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Images show blood on defendant

Jury watches video of Jaeger denying brutal attack, blaming stain on ketchup

July 31, 2009, 12:46 p.m. Updated July 31, 2009, 6:13 p.m.


Jaeger trial continues

After hearing testimony from Matthew Jaeger in the trial against the former KU student, the court takes a break for the weekend. The trial got heated as the first week wrapped up during Friday's testimony. The trial will continue Monday. Enlarge video

Matthew Jaeger: Guilty Verdict

More coverage of the trial of a former Kansas University student accused of beating and kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.

Jaeger Trial Updates, Via Twitter

“I never made her bleed.”

“I would never hurt her at all — 100 percent, I would not hurt her.”

“I never injured her.”

During an interview with police in the early morning of Oct. 10, 2007, Matthew Jaeger, a defendant in a Lawrence kidnapping and aggravated battery case, denied several times that he harmed his ex-girlfriend.

Jaeger told police that the woman, who is now 23, was injured when he found her in the parking lot of her apartment in northern Lawrence.

But prosecutors allege that Jaeger battered his ex-girlfriend, severely mutilated her vagina and pelvic region, and dragged her from her Lawrence apartment after he found her with another man on Oct. 9, 2007.

On Friday afternoon — during the third day of testimony in the trial — jurors watched a video recording that showed the police interview, as well as police taking pictures of blood stains on Jaeger’s clothing and hands. Officers arrested him at the end of the interview.

Two versions of events

The victim in the case testified earlier in the trial that Jaeger broke into her apartment, angry because she was with another man.

She said he choked her until she was unconscious, and she woke up with wounds to her vagina and pelvic area. Police later stopped Jaeger’s car. Jaeger was in the back seat with the woman, and one of Jaeger’s friends was driving.

Jaeger, a former Kansas University student from suburban Chicago, faces charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated burglary and making a criminal threat.

During his interview with police, Jaeger said he was worried the victim was in trouble. He said he tried to knock on her apartment door, but then ran around to the back of the apartment.

He said he saw a man jump from the balcony and run away. Jaeger said when he returned to the parking lot, his ex-girlfriend had come down from her apartment and was “freaking out,” so he tried to help her.

His version of events contrasts with testimony from the woman and Dylan Jones, 24, the man who was with her that night.

Jones testified Friday morning that he and the woman heard glass shatter. He testified that the woman told him it was her ex-boyfriend, Jaeger, and that Jones needed to immediately leave.

Jones told jurors that Jaeger threatened to kill him as he hung from the victim’s balcony, even chasing him into the woods behind the victim’s apartment after he let go.

Jones testified that Jaeger shouted, “Show your face! You’re dead!”

“He probably said it 20 times, maybe 25.” Jones said. “I was in shock.”

But defense attorney Michael Saken accused Jones of making that story up, so as not to look like a coward for leaving the victim’s apartment.

“A man hit your lover, and your response was to turn and run away,” Saken said.

Jaeger’s interview

On Thursday, the victim testified that her relationship with Jaeger was possessive and abusive. She said Jaeger had a history of demonstrating jiu-jitsu moves on her, often putting her in a choke hold and forcing her to have sex with him. She said that after the attack he forced her into a car and refused her pleas for medical attention.

The defense maintains that Jaeger did not hurt the woman but instead tried to help her.

During his interview with police, Jaeger said he went to her apartment because he was worried his ex-girlfriend was in trouble.

“I’m sure if your kid had a problem you wouldn’t just be normal,” Jaeger told officers during the interview. “You would be like, ‘Whoa, I need to get my kid.’ There are different sorts of emotions that go along with people’s personalities.”

During the interview, Jaeger also mentioned to officers that he had trained in jiu-jitsu but said he had recently injured his back and needed to get in shape.

Officers also asked Jaeger if he was trying to “minimize” what happened because he did something he regretted.

“I’m not minimizing anything,” Jaeger said. “This is exactly what happened.”

Officers also asked him why two witnesses who live at the apartment complex said they saw two men dragging a woman down the stairs against her will.

“People have different perceptions of what happened,” Jaeger said.

He also denied knowing who was driving his car that night when police stopped it with him and his ex-girlfriend in the back seat. Prosecutors have said his friend, Evan Carroll, was driving that night.

Lawrence police officer Larry Lindsay took photos of Jaeger shortly before the arrest. The photos show blood stains on his hands, arm, leg and a large stain on the back of his shorts.

At one point in the video, Lindsay said he saw blood on Jaeger’s black shirt.

“I just ate a cheeseburger earlier. That might be ketchup,” Jaeger said on the video.

