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June 6, 2009


Police: Carradine death may be accidental

Bangkok — Police are speculating that accidental suffocation, not suicide, may have caused the death of American cult actor David Carradine, whose body was found in a hotel closet in the Thai capital with a rope tied to his neck, wrist and genitals.

Celebrity blogs and social networking Web sites were abuzz with news of the death of Carradine — best known for the 1970s TV series “Kung Fu.” The circumstances under which he died have led to speculation that the 72-year-old actor may have been engaged in a dangerous form of sex play known as auto-erotic asphyxiation.

The practice involves temporarily cutting off the supply of oxygen to the brain to heighten the effects of a sexual climax.

Police Lt. Teerapop Luanseng had said Thursday that Carradine’s body was found “naked, hanging in a closet,” and police at that time suspected suicide. However, no suicide note has been found.

Carradine’s friends and associates insisted he would not have killed himself.

Colbert to broadcast 4 shows from Baghdad

New York — Stephen Colbert will broadcast four shows next week from Baghdad, where he says he’ll be “Bob Hoping” it for the troops.

Colbert arrived at the former Al Faw Palace at Camp Victory on Friday. For weeks, he’s promoted the trip on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” but because the military urged caution, he has only trumpeted a vague trip to “the Persian Gulf.”

The series of shows, each to be taped in front of an audience of about 450 troops, have been dubbed “Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando.” It’s the first time anyone has broadcast from Iraq for a USO tour.

Though Colbert has often infused his mock pundit character into real events — the 2008 election, the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner — his Iraq trip isn’t a parody.

Both the character Colbert (silent “t”) and the real Colbert (pronounced “t”), a Catholic family man, are ardent supporters of the troops. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Yellow Ribbon Fund (a charity that assists injured service members and their families), and he’s a board member of, which is raising money for the education of children of parents in the military.

Armstrong announces birth of son on Twitter

Austin, Texas — Why wait for France? Lance Armstrong can pop that bottle of champagne now.

He announced the birth of son Max during a break between the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France next month. Max is Armstrong’s fourth child.

The 37-year-old cycling great posted a message on his Twitter account Thursday night and included a picture of the newborn, playfully sticking out his tongue at the camera.

“Wassup, world? My name is Max Armstrong and I just arrived. My Mommy is healthy and so am I!” Armstrong wrote, noting Max weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 inches long.

Armstrong and his girlfriend, Anna Hansen, announced in December they were expecting a baby in June. Armstrong also has three children with his ex-wife, Kristin.

On Friday, Armstrong wrote that he was watching the French Open on TV with Anna and maxarmstrong1, having already given the baby his own Twitter address. He also appreciated the outpouring of good wishes.

“Thanks to you all for all the great notes, comments, emails, etc. We’re lucky to have you all,” he wrote.

Scottish singer released from clinic

London — The brother of talent-show contestant Susan Boyle says the singer has left a mental health care facility and is doing better.

Gerry Boyle told GMTV Friday that his sister had been released from the London clinic. She was admitted Sunday, after coming in second place in the “Britain’s Got Talent” television show.

Gerry Boyle says his sister suffered from an anxiety attack but now seems “a lot more like herself.”

In eight weeks, Boyle went from the quiet life of a church volunteer in a small town in Scotland to global fame.

Attorney: ‘Life-altering injuries’ in ‘Bruno’ case

Los Angeles — The lawyer for a woman suing actor-comedian Sacha Baron Cohen over a scuffle at a charity bingo tournament said Friday that his client suffered “life-altering injuries.”

Attorney Kyle Madison released a statement asking for privacy for Richelle Olson, who sued Baron Cohen on May 22 in Lancaster, Calif. Olson, 39, claims Baron Cohen and a camera crew ambushed her on the stage of a bingo tournament that she organized to raise money for nursing students.

“The actions of Mr. Cohen and those acting in concert with him have resulted in life-altering injuries to my client,” Madison’s statement said.

The lawsuit states that Olson suffered brain injuries after a fall that happened as a result of actions by Baron Cohen and film workers, and that she now has to use either a walker or a wheelchair.

NBC Universal called the suit’s allegations “completely baseless.”


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