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Westar asks state to grant fourth rate increase this year

June 3, 2009


— Westar Energy is asking Kansas regulators to increase its electric rates by $20 million — the fourth increase requested this year by the Topeka utility.

Westar says the extra revenue would cover its investments in wind farms and a natural gas-fired power plant near Emporia.

Residential customers in Westar's northern division would see their monthly electric bills rise by an average $1.43. In the southern division, the average monthly increase for residential customers would be 71 cents.

Westar had notified investors in April that it planned to seek the $20 million increase. The company has now made the request official with an application to the Kansas Corporation Commission.


Tammy Copp-Barta 9 years ago

SURELY this has to be a joke!! How many of use have had raises FOUR TIMES this year? How many of us even got a raise or will in the next several???

Eric Neuteboom 9 years ago

You can't see me Westar...but I've got both middle fingers waving at ya!

sinverguenza 9 years ago

If this rate increase is to pay for wind farms, what were the other three rate increases for?

classclown 9 years ago

Didn't they just raise our rates for this very same reason?

Tammy Copp-Barta 9 years ago

And unfortunately, we have nothing else we can do! Where else would we be able to get our electricity? Isn't that called a monopoly?

Ogallala_Kid 9 years ago

Oh please please please raise Lawrence's rates to those of Sunflower.... then let all those people in Lawrence preach to everyone else once again....

Maybe I can get the Garden City Commission to support a resolution suggesting this. I mean if Lawrence's City Commission is already engaged in these issues....why not?

Merrill, are you listening?

skinnee11 9 years ago

So, when the greedy lot get their 20M are our rates going to go back down?

dandelion 9 years ago

Where are all the apologists for corporations and private ownership? Where are all those who call us whiners, because we weren't the first to think of running a monopoly? Where are the ones who say we are jealous, because Westar and it's major investors want to be rich, and we're too lazy to invest our money correctly, never mind we are too busy with real jobs. Westar knows it can get stimulus funds for green construction. They just want to milk us for more. It's called greed. Why do you think their former CEO worked for them. It's a culture of greed, and he fit right in. I wonder what their present CEO will do to them. Greed breeds greed.

Tony Kisner 9 years ago

I thought the wind just blew and we get electricity?

Shane Garrett 9 years ago

Oh, Bomba I fear for my money from long arm of the greedy. Where is the home debtors relieve you promised me? Oh, Bomba where, oh where are thee?????

So, did I hear this correctly? Like the rulers of old Obama sent a rising rep. to the frontier of somolia? Perhaps he can raise an army and come back to claim the throne?

mrbig 9 years ago

Seriously? This is rediculous.

kthxbi 9 years ago

Lawrenceks66- I always wondered about that monopoly thing. Anybody have an explanation?

think_about_it 9 years ago

Green energy is not cheap. You people want to save the world from the imagined evil CO2 you better be prepared to pay up. Like others have stated- It has only just begun.

sully97 9 years ago

To our valued customers:

We regret to inform you that we will be increasing your rates [again]. We realize that this is fourth such rate increase this year, but you never would have agreed to them if we'd done them all at once. The aftershocks of 9/11 still affect us all. Fortunately, we are in the process of building nifty new windfarms that when completed, will have only maintenance and labor costs associated with them. While the free energy we glean from the wind will not impact your monthly rates, we do recognize that electricy is now considered a necessity for modern life. That is why we will soon be offering the new elctro-green credit card to help you in these troubled times. It too will have suprficially high rates, another advantage of being a monopoly, but it will also have a really cool picture of a windmill. Good times will be here again soon. Hang in there, pay your bills, and remember today's safety tip: energy independent homes are not safe will kill you and your family. That is why we are doing everything in our power to prevent them from coming to market.

Kryptenx 9 years ago

lawrenceks66, kthxbi - Westar is a good example of a natural monopoly. Basically, having multiple electricity providers would end up costing the customers more than having a single monopolistic provider. In order to prevent natural monopolies from completely screwing us over, they are regulated by the government.

It'd be pretty messy and expensive if every house was wired in to 3 different power companies to give the consumer a choice, so there's really not too much more of an option. I'm not defending Westar by any means, but hopefully the link will explain the natural monopoly adequately.

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