Lindsay said officers asked Jaeger about blood on his hands and shorts when they stopped the car.

“I bite my fingernails,” Jaeger said, according to Lindsay.

When police left the interview room, the video also shows Jaeger licking and wiping blood off his hands and arms.

Lindsay also said Jaeger never asked police for an ambulance to help the woman. But during the interview, Jaeger said he was trying to take her back to his house to help her so he could be the “hero.”

According to the video, Jaeger told officers they had broken up earlier but he still cared for her.

“I wanted to look out for her because we go way back,” Jaeger said.

When jurors return to court at 9 a.m. Monday, defense attorneys will cross-examine Lindsay. Chief District Judge Robert Fairchild said it’s possible that jury deliberations could begin during the week of Aug. 10.


Practicality 7 years ago

For all you posters who are parents,

now would be a good time to talk to your daughters about safe and effective ways to get out of an abusive relationship if ever they find themselves in one.

It would also be a good time to talk to your sons about the proper way to deal with rejection. As well as explain that in no uncertain terms should you ever treat a woman this way, no matter what she did to you.

Keith 7 years ago

"Saken accused Jones of making up the story about Jaeger threatening his life, so as not to look like a coward for leaving the victim’s apartment.

“A man hit your lover and your response was to turn and run away,” Saken said."

Defense attorney FAIL, sounds like he's admitting his client is guilty.

Steve Jacob 7 years ago

The lawyer did not even accuse Jones of committing the assault on her? Shocked! He has to point the finger at someone, I would think.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

Pywacket - the victim is from Deerfield, IL, where the median household income is more than triple that of Lawrence and more than double that of a family in Lawrence. I think he is a rich, spoiled brat who probably never heard the word "no" in his life and if he did, he pitched a fit until he got his way. I wonder if the police in Deerfield tend to look the other way when the rich kids get out of line which would explain why he thought he could bribe the officer with $20 to drive him home. I know we don't pay our cops much, but $20? That's just insulting!

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

larrynative - crazy is as crazy does.

bad_dog 7 years ago

Let's see now...

Jaeger was concerned about her, that's why he called and texted her 26 times in 40 minutes during the evening in question. Got it.

The injuries to the victim occurred because she fell on a railing in her apartment while stumbling around in the dark. OK- this type "accident" is widely known as the third leading cause of severely mutilating female pelvic injuries in the U.S...

They were trying to get help for her pelvic injuries (you know, the ones sustained after falling on the railing) so they decided to "airlift" the victim by dragging her down the stairs by her hair. Still makes sense so far...

Rather than call 911 and waiting several minutes for an abulance and EMTs to arrive, they put her in the car-but thought it would be best to bypass the hospital to get some pizza first. Must have needed sustenance for the long journey to the ER. Truly a compassionate visionary...

There was blood on his hands & shorts because he chewed his fingernails. He was just nervous about her well-being and gnawed a bit excessively. Happens all the time.

Sounds plausible-how could they even charge Jaeger with a story like that? LPD and the victim probably should have thanked him, given him a ride home and offered to do his laundry. Perhaps one of the local nail salons would have comped him a makeover.

(Sarcasm meter obviously pegged)

jeffds01 7 years ago

throw him in jail and lock the lock, and throw the key away...

this loser needs a life, doing this to a women.

pretty funny about the guying running away like a coward though, had this been me, the case would be Jaeger vs. me for battery, because I would have given that guy the one two knock out like ol' bruce lee. haha

Jaeger I hope you wake up tom. and realize your one of Lawrence's biggest losers, maybe you'll choke on your saliva tonight instead.

nowthetruth 7 years ago

Every fall, this town is invaded by spoiled little brats from towns like Chicago, St Louis, etc. These over endulged little princes and princesses wreck our properties (some of you who are landlords will understand that!), trash our downtown (what is left of it) and get very violent when they are denied attention or drunk. Their parents defend their actions and justify their behaviors. This guy deserves to be put away, we all agree on that point. Jailhouse justice will be what these parents will NOT be able to prevent. They will lay awake at night wondering what awful things are being done to their little boy. Good luck with that thought Mr. and Mrs. did a terrible job raising this violent, evil man.

StephanieD123 7 years ago

They both should have jumped out the back and ran!!! Jaeger is crazy!!!

StephanieD123 7 years ago

Jaeger just said he never went into the apartment! He was seen dragging her mutilated body down the stairs by her hair. Good luck with that lie Dirt Bag!

