Kid reads: ‘Anne of Green Gables’

When Anne first arrives at Green Gables, a bucolic neighborhood nested inside the shores of Prince Edward Island, she discovers an enchanted kingdom of fairies, flora and fauna. She “befriends” the Snow Queen, a white apple tree outside the yard and admires the reflection off the Lake of Shining Waters.

When the orphan meets Diana, a faithful little lady, Anne believes she has found her lifelong bosom friend. However, Anne’s loquacious manner of talking drives Marilla, her guardian, to her wits. Following Anne’s arrival, Marilla attempts to cure Anne’s long-winded speeches and careless imagination. Nevertheless, Anne’s charm and girlishness capture the hearts of the villagers.

When school starts, the handsome Gilbert Blythe attempts to tease that “new girl.” However, after a fight in the schoolhouse, Anne ceases to notice him. The open feud between Anne and Gilbert continues even after Gilbert rescues Anne from drowning.

In the meantime, Anne’s carelessness pulls her into more mistakes such as accidentally getting Diana drunk, poisoning a cake with liniment and breaking her ankle on a foolish bet. Despite her short-comings, Anne improves both socially and academically. As spring nears, Anne’s ambitions are set on winning the distinguished Avery Scholarship that will pay for all of her financial needs at Redmond College. Suddenly, an unexpected event shatters all of her hopes. Will Anne still attend Redmond, or will this fait accompli attempt to threaten her future forever?