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Raw recruits: Benefits abound from natural dietary lifestyle

Janice Heie, owner of D Tox Naturally, 841 N.H., believes in the health benefits of a diet high in raw foods.

Janice Heie, owner of D Tox Naturally, 841 N.H., believes in the health benefits of a diet high in raw foods.

June 3, 2009


Take a peek in Anne Moore’s shopping cart, and you might swear she’d taken it down the aisles of a pick-your-own farm rather than her regular haunt, the Community Mercantile.

Cucumbers, limes, kale, lettuce, celery stalks and avocados burst through in a cornucopia of green yumminess. All are organic, raw and there’s not a processed bit in the bunch.

Moore, 27, is a raw foodist. Of all the food she eats, about 80 percent of it is raw, meaning it hasn’t been heated above a certain temperature — anywhere from 105 to 125 degrees, depending on who you ask.

Yes, that is all she eats.

And she doesn’t think she’s missing out on whatever you had for lunch.

Past Event
Paul Nison on raw foods

  • When: Sunday, June 7, 2009, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Where: D Tox Naturally, 841 N.H.
  • Cost: $10
  • More on this event....

“People think it’s boring, so that’s problematic,” she says of explaining her diet of the past few months. “I think people ... think that it’s not healthy, that they won’t get everything they need out of it. I just tell them that that’s not true and just explain what you need and how you’re getting it all from the raw food and how much better it is.”

The Lawrence resident is just one of the raw foodists and curious folks planning to attend a talk by Paul Nison, a raw food chef, author and guru. Nison will be speaking at 3 p.m. Sunday at D Tox Naturally, 841 N.H. The cost to attend is $10, and organizer Janice Heie is asking attendees to RSVP to 856-9600.

Heie, the owner of D Tox Naturally and a raw food chef, says that she knows raw may not be for everyone, but she says that learning about the benefits of whole, unprocessed foods is important for everyone.

“Basically, think about it: You are what you eat,” she says, adding that when she eats raw: “I feel more alive. I feel like I have more energy, better mental clarity. You just don’t need as much food because you’re getting the nutrition you need from that. It’s condensed, packed into the kale so you don’t have to eat a whole bag of Oreos to get that satiated feeling.”

Janice Heie makes “Green Juice” using cucumber, kale, apple, lemon and parsley.

Janice Heie makes “Green Juice” using cucumber, kale, apple, lemon and parsley.

Raw and health

Heie has been dabbling in raw foods since 1999, when she studied at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Fla. Since then, she has crossed paths many times with Nison, who has been promoting the raw food lifestyle for more than 15 years.

At age 20, Nison was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel condition that causes ulcers in the intestines. Unhappy with doctors’ suggestions of the use of medications for the rest of his life, he found and tried a 100 percent raw, vegan diet.

“I did everything the doctors told me to do to get better, and I was just getting worse. When I moved to West Palm Beach, I ended up moving right next to Hippocrates without knowing what it was,” Nison says. “Somebody there told me about the raw foods, and I asked my doctor what she thought about it and she said it was very bad for my condition. But since everything she told me up to that point didn’t work, I figured I’d give it a try.”

Pizza Flax Seed Crackers with Nut Pate

Pizza Flax Seed Crackers with Nut Pate

Now, at age 38, he says he is cured of his disease and spends his days traveling around the country, punching out blogs and videos on the virtues of a living foods diet. He has written six books on the subject, including his newest, “The Daylight Diet,” which he will be promoting during Sunday’s talk.

Moore says she is inspired by Nison’s story of healing his health problems with a living diet. And with good reason: Moore was diagnosed with brain cancer a year and a half ago.

As part of her treatment, she became quite interested healthful eating, eventually turning raw this year. She says though her doctors were skeptical at first, she feels much better and her MRIs are looking good, despite her giving up chemotherapy.

“I had surgery, (and) at first went on chemotherapy, but then decided that was not the way I wanted to go, so I went off chemo and was just doing all nutritional and mental and emotional healing,” Moore says. “I really have, I feel a lot better. My doctors have noticed that I’m doing better. Everything has just been great since then.”