StephanieD123 7 years ago

If the jurors have any brains at ALL they will have already have figured out that Jaeger is a liar!

jeffds01 7 years ago

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puddleglum 7 years ago

maybe he was trying to kick in the door, then new boyfriend leaves via balcony so jaeger pursues around the building-can't find new boyfriend, goes back to apartment-where girl has come out of her apartment (probably to look and see what has happened) jaeger runs into the girl, choke hole-vagina bludgeon (with knife) then starts to carry her down the stairs by her hair-where the witnesses see the occurance....this seems pretty plausible

mrbig 7 years ago

I second that jeff! He is scum. As a former KU student, I can agree that many spoiled little boys and girls come down here from Chi-town. They are arrogant and expect to be catered to by the people from our small town. They think that we are from "the south", and are just a bunch of "slow hippies" here.

StephanieD123 7 years ago

If this guy walks I am moving. Lawrence will never be safe agian. All the crazies will come out in full force and think they can get away with murder! Especially if they have rich Daddy's!

bankboy119 7 years ago


That was only part of what the attorney said. Obviously, that would be fail if that was truly the defense.

The whole defense, more than likely, would be the lawyer questioning the plausibility of that statement. Remember, Jaeger's attorney is arguing that Jaeger found the victim like that. So the lawyer is making it seem as if nobody in their right mind would leave an abused woman with their abuser. Also, the coward calling, you get the boyfriend emotional, he acts out, gives the defense more credibility to their story that the boyfriend attacked her, not Jaeger. This leaves Jaeger coming to the girl's defense and going to get her help.

Seems like a more complete argument than just calling the guy a coward and saying he ran away at least.

bad_dog 7 years ago

Don't forget the testimony about the breaking window glass, puddleglum. I presumed that was in reference to a full-size window, but I guess it could have been glass in the front door.

ksdivakat 7 years ago

"“A man hit your lover and your response was to turn and run away,” Saken said.”..........

Is it just me, or did the defense just throw the trial with that statement? Jeagers attorney is questioning the man who was in the apartment with her, and he says to the man...... "“A man hit your lover and your response was to turn and run away,” Saken said.”.......... I thought the whole defense was that jeager was trying to help? They just admitted he hit her!!!!


jeffds01 7 years ago

if this guy walks, i'll be waiting outside of the court house

ready to test his jit-whatever moves, a public beating would serve him and the community best!

Danielle Brunin 7 years ago

"Licking and wiping away blood." Oh, my stomach just turned...

StephanieD123 7 years ago

Well the licking of the blood pretty much sums up what kind of sick, sick, man he is!!!

been_there 7 years ago

On thing I haven't seen mentioned was what did the witnesses that heard the glass break and screams, and some saw her being dragged to the car down the stairs and shoved in the car do? Have I missed the part that says they called the police?

KansasPerson 7 years ago

The more I hear about this guy, the more I wonder how he made it to his early 20s without getting caught for something similar in his past!

Wonder what his behavior around small defenseless animals was when he was a kid...... shudder.

jeffds01 7 years ago

I wish I was the person that saw this, because Jaeger would still be in the hospital for what I would have done to this guy.

I almost hope they let him walk, so that I can see him out late one night, in a dark alley maybe

Richard Heckler 7 years ago

Ditto to Bad Dog comments...sums it up.

StephanieD123 7 years ago

been_there- Yes, she (the neighbor girl)called the police and chased them down for a couple of blks. while on the ph with 911 she was lucky she wasn't attacked herself. she was very, very, brave. she saved the victims life and in my books should be considered a HERO!

StephanieD123 7 years ago

The victim wasn't the only one that was traumatized. The young girl that saw this happening has to have nightmares over this hideous crime. Thank goodness this brave young lady had what it takes, bravery, to do what she did!! Save a life!

igby 7 years ago

I can feel with Jones!

Met a girl at the bowling alley years ago. She wanted me to help her move some furniture in her newly rented house. We left in her car and went to her newly rent house. She had two kids there and during the moving her husband pull up and then she tells me "you got to leave now out the back or he will kill you". I didn't waste anytime. She did not even mention that she ran away from him with the kids and rented a new house. He found her address and it was a bad situation. As I walk back to my car I could hear him beating her on the lawn and could hear the smacks and screams. This was before cell phones and it was troubling to me because I knew not to get involved in other peoples domestic situations, and I had just met this woman who was no doubt was using me for her own self interest. I could of just beat the crap out of this guy, easy, but I didn't because this women was not being up-front with me about her situation and she dragged me into it without any remorse.

