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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

June 6, 2009


From the Lawrence Daily World for June 6, 1909: “Enterprising citizens of Tonganoxie have made arrangements to get $500 a year from the state for their high school to teach vocational classes. Tonganoxie was the first city in the area to so act. … Cabs hurrying to the train, loaded with passengers inside and trunks on top, express wagons loaded high with trunks and baggage — it all told the story of KU closing after the spring semester today. Most of the school work is over and there is a tremendous rush by students to ‘get home’ for the summer. Some 300 left today and tomorrow as many 800 more will make their exit. … Tree vandals have been operating here of late, chopping down trees and having the audacity to chop and saw them right on the property where they are making their steals. Police will step up patrols to stop such activity, which is amazingly out in the open in many cases. … Several groups have announced major July 4 observances and there are due to be ‘big doings’ at Brown’s Grove.”


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