About the food

Steve Myers of Edgerton has been 100 percent raw for two years, and he has an admission: He really misses pizza.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Walnut Pate

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Walnut Pate

“You can make raw pizzas, but they’re hard to make or time-consuming to make,” he says.

Myers didn’t really get to say “farewell” to his favorite dish, as he went raw on a whim. A friend had challenged him to try it for 30 days. Myers says he never felt better. These days, he makes raw “ice cream” out of bananas, brings green smoothies to work and can make salads that make your head spin.

In fact, it’s not the food that is the problem — all of them say they can find fresh, raw food anywhere. The problem is the social aspect surrounding the food.

Myers admits that his diet has made eating out difficult and holidays troubling.

“My family, they had challenges with it,” Myers says. “The first Christmas was a little tense. But it all worked out. I guess they’re used to it by now.”

Moore’s mother has joined her on the diet and even bought a dehydrator, an appliance that many raw foodists use to help them alter foods without “cooking” them above the desired temperature.

And that brings in another common query: Cost. Moore says that her grocery bills have gone down now that she’s not buying the organic processed foods that once made up the majority of her shopping cart. Meanwhile, Myers and Nison said that while their costs have gone up, the extra expense is more than worth it.

Also worth it, the preparation time and endless questions about a diet that is so natural, it’s unusual.

“I think it’s really, really important for people to learn more about it,” she says of raw foods. “I think that people have been raised by the idea that these are the food groups, this is what you need to eat, and then it’s like they’ve been so conditioned to think that way that it’s like ... It’s the same thing with medicine. When I told people I was going off chemotherapy they were terrified, but I’ve never felt better. I feel healthier now than I ever did before.”


cthulhu_4_president 8 years ago

People are welcomed to eat whatever they want, and they are entitled to their opinions, but they are not entitled to give out medical advice. Their experiences are anecdotal, and none of their doctors were given their say in this article. Whenever anyone gets sick, and then gets better, the person will always believe that whatever they were doing at the time made them get better. Upon examination, the holes in their logic become clear:

"I did everything the doctors told me to do to get better, and I was just getting worse."

Yes, sometimes treatments have side-effects that can be quite unpleasant and sometimes worse than the illness. Any chemo patient will tell you that. It doesn't mean that quitting the treatment is what needs to happen.

"Now, at age 38, he says he is cured of his disease......"

Is he qualified to make this self-diagnosis? Probably not, since there is no cure for Crohn's disease, only remission and symptom control. He should go to a doctor to find out which one he is experiencing.

"My doctors have noticed that I’m doing better. "

This is great, but her doctors did not say it was because of her "nutritional and emotinal healing". If asked, her doctors would have probably said that remissions happen, and that she is very lucky, but there is no visible link between her raw diet and her remission.

Of course the cherry on top of all this is that cooking foods does not alter the chemical composition of most foods in an appreciable amount, and, in some cases, cooking actually makes food more healthy! Certianly no link has been found between cooking foods and duration of life. In fact, given the rise in average life expectancy through the last century, one could say that the opposite is true.

Again, I'm not trying to blast these people or anyone who chooses that lifestyle. I'm happy for them and for their recovery, but for every cancer patient who quits treatment and goes into remission hundreds more will quit treatment and die a preventable death. That is the problem with articles like this: they argue with pseudoscience and anecdote to make it seem like these people will know more about your health than a doctor, and this could cause people to make some very bad decisions. For instance, someone reading this may be under the impression that Crohn's disease can be cured with diet, and make some very unwise choices. Sadly, they end up hurting the people they most wanted to help. There's a difference between telling your story to inspire others, and dressing up your anecdote as medical knowledge.

iamsogreat 8 years ago

2 things: first- I think she looks beautiful and healthy, so keep your negative comments about appearance to yourself. 2- Yes, everyone has the right to their own opinion, just like everyone has the right to make their own medical decisions- if they were promoting chemotherapy, how many people do you think would be clamoring to complain about the dangers of that- I guarantee that there are just as many dangers with that (more, in my opinion) So, if someone makes the decision to go off medication and doesn't survive, that's their decision.

feeble 8 years ago

"You just don’t need as much food because you’re getting the nutrition you need from that. It’s condensed, packed into the kale so you don’t have to eat a whole bag of Oreos to get that satiated feeling.”"