Jones, did the smart thing by leaving, him being there was the threat to his new girl friend and by leaving somehow would help the situation become more calmer, in Jones' mind. But in Jaeger's, case he was determined to take his anger out on her and he did; he thinks he's bought her and paid for her and he weights his ownership rights in her as time as money spent on an un-greatful whore who's disrespecting him with some other guy and he just can't take that siting down .

Many people have been killed in such situations as this and you really have to ask yourself, is she worth killing someone over because of her own weakness, to not be able to end an abusive relationship with a guy like Jaeger. She may not of spoke to Jones about Jaeger's possible threats just to save face with her new friend, Jone's. It's reasonable to believe, that she would of with held and bad situation possibilities from Jones.

whatupdown 7 years ago

Using Pedro says a lot too; Guilty, Desperate, No Case, From Out of Town, Going to jail, Stupid. Sorry Pedro; just my observation and opinion. What will the appeal be for?

KansasPerson 7 years ago

igby, I don't even know where to start with your post. Today's events have left me emotionally drained. I'll let someone else take a shot at you. I think you've got more than a few coming.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

logic - don't you know? They were lost! That's why they accidently drove past the hospital. Does anybody know which side the driver is going to testify for?

akt2 7 years ago

The defense attorney will not be able to trump the ER physician's testimony. A criminal act will be the only explanation for this trauma.

igby 7 years ago

KansasPerson, if you can't call for help the best thing to do is leave then call for help. I did just that, called the cops after I left. But this was in 1982, in a small town in Kansas, and the cops didn't do anything because the guys family was well connected.

Miracles 7 years ago

igby, she did leave the relationship. She moved to get away from Jaeger and he found out where she lives and came over after being out drinking with his friend.

How is any of that the victim's fault?

nekansan 7 years ago

I've seen mention that the neighbor saw "two men" dragging the victim by her hair from the apartment. Has there been any testimony from the neighbor that identified Jaeger as one of those 2 men? It seems pretty obvious that is was but I'm just curious if there has been any independent identification of him kidnapping her to wrap this up in a bow for the jury.

igby 7 years ago

Miracles: It's not her fought Jaeger is who he is, violent, abusive. The point is that I'm trying to make is about Jones. She told him to leave, because she thought may be she could control Jaeger? However, when they heard Jeager breaking in they should of called the police, then and not waited. The pot in the house and the warrant for her arrest could of had a lot to do with this situation going further. No, it's not her fought he hurt her but it could of been stopped sooner instead of after the damage was done. She knew he had been violent with her in the past and the potential was there for this to happen. Again, she may not of told Jones everything about Jaeger, until it was to late and having Jones escape via the balcony is very telling. She somehow must of under estimated Jeager's anger and his quickness to chase Jone's and threaten him that many times and then turn his anger on her. Which it appears that he did.

igby 7 years ago

Jaeger's a fool to go to trial, he should of just come clean and took a plea deal. Burglary, agg-battery, the kidnapping could have gotten dropped possibly. He might of gotten 30 months max or even less. The trial and a these fact will weigh heavy on the jury's mind and the Judge's. He will get a guilty verdict, going to trial is insane.

StephanieD123 7 years ago

The neighbor girl was the first to testify about hearing glass breaking, and seeing Jaeger and another man pulling her down the stairs by her hair. she called 911 and was right there and saw them shoving her into the car. She saved her life. I heard she ran after them too chasing them for a couple blocks directing police in which direction to go. She is a hero!

parrothead8 7 years ago

As of 7:17 pm on 7/31, the headline to this story reads:

"Defendent says he was worried for victim’s safety and was trying to help, but a witness said the defendent threatened his life"

Seriously? This is a newspaper. Writers and editors should be able to spell words correctly. If you're not sure, look it up.

Lots of people who CAN spell "defendant" correctly need jobs. Please do better.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

Yes, Stephanie, we get it. You are the neighbor girl.

cutny 7 years ago

Yo editor. Headline should read "defendant" not "defendent"

perryproud 7 years ago

Igby, when you say fought are you meaning fault? Its hard to take a person seriously who spells like that. Just saying.

roggy 7 years ago

Did the driver of the car get charged with anything? It sounds like he has to be the other person that was dragging her down the stairs.

Jersey_Girl 7 years ago

perry - and not once but twice was it spelled like that.

StephanieD123 7 years ago

Jersey_Girl- No I am not the neighbor girl. Sorry! Better try next time! LOL! Just know someone who lives there.

Sigmund 7 years ago

Jersey_Girl (Anonymous) says… "Yes, Stephanie, we get it. You are the neighbor girl."

God! I hope! not! even! Stephanie! would be! that! stupid!!!!

KansasPerson 7 years ago

Okay igby, I was just gonna let it go, but now, I'm not.

