oskaloosa to east Central Lawrence to Lone Star.

The storm was still reported to be capable of producing 60 mph winds and quarter-size or larger hail.

Hail was falling in Downtown Lawrence.

12:16 p.m. Westar Energy is reporting about 464 households in Douglas County are without power.

According to a map provided by Westar, the outages are concentrated in central Lawrence and southeast of Eudora.

12:10 p.m. 6News Meteorologist Matt Elwell reported radar indicates a hail core was located over Clinton Lake, moving east, northeast toward Lawrence.

Elwell advises to stay away from windows at this time.

12:04 p.m. Trained weather spotters reported quarter-sized hail southwest of Eudora.

A line of severe storms continues to move east, southeast through Douglas County, including Lawrence, Lecompton and Baldwin City.

Noon Another severe thunderstorm warning has been issued until 12:30 p.m., this one covering Johnson, Leavenworth and Wyanotte counties.

11:55 a.m. At 11:50 a.m., trained weather spotters reported a line of severe thunderstorms with damaging winds in excess of 60 mph near the intersection of Kansas Highway 4 and U.S. Highway 24, just north of Tecumseh.

11:49 a.m. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Douglas, Jefferson and Shawnee counties in effect until 12:30 p.m.

At 11:42 a.m., National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing quarter-size hail and destructive winds in excess of 70 mph was moving toward the Douglas County.

Locations in the path of the storm include: Grantville, Tecumseh, Vallery Falls, Ozawkie, Berryton, Perry State Park, Perry Lake, Richland, Perry, Lecompton, Oskaloosa, Winchester, Williamstown, Clinton, Clinton Lake, McLouth, Clinton State Park, Pleasant Grove, Lone Star, Baldwin City and Lawrence.

Keep checking for all the latest information.

11:37 a.m. A line of heavy rain is moving through the Lawrence area.

There's still substantial rain and strong storms further west of the area.

The severe thunderstorm warning in Jefferson County has expired.

Keep checking for all the latest information.

11:01 a.m. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Jefferson County.

6News Meteorologist Alex Harrington said quarter-sized hail had been reported in the area of Oskaloosa.

9:14 a.m. The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for Douglas and all surrounding counties in northeast Kansas.

The watch is in effect until 3 p.m. This is the first of two waves of severe weather expected for the area today.

The stronger of the two is expected to move into the area this evening. Stay with for all the latest severe weather information.

8:33 a.m. It may seem like summer for the kids who are out of school, but according to the weather it's still very much spring time.

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate risk of severe weather for central and east central Kansas, and a slight risk of severe weather for much of the rest of the state. Douglas County is right on the edge between the two areas.

While "slight" risks of severe weather are issued regularly during the spring months, a "moderate" risk is more rare. For a moderate risk to be issued, the chance of a tornado, large to very large hail or high speed damaging winds must be sufficiently great that a more serious warning is needed. "High" risks of severe weather are rarely issued.

6News Meteorologist Alex Harrington said the best chance for the Lawrence area to see severe weather would be this evening, with the largest threat possibly from damaging wind. Farther south and westward, there is a larger chance of tornadoes or large to very large hail.

Some storms have already fired up this morning and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued north of the Manhattan area. Some rumbles of thunder have even been heard in Lawrence this morning.

Those should dissipate over the afternoon hours before re-igniting in the evening, according to the National Weather Service.

Stick with, 6News and your NOAA weather radio for all the latest severe weather information.


fabian_zimbabwe 8 years, 9 months ago

Katie Horner is already salivating at the prospects...

kusp8 8 years, 9 months ago

The Katie Horner Drinking Game commences.

aha 8 years, 9 months ago

I'm still recovering from Sunday! That K.H. Drinking Game is brutal. :\

Tarrant 8 years, 9 months ago

High speed damaging hail?? Wow...that's scary. Regular hail is bad enough.

Jonathan Kealing 8 years, 9 months ago

Tarrant- High speed, damaging WINDS. Sorry. Large to very large hail and high speed, damaging WINDS.

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

Bunny_Hotcakes 8 years, 9 months ago

Your wish is my command. This came from a friend's Facebook, but I'm not sure if he wrote it or got it from someplace else.

~~~~~~~~ The Katie Horner Drinking Game

Sometimes you need a drink to get through nights like these. The tornadoes! The hail! The ego!

If Katie's wearing jeans, it's clearly casual day. All players must be in their underwear.

If Katie mentions a watch or a warning of any type, hold tight to your drink and sip nervously.

If Katie tells you it's hailing in you area, run outside to freshen the ice in your cup.

If Katie speaks directly to your children, give them a heavy dose of cough syrup. (If you don't have kids, drink it yourself.)

If Katie says "Tonganoxie," everyone passes their drink to the person on the right and chugs.

If Katie says "Take cover," top off your drink. It's gonna be a long night.

If Katie talks about being scared for you life, chug.

If Katie asks the audience to email her rainfall totals or storm damage reports, take a crazy party pic and send it to her.

If Katie references Newschopper 5, take 5 gulps.

If Katie announces a tornado warning, fire up the blender and make some pina coladas.

If Katie talks about Doppler coupling, make out with the person to your left.

If Katie walks off screen, take a long, steady chug until she returns.

If Katie talks about peace of mind, drink.

If Katie tells you you're in the clear, the game ends.

If a tornado actually hits your house, move the party to KCTV5 and get Katie drunk with you!

mommyoffour 8 years, 9 months ago

Hello, I had signed up to get text alerts to my family and my cell phones and for some reason we are no longer getting them. We all still get the email alerts but no text messages. Should I email LJWorld?

Jonathan Kealing 8 years, 9 months ago


Please e-mail me directly. I'd be happy to help you. You can reach me here:

Thanks, Jonathan Kealing Online editor

Tarrant 8 years, 9 months ago

I knew what you meant, Jonathan. Thanks for the clarification though. :)

trinity 8 years, 9 months ago

god i LOVE the drinking game, thanks for posting that bunny_hotcakes!!! :) good stuff! if i wasn't at work-i'd be playing!

Dayle Hodges 8 years, 9 months ago

Hmm. Katy tornadie. I will have to see if she's on now,,,,,,,,

kusp8 8 years, 9 months ago

Why am I getting an EAS notification for JoCo and farther East on TBS when I'm in Lawrence?

Matt Elwell 8 years, 9 months ago

I think probably because it clipped part of Wyandotte County which is part of our viewing area... Just a thought, don't know if that is the case for sure, but that would stand to reason.

Matt Elwell Chief Meteorologist

BTW, Storms will fire to our south again for the late afternoon and evening. We still have severe threat with those as a warm front works this direction. We should stay in the colder air on this, but close enough that isolated super-cell thunderstorms swing close by. Main threats remain hail, heavy rain and wind. We still hold onto the possibility of a tornadic thunderstorm, but the main threat for that remains south.

lostintranslation 8 years, 9 months ago

Fill your glasses, Katie "is in the building" preparing to go on air according to Gary Amble.

Matthew Beermann 8 years, 9 months ago

I know where the Katie Horner Drinking Game came from originally - I watched my husband write it! Here's the original in Facebook:

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