Comparing a bag of oreo's to kale isn't the foundation of a good argument for this diet.

cthulhu_4_president 8 years ago

iamsogreat: I firmly believe in everyone's right to make their own medical desicions. However, she is giving medical advice that she is not qualified to give. This article is also presenting her advice as fact. The article basically also says that Crohn's disease can be cured by diet. The news is supposed to contain facts. This article gives none, but, to the untrained eye there's plenty of stuff that looks like facts. Does a person deserve to die if they can't tell the difference? There is a certain "blame the victim" mentality at work there. The journalist here is the one implicitly lying about medicine, and it will be her responsibility if people believe what she wrote, and die as a result. You cannot say that a person deserves to die simply because they believed a lie told to them by a source that is traditionally honest.

"if they were promoting chemotherapy, how many people do you think would be clamoring to complain about the dangers of that-"

A lot, and they would be correct. Irradiation of one's body is very dangerous. It doesn't change the fact that chemo has been proven to be effective in fighting cancer. Changing the temperature at which you prepare your food has not.

"I guarantee that there are just as many dangers with that (more, in my opinion)"

What do you mean? The dangers of chemo vs. non-cooking diet? Or chemo vs. non-chemo? Either way your opinion and guarentee won't change medical fact : If you have to choose between chemo and a diet change, diet change will indeed be more comfortable and less dangerous, but chemo will have a greater chance of saving your life.

denak 8 years ago

".....Comparing a bag of oreo's to kale isn't the foundation of a good argument for this diet....."

Yeah, it is a good argument. Foods that are nutrient rich like kale will fill a person up better than a bag of oreos.

Oreos, while good, are foods that are high junk. You will get hungry fast after eating a bag of oreas because there is nothing nutrious in it and your body will crave the nutrients it needs. If you feed it a nutrient rich food, your body will be satiated. If you feed it junk, your body will continue to be hungry. This is one of the problems that is causing obesity. An obese person isn't neccessarily obese because they eat a lot but because they are eating the wrong things.

This is also why you are hungry after eating Chinese food. Lots of food but very little of it is nutritious once it is doused in oil.


KansasVoter 8 years ago

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feeble 8 years ago

Show of hands of posters who really think eating a bag of oreo's is a healthful choice?

The argument presents them as equals. I think everyone who graduated from the fourth grade knows this is not the case. It is a false dichotomy.

You might as well be comparing aspirin to chemo for treatment of a headache.

Comparing kale to animal based proteins or legumes would be the foundation for an effective argument in favor of a raw foods diet.

Dousing things in oil ablates their nutritional value? really? Better go tell those long lived Italians and Greeks to stop putting olive oil on their food, they've been doing it wrong for centuries!

spiff 8 years ago


"first- I think she looks beautiful and healthy, so keep your negative comments about appearance to yourself. 2- Yes, everyone has the right to their own opinion"

that truly IS great. it is always a pleasure to see someone contradict themself in back to back sentences; the fact that the two sentences are in the same "list" is the cherry on top. thanks for being so great.

jehovah_bob 8 years ago

I used to believe eating a bag of oreo's was a healthful choice.

Woops, wrong article.

ksdivakat 8 years ago

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flux 8 years ago

I wonder if her poop is green?

flux 8 years ago

(I am so great) .... got served

Robert Rauktis 8 years ago

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Tony Kisner 8 years ago

Janice looks like that chick on Weeds. Which I think is a good thing.

pooter 8 years ago

Did someone say weed?