"Met a girl at the bowling alley years ago. She wanted me to help her move some furniture in her newly rented house. We left in her car and went to her newly rent house. She had two kids there and during the moving her husband pull up and then she tells me “you got to leave now out the back or he will kill you”. I didn't waste anytime. She did not even mention that she ran away from him with the kids and rented a new house. He found her address and it was a bad situation."

Okay, she had just met you at the bowling alley, and she was supposed to have already told you all the tragedies of her life already? And you act like she should've known he was going to find her.

"As I walk back to my car I could hear him beating her on the lawn and could hear the smacks and screams. This was before cell phones and it was troubling to me because I knew not to get involved in other peoples domestic situations, and I had just met this woman who was no doubt was using me for her own self interest."

Yes, she wanted help moving her stuff, but maybe she wanted a friend too -- did you think of that? Why do you feel so exploited?


KansasPerson 7 years ago

(Part 2, because I went over 3000 characters)

But here's the real kicker:

"I could of just beat the crap out of this guy, easy, but I didn't because this women was not being up-front with me about her situation and she dragged me into it without any remorse."

Okay, here's where you are really showing your true colors. I don't care that in a later post you insist that you called the police later, after you left. You make it clear right here that the reason you did not come to her defense was NOT because cell phones hadn't been invented yet, and NOT because of fear (I could forgive that, but it sounds unlikely, since you could have beat him up "easy") or reluctance to get involved in someone else's domestic crisis, but because you were mad at her! Again, "I didn't [beat up the guy] because this women was not being up-front with me about her situation and she dragged me into it without remorse." You're a real pill. And how do you know that she didn't have a great deal of remorse? I'm guessing you didn't keep in touch with her after that!

"Jones, did the smart thing by leaving, him being there was the threat to his new girl friend and by leaving somehow would help the situation become more calmer, in Jones' mind."

He stated under oath that he left (a) because she asked him to and (b) because she believed that he was the one that was going to get hurt/killed, not her. Obviously she was wrong but if they both believed that, I can understand how they acted as they did (him leaving, her staying).

"But in Jaeger's, case he was determined to take his anger out on her and he did; he thinks he's bought her and paid for her and he weights his ownership rights in her as time as money spent on an un-greatful whore who's disrespecting him with some other guy and he just can't take that siting down ."

Even though you're sort of "quoting" Jaeger's supposed thoughts during that time, your choice of words is kinda scary.

"Many people have been killed in such situations as this and you really have to ask yourself, is she worth killing someone over because of her own weakness, to not be able to end an abusive relationship with a guy like Jaeger."

No one is asking Jones why he didn't KILL Jaeger, for crying out loud. Is she "worth" defending? Why are you even asking this? He didn't jump off the balcony because she wasn't "worth" defending; he did it because at the time, in the rush, it seemed the best way to protect her. You can question the wisdom of that choice, as many do, but I'm not going to stand by and listen to you call this girl "weak."

wordgenie8 7 years ago

This story shows the evil underside of the "just trying to help" attitude so prevalent in these parts. How too presumptuous!! Way too often in the name of incompetent and dishonest "help," offered by people who think way too well of themselves other people get hurt--just like the victim of this crime did. Let all sinister, self-centered helpers burn in Hades.

igby 7 years ago

Kansasperson: What's your point! Are you saying that Jones did or did not do the right thing? Are you saying people should get involved in domestic disputes and take the law into their own hands.

Weak and weakness are two different words with two different meanings. I never called her weak but said it was because of her weakness. You should take a reading class. Your writings good your reading skills are below normal levels. Your arguments are not by any means worthy of any interest because you can't seem to make a good point that's clear without changing the text to make your arguments, you should just quit and argue with someone who as less experience in life.

You really should say out of peoples domestic fights and just call the police, you could get killed or hurt; bottom line.

muddfoot55 7 years ago

I'm guessing there are sealed records on this man somewhere. The injuries inflicted on this woman are a possessive act.....if I can't have her, no one can. Intimacy as she once knew it are gone, I hope she gets a good lawyer and sues the jerk in civil court.

skinny 7 years ago

He needs to hang by a rope from the highest tree.

Christine Pennewell Davis 7 years ago

I bet that we have not even heard half of everything in this case. Not wanting to hear gross details, I am glad the LJW is not going into them. I feel for Janet Reid who is sitting in there hearing and seeing it all.