That explains eating a whole bag of Oreo's.


bluerayborn 8 years ago

cthulhu_4_president... have you ever tried a raw diet? It makes you feel great! It helps you think. Then you don't need to chew up and regurgitate pop-culture medical opinions. ...and, no, you don't poop green :-)

George_Braziller 8 years ago

I've never heard of a completely raw food diet but I didn't know anything about a macrobiotic diet either until I visited a friend in Switzerland in the early '90s. After three weeks of macro food (that was all that was available) I really felt the best I had in my life.

I couldn't maintain it when I got home however because the cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, and coffee which are all prohibited were all calling my name. Gotta' have my cheese!

alchemist 8 years ago

The diet might make you feel might make you lose weight. But it is not a cure-all for every ailment under the sun. If you think people with the latest fad diet are smarter than an adequately trained medical professional you are sorely mistaken. cthulhu_4_president was just trying to counteract the medical quackery portrayed in this article. And for that I commend him/her. It's like trying to convince someone with actual medical trial data which has been published in peer-reviewed medical journals (not paid for by drug companies/vaccine companies) that there is NO link between vaccines and autism. And anything otherwise is anecdotal, and usually some sob story/quackery by someone who is not looking for a rational cause, but is looking for someone/thing to blame/sue.

chicklet 8 years ago

this article is as pretentious as Whole Foods! hehehe

Leslie Swearingen 8 years ago

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Leslie Swearingen 8 years ago

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tunahelper 8 years ago

what a freak! go back to california or vermont, this is BEEF country! only in lawrence.

tunahelper 8 years ago

maybe she can recruit mangino!

I'm gonna have a medium-rare T-bone while you boring raw goofs eat your tofu.

Confrontation 8 years ago

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notajayhawk 8 years ago

Anyone old enough to remember a couple who used to be on the talk shows way back, promoting natural foods (and of course their books) way back before it was popular? No matter what show they were on, they wore gym shorts (this was back in the days of short ones) and tank tops, the guy had long scraggly black hair. I remember one time they were taking calls on whichever show it was, and a caller asked why, if the food was so healthy, they both looked like hell. Don't know why I thought of that.

8 years ago

I think this Janice gal is on to something. My girlfriend went on the raw diet for awhile and her vitality and mental acuity really peaked. There were some complications and we found that she had some deficiencies that made the raw diet impractical but it WAS great for a time. The raw diet works for some, for others not so much. I'd like to try it myself but I'm still a little too infatuated with the occasional french fry binge or grilled bratwurst. But something's bothering me: To those of you lambasting Ann's "argument" about how raw foodism is the only way to go, please understand how a newspaper interview works. A busy reporter throws several questions at you, all the while writing furiously on a pad or recording everything, and then leaves just as quickly. You're left wondering if what you said really explained your view well. Then the reporter types up the article and you find that some things you said have been misquoted and others have been used out of context. Finally, you log on to only to find that your 10 minute interview is being dissected by Lawrence's finest. Giver her a break gang.

iamsogreat 8 years ago

Some have made good points, some not. However, I've been on a raw diet for years now and I'm super healthy. I just had my blood checked out by my doctor and everything looked fantastic. Maybe the deficiencies are only a problem for certain people. Earlier in the comments I suggested that people stop bashing Janice- it's her business anyway. Also, I agree that some vegans are terribly unhealthy, but I think that a large part of that is that you can be vegan and still eat loads of carbohydrates and fried foods (unhealthy fats). The benefit of a good raw diet is that you're eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables- I can't imagine any doctor would argue with that- plus, most raw food people suggest 80% raw, 20% cooked, so it doesn't have to be all or nothing, EVERYONE should be trying to eat more fruits and veggies!

George_Braziller 8 years ago

I find it amazing that there were so many people who posted nasty comments about Janice, her raw food diet, and looking "unhealthy" when directly below the article was this one.

Am I the only one who sees the irony?

verity 8 years ago

Pywacket, can i come for supper?

I read this article because I recently heard a guy who had written a book about how learning to cook food had been what caused humans to become civilized. According to him, cooking breaks down enzymes, making nutrients easier to digest. We would be spending 5 hours a day chewing our food if it wasn't cooked, so humans had time for other things. I've also read in other places that mushrooms and tomatoes and carrots have much more nutritional value when cooked.