StephanieD123 7 years ago

Jaegers high powered attorneys arent doing so well trying to put the story together. They did however certainly make Matthew Jaeger look like a innocent little college student compared to the tough man look he had at the time of the crime. The way his attorneys are stumbling around the story and making up different versions one would think by now that they would have figured out HE DID IT! Lol! It really is apparent that they have just taken Daddy Jaegers money. I don't think there is any way they can skinny him out of this crime. Would have been much better for him to have just confessed and taken a plea bargain.

bankboy119 7 years ago


There are definitely holes to fill. No way this guy gets off. Just wanted people to realize the defendent's lawyer isn't a complete moron:)

And yes, I am 0% trying to defend him. What he did was absolutely awful.

StephanieD123 7 years ago

bankboy- I don't see how he or his attorneys even thought this was a good idea to argue this. There is no way to fill all of the holes. They had to have known this going into it. They can only lie to a certian extent.

monkeyspunk 7 years ago

@toe: You're point?

I wish there was some way, once found guilty and sent away to prison, we could get updates on his well-being.


This week, Jaeger was traded for a pack of Marlboro's from the Aryan Circle to the brothers on cell-block A, and his name was changed from Regina to Betty.

missmia 7 years ago

'“I just ate a cheeseburger earlier. That might be ketchup,” Jaeger said on the video.'

Ketchup?? Really? He'd had a cheeseburger earlier and at no point noticed there was ketchup and decided to get a napkin... nor did he notice the stain on his shorts? Does this guy really think people are stupid enough that they can't tell the difference between ketchup and blood?

That "might" seems to be really telling as well. It "might" be ketchup, it "might" be blood...

bankboy119 7 years ago


Definitely. Again, not trying to defend him, I just don't think people should discredit how the attorneys will try to spin it for him.

KEITHMILES05 7 years ago

This dude is really sick. The answers to the police questions are comical and so unbelieveable.

aletheia 7 years ago

No, Igby. Your reading skills (and writing for that matter) are below normal levels. I, like KansasPerson, was appalled while reading your post. You further vicitmized the woman you met in 1982 by characterizing her in offensive words and phrases:

" ...this woman who was no doubt was using me for her own self interest..." and "...this women was not being up-front with me about her situation and she dragged me into it without any remorse." and last, but not least, " she worth killing someone over because of her own weakness."

You went on with your victimization by making like comparisons between your experience in 1982 and Jaeger's EX-girlfriend. (Seems like your characterization of her "weakness" of not being "able to end her relationship" is without merit.) The one who couldn't end the relationship was Jaeger. HE was the one stalking and terrorizing HER. Jaeger's girlfriend even moved to an undisclosed location to get away from this jerk. (Not dissimilar to the woman you meant in 1982.) Let's presume that one of your points has merit -- that she should have disclosed her previous relationship with Jones. Was it really necessary given that she thought Jaeger did not know where she lived? Are you assuming that she didn't tell Jones or is this based on fact?

Bottom line is you further victimized Jaeger's girlfriend -- the same way you victimized the woman you met in 1982 -- by implying that all responsibility lay with the woman. They "should have" let their boyfriends know about their abusive exes. They "should have" anticipated exactly when and how they're exes would behave (implied). They "should have" dealt with their weakness (implied). Not one time did you characterize the aggressor in a negative way. Only the victim. This is why KansasPerson -- and I'm sure many others on this board -- reacted with such disdain of your comments.

Igby, your characterizations of abused women have as many holes as Jaeger's defense team's arguments. Maybe you should sit with them, too.

puddleglum 7 years ago

weeds- we know what we are doing, thanks.

sometimes you must "play the game"-otherwise, you have to do other stuff, like mow the lawn.

seriously, the defense is changing up stories-or presenting different scenarios for one reason only: they are attempting to lure the jury towards 'reasonable doubt' by throwing out every possible alternate aspect to what obviously really happened.

kinda gross?

I_Bejewel 6 years, 12 months ago

Amen to KansasPerson and aletheia's replies. I found those statements very offensive. Sorry igby, but I think you're way off base on this.

firestone321 6 years, 12 months ago

yep, mommy & daddy Jaeger must be pretty proud of their boy Matty, being that he's a "trained lifeguard" and all. Guess that's why they bought him an $850000 house in Chi-town. That's what any normal parent would do after their kid is charged with a serious crime....after all the kid has got to live SOMEWHERE right?

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

Igby - so many things wrong with your posts, so little time. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Bzzzzzzzzzz! I don't know about your math and geography skills, but your reading, writing, vocabulary and logic need serious work. "Weak and weakness are two different words with two different meanings." Well, technically, yes. One is an adjective and one is a noun. From

weakness  –noun 1. the state or quality of being weak; lack of strength, firmness, vigor, or the like; feebleness.

"You really should say out of peoples domestic fights and just call the police, you could get killed or hurt; bottom line." That's precisely what Jones did. He left and went to the victim's brother's house to call the police.

Stephanie - Jaeger's lawyers can only work with what they are given and must do what the client wants. The Other Dude Did It is a standard defense tactic.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

ed - I believe the kidnapping charge is a federal offense and carries serious time on that one charge alone. If convicted, he is going away for a long time. I also believe I read in one of the articles that the prosecutor has asked the judge to consider a harsher sentence than what Kansas law calls for. That would be up to the jury.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

Starlight - my guess is the driver got a deal which is why the defense has mentioned him. If he did, he'll be testifying for the prosecution.

firestone321 6 years, 12 months ago

I think the driver did not get charged in exchange for "cooperating"

Cait McKnelly 6 years, 12 months ago

I am seriously surprised that Jaeger didn't cut a plea deal. The defense is very weak and if the driver cut a deal to be the state's star witness then Jaeger is going to go down hard. If his parents buy his story then they are more delusional than he is. Money can only buy so much and I think prosecutors have learned a great deal from and since the days of OJ Simpson. I also believe that if the jury returns a guilty verdict the defense will appeal...and appeal...and appeal ad nauseum. The only thing that Jaeger will NOT be able to claim is ineffective counsel.

firestone321 6 years, 12 months ago

he probably tried to cut a deal but probably couldn't get any deal that would allow him no prison time....I agree about the appeals...for the poor victim the nightmare never ends

Sigmund 6 years, 12 months ago

Jersey_Girl (Anonymous) says… "I believe the kidnapping charge is a federal offense and carries serious time on that one charge alone."

Jaeger is only being tried in Douglas county with Kansas crimes. As far as I know no Federal kidnapping charges are pending in any Federal court as they did not cross state lines.

The prosecution hasn't finished presenting their case and it is typical at this point in a trial that the defense would be looking very weak. I am sure everyone is curious what the defense's case will be and if the defendant will testify. I would doubt it as he didn't do all that well with police questioning.

I too think it is likely that there was no offer of a plea deal (rightly so) and that this is the only reason he went to trial. From the defendants point of view there is nothing to lose, everything to gain, let's go all in.

It also seems likely that there is at least some information on Jaeger not directly relevant to this case that was excluded from evidence. It may have come to light or been around the time Branson defended him on the DUI and may help to explain why Branson's office felt like they were conflicted out of prosecuting. A simple DUI five or more years ago just doesn't seem to be sufficient on its own.

Lots of information not presented at trial will come out if he is convicted in the court ordered pre-sentence report. If I am not mistaken the KAG's office has filed notices with Judge Fairchild indicating that if they get a conviction they intend to seek the maximum sentence or ask the judge to depart upward from the sentencing guidelines (I forget which). That request may be motivated in part by information they have that can't be used to get a conviction but can be used at sentencing.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

Sigmund - I think I read that the prosecution is going to ask the judge to depart upward from the sentancing guidelines. It will be very interesting to see what the defense presents, especially if the driver testifies against Jaeger.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

tumbilweed - and then he would have been on trial for the murder of an abuser. And unless he was a cop, not sure why he would have been carrying a gun to the victim's.

bearded_gnome 6 years, 12 months ago

licking the blood off his hands.

ate a burger, that's ketchup on his shorts.

oh, he bites his fingernails.

creepy, very creepy.

the defense by their questioning yesterday are admitting that when Jaeger showed up at the victim's door, she was afraid.

now, just why would she be so afraid at that point?

that line of questioning also leads to this question: Jones was running. you usually don't run like that unless you're pretty darned fired up about something. hanging off the balcony, for example.

Jones apparently felt he had good reason to run.

---the defense is admitting by this questioning that both the people in that apartment when Jaeger arrived at the door behaved as if there was a genuine threat.
genuine threat. points to what the victim has said about jaeger's history with her.

parrothead8 6 years, 12 months ago


Yes, because a gun would be the best thing to throw into the middle of an unpredictable, violent situation where at least one of the parties was under the influence of alcohol. Great idea.

djswildride 6 years, 12 months ago

I think igby has a good point if he wore a hat no one would notice it

igby 6 years, 12 months ago

If you'll read closely, Jersey_Girl,Kansas_Person and Aletheia are the same poster. Nonetheless, they seem to hate my post for some reason that's personal to them. Perhaps, their a little touchy because the victim is their person friend, and I can understand how they feel. However, relentless as they seem to be to see Jaeger, jailed, their logic has become twisted, to attack anyone who says anything contrary or different from what they believe.