I eat a lot of raw food because I like it and it's easy and now I am confused. Did I miss something about why raw food is supposed to be healthier?

hwarangdo 8 years ago

cows eat raw grass ... man eats cow ... man realizes he has just eaten raw grass "second-hand" ... oops ...

Kam_Fong_as_Chin_Ho 8 years ago

Comments like "She looks anorexic...skeletal...unhealthy" really translate into "I'm a lazy slob who can't run two miles or do 15 push-ups and I resent people who take care of themselves." To those who made negative comments about the woman's looks, let's have a roll call of your height, weight and bodyfat percentage. Just curious.

kateku 8 years ago

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TopJayhawk 8 years ago

If I ate that diet, why would I want to live longer? The dude was right, this is all antidoctal. Kind of irrisponsible.

TopJayhawk 8 years ago

Py, This is getting scary. I agree with you again. But I always thought that if you mixed booze and ice cream, it would explode. I will have to try that.

TopJayhawk 8 years ago

woops, fingers got tied up on that word. anicdotal?is that better?

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

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cthulhu_4_president 8 years ago

thanks py and ubermime. Keep the skepticism alive! In a related case, have either of you been following Dr. Simon Singh's lawsuit with the British Chiropractic Association? It is is a case that holds chilling ramifications and could muzzle criticism of anything pseudoscientific, setting a precedant for any detractors to be sued!

Under British libel law, Ms. Heie may be able to sue me for my comments! check it out. very disturbing:

cthulhu_4_president 8 years ago

"cthulhu_4_president… have you ever tried a raw diet?"

I have eaten raw foods before in my life, so yes, I suppose. If you mean a schedule of eating wherein most of the foods were intentionally raw, then no.

"It makes you feel great!"

No, it makes you feel great. That doesn't mean it will make me feel great. You don't know what allergies or medical conditions I might have. It could actually kill me.

"It helps you think."

Hmm, are you implying that I need help thinking? Do you think back before the days of your raw food diet and think "Boy, I sure was stupid back then. If only I could have thought as good then as I can now."

"Then you don't need to chew up and regurgitate pop-culture medical opinions."

Yeah I know, those pesky pop-cultural medical "opinions", with their pesky peer-reviewed articles, objective research, verifiable results, medical degrees, years of medical training and controlled experiments. All that I've regurgitated on this thread are facts. If you can find some evidence to counter them, I will gladly research it (your own experiences with "feeling great" and "improved thinking" dont' count ).

8 years ago

Supercowbellninja, you're my new hero. :)

jonas_opines 8 years ago

jane: I could care less about myself, but my wife did not choose to engage in this forum, and being dragged into it without her consent was the issue. This woman not only chose to have a staged photo, she is purposely coming out to Recruit into her way of life, as being potentially superior to mine, and as such she is opening herself to criticism.

I do, by the way, already regret posting that comment, but I was grouchy from allergy medications in the morning trying to combat my poison ivy, and smarmy people going on about their way of life being superior to other peoples' irritate me to no end. Still, after my head cleared I did recognize that I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but it does not change my basic opinion one whit. Virtually all of the people using these types of diets look unhealthy, not healthy, to me.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jonas_opines 8 years ago

If you'd care to show where I suggested this was some sort of propaganda, feel free. It clearly Is, however, an attempt at influencing people to behave in a certain way, but lacking a clear political motive the use of the word propaganda would be rather stupid. But since that was your word, and not mine, I don't feel the need to justify it.

It clearly is, though, an attempt at recruitment. To say it's not is silly. Or rather, it's whatever tool you need to "fan the flames at the LJWorld, where everyone gets offended at the drop of the hat." (Including you, it seems)

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

Jonas_Opine: I'm not offended as much as I am astounded at your ability to read so much into an article about one way some people are eating as it seems you have.

In summary, here is what I got out of this article: Some people eat raw food. Here's some people who say it worked for them and a few who eat this diet but and even admit it's not for everyone. The End.

You want to nitpick over the literal definition of "propaganda?" Go nuts, word nerd.

But here is what you said just a few posts above: "This woman not only chose to have a staged photo, she is purposely coming out to Recruit into her way of life,... "

Furthermore, the fact that you saw this as an attempt at "recruitment" is laughable. It's just a story about how some people eat.

God forbid the LJWorld ever does a feature story on bungee jumping. I'd be worried you'd all of a sudden think it a good idea to just hurl yourself off any old bridge.

As I concluded above: You, sir or madam, are a Grade-A Moron.

KansasVoter 8 years ago

She has the hollow face of a person with an eating disorder. I've seen anorexics and bulimics who looked healthier.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

KansasVoter: You've seen healthier anorexics and bulimics who look healthier? So you think the pictured woman above looks less healthy than people who fail to eat for weeks and months at a time? You think she looks less healthy than people who eat and then vomit that food back up?

How can you possibly judge a person's health on a still photo alone?

Yours is a bold statement, and a rather stupid one, from a person I am sure is dumber than he/she thinks.

I really question the value of LJWorld comment threads on stories like this.

KansasVoter 8 years ago

It's sounds like supercowbellninja is either Janice Heie or a friend or family member, otherwise he or she wouldn't be so worked up over the comments here. Yes, I have known bulimics and anorexics who have looked healthier. I can judge her on a still photo because she consented to allow that picture in the she should expect to be judged, especially when she's touting such a crazy and unhealthy lifestyle. If you don't like the comments, don't read them. Otherwise, expect to be offended by me again in the future.

jonas_opines 8 years ago

I think the problem is actually how much you read into the word "recruit," not how much I read into the article. There are only two reasons to run this sort of story, to convince other people to give it a try, or to show how neat you are. I went with what I saw as the more likely option.

And I must admit I am, in return, amazed at your ability to complain about particular behaviors by using the same behaviors, just tripled in intensity, and then somehow claim that other people are dumb.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

Oh KansasVoter, it's like you're speaking out of the same orfice you poop from.

I have absolutely no relation to this story or the subjects or writer whatsoever, I just stumbled upon this thread this morning and was stunned at the level of idiocy in the comments below.

So because this woman agreed to be interviewed and photographed by her local paper, she gives blanket approval to you and the rest of the anonymous cowards to rip her to shreds based on a few choice quotes and one clearly staged photo?

I should also expect to be offended by you? Classy remark.

It's quite a leap on your part to think that I actually care enough about what you say, anonymously no less, on some internet forum. You clearly overvalue the worth of your words as do so many people who post anonymously on here, including myself. As far as I'm concerned this is a pointless debate as I'm sure you could equally give a crap about what I'm writing and have written and posted.

Bottom line is it's classless, cowardly and gutless to get on here and pass judgment on the character and motivations of someone you don't even know.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

jonas_opines, I think the problem is actually you and your ignorant attitude. You want to lob anonymous criticisms at individuals who had the nerve to be interviewed for a story? Class act, right there.

I think there is a third, far more obvious reason for running "an article like this" - to inform people! I hardly read this as a call to action or even as some kind of boast.

I'd love to hear your train of logic on this one. I'll go get a bottle of Advil as I'm sure it's bound to give me a headache.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

jonas_opines - Inform so that you know about something you were not aware of previously. Jesus, how thick are you??

You honestly think that the only two purposes behind articles you read are to "recruit" you to whatever you perceive it to be peddling or to simply be a narrative of bragging points?

That's insane beyond comprehension if true.

jonas_opines 8 years ago

Have you not even once noticed that the word "recruit" is in the frickin' headline? Seriously?

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

jonas_opines: So "frickin" what? Because a word appears once, larger than the other words you think it's some key to how you should percieve the article?

Maybe, and bear with me here, but maybe the headline was just trying out some alliteration as this is a feature story, and features get to have clever/fun headlines. (Albeit this is not so clever, in my opinion)

But dude, really? because the word "recruit" is in the headline you think the whole piece is trying to persuade you to eat raw? Perhaps you should read more than just that one big word under that pretty picture, maybe the whole article, and then get back to me.

It's a feature! On some people who eat raw food and why. That's. It.

Your logic has officially given me a headache. Unreal.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

Das_Ubermime That is without a doubt the stupidest thing I have ever read. Try saying that to anyone's face after introducing yourself by your real name, you coward. Jesus - I quit if this is the level of discourse the LJWorld wants to achieve online. Forget this and all you gutless losers.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

Looks like I wasn't alone in being so offended - glad to see someone on here removed that garbage.

tunahelper 8 years ago

if God wanted us to eat raw food, we wouldn't have invented fire!

jonas_opines 8 years ago



Yeah, that must be it. A headline entitled "Christian Converts: Benefits Abound From Being Close to God" would undoubtedly not be about attempts at conversion either.

I think your whining is what is giving you a headache. For someone who spends about half their posts ranting about how this forum just sucks, you sure can't seem to stop posting, can you? If you were serious, and not just going for attention, you would be gone already.

At any rate, it's been fun, but your repetition is starting to bore me. Have a good night.

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

We eat lots of raw fruits and veggies for meals and snacks.

Yogurt is one processed goodie that aids in digestion.

Face it chemo and radiation are hell on the immune system which makes healing evermore difficult. So any treatment such as that needs plenty of veggies,friuts and grains to boost the immune system that is being ripped apart by some treatments.

In the meantime: From The Author:

Straw bale gardening is an interesting option for those who have either limited soil, limited space or have difficulty bending over.

I’ve used straw bale gardening and found it productive although I note that commercial grower recommendations tend to use fertilizer more than I currently enjoy doing. More on that below.

What kind of straw should you use?

Any straw is good. Most will come with leftover grain seed in the straw so you’ll have a bloom of grain plants as soon as you start watering. The number of seeds is determined by the efficiency of the combine doing the grain harvest.

Generally, I’d use what I could find. Oat straw was the most common in our area so oat straw was used.

Don't Use Hay

Do not use hay bales.

Hay comes with grass seed and this is a major problem. You can pull out the grain seed relatively easily from straw bales but grass is much more tenacious and much tougher to pull out.

What’s the difference between straw and hay bales?

Straw is the stem of the grain plant.

Combines remove the grain and leave behind the dried out stem. This is baled up and mostly used as animal bedding.

Hay is the entire grass plant including stems, leaves and some seed heads. It is cut down and baled up for use as animal feed. Hay usually contains more weed seed along with the grass seed than straw.

Read more:

I have been observing weekly one such project since day one in a friends back yard. Thus far several plants in a small space are beginning to thrive.

Old straw can always be used for mulching flower and shrub beds.

supercowbellninja 8 years ago

jonas_opines Ignorance is truly bliss in your case as you are a Grade A moron who can't tell a feature story from a recruitment brochure. I'd pity you, but I don't know you so all I can assure you is that me and my buddies will be laughing at your asinine comments as well as the rest of this thread at some point this weekend.

I could let it go, but your stupidity is so astounding it warrants a brief tale of the kind of people seems to attract. Anyways, yes. It has been fun. Get some allergy meds and try reading the whole article before forming an opinion next time.

iamsogreat 8 years ago

So why is it that wild animals (and remember, only domesticated animals who have been fed the same crappy diet and environment as we have, develop cancer) don't cook their food, if it's so important and good for you? This is where we're all going to have to go eventually, people, or we'll all end up sick and dying.... please do more research before you totally turn away from something- there IS scientific evidence backing this stuff up, and, I've read the studies on various types of chemotherapies- not impressive, and in fact, might give you a few more months, or it might (more likely) kill you faster than doing nothing at all. It kills the immune system, which is the body's only defense when it comes to fighting off things like cancer.

Confrontation 8 years ago

Wow! I commented on her age, and my post was removed. I guess I hurt her ego. I'd hate to cause a depression. Who knows what she'd have to eat then.

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