So, I decided to just finish you off and make you blow your top to the point that you will need to be medicated.

The victim got hurt, that's not in question. Who hurt her or how she got hurt is in question. Why she got hurt is in question, but she got hurt just the same. Now, as I stated in a former post that I thought Jones, did the right thing by leaving at the victim's request and stated that this was a tell. A tell that reflects the victims state of mind as Jaeger was breaking in, as it was stated. The weakness of the victim, as I put it, is due to her not calling the police like a normal person would because of the warrant and drugs in the house. This is her weakness and she did not protect herself from this threat because of this weakness. She in my opinion is not weak but not normal because she was dirty with drugs and a warrant.

She could of had a court order of protection from abuse, had it not been for this weakness. Jaeger's lawyer, I'm sure, might make issue of this very fact. Her state of mind and just why; if Jaeger, was such a threat to her, did she not do what a normal person would do. Was it because of this weakness or did she not view Jaeger, as a threat. This is a question of state of mind and it adds value to fact. This put's in question, for any reasonable person, as to weather, Jaeger, and the victim still were engaged in a level of relationship, somewhere between "on the back burner or Ex-boyfriend". I would wonder, at this point, was Jaeger, still contributing to her monies in any form, whether in drugs, rents or debts.

igby 6 years, 12 months ago

It's not within Jersey_Girls, Kansas_person or Aletheia, understanding of small town politics, so I will not explain to them why I left this woman to be beaten by her husband; however, I did say it was troubling to me and that it was before the age of cell phones and that later, I did call to learn that the husbands family was well connected and the cops did nothing. Had I had beaten him up, which was my human thought, the women would have turned on me and I would of been the one in Jail. Your just foolish to believe anything otherwise. So, I feel I did the right thing. I never was mad at her over it. I think she was just dome and did not expect her husband to find her that soon. She might of wanted me for protection, but, the first thing she said was "leave now out the back, he will kill you", well that plain enough for me.

Why do I compare this to Jaeger? Now you can get your meds ready! Was Jaeger, the last person to learn that he was being dumped by the victim? Did everyone in their circle know except him? Being dumped, broke-up, moved out, whatever. Was it perfectly clear to him that he was not going to be part of her life anymore or was it a soft break-up, one that leaves him hanging emotionally, financially, or otherwise? It's been said they were broke-up, and done. But did one of her friends tell one of his friends about Jones, the night this happened or did he know about him from the victim, first hand?

If Jaeger, was the person who hurt her that night, someone really set him off to the boiling point. You really have to wonder, if he had intended for this to happen the way that it's been portrayed, he surely, would not of brought his friend along for a attack on her. The friend or driver, must of convinced the police he was un-knowing of any plot of attack on the victim. Someone had too of pushed his buttons that night to cause him to go there with his friend and learn that that someone was telling the truth about another man, Jones.

Now just what is Mr. Jones selling? Himself? Drugs? I wonder. May be both.

Why does Jaeger, want this trial rather than a plea?

Perhaps, he's guilt but not as guilty as he's been portrayed?

If your in love with someone, even if your a total a$$hole, don't you just hate getting played like a sugar daddy?

jumpin_catfish 6 years, 12 months ago

Clear danger to society. Life without parole. He has ruined this young woman's life so its only fair his should be ruined too along with bob and the twins. Now that would be justice in my opinion.

50YearResident 6 years, 12 months ago

Is Igby working for the defense undercover? It sure looks like he is trying to inject reasonable doubt into these posts!

igby 6 years, 12 months ago

After yelling at Jone's and telling him he was going to kill him, Jaeger, could of very well turned his anger on the victim. Perhaps he hurt her more that he intended. He could of pushed her over and she could of slid down a railing and fell on some glass. It happened so fast, just as the time line pointed. He could of grabbed her and choked her in his domestic inflamed rage. What happened after is possibly a classic example of panic. They may have been trying to get her some help but at that time, Jaeger, could have not known the extent of her injuries, if in fact, they did occur as the result of a fall from a push down a railing. May be, they were not going to the hospital at all? He could not have known at that time exactly, just how bad she was hurt unless he did the damage directly and intentionally to the injured area of her pelvic.

I don't think he knew how bad she was hurt.

igby 6 years, 12 months ago

I'm done for now!

Lets hear it....Jersey_Girl,Kansas_Person and Aletheia!

But not all at once, please! Lol.

somebodynew 6 years, 12 months ago

Well igby maybe you should hear from somebody new - you are a f**&&&g idiot, and should just go away and not post any more crap on this subject. You have already admitted you are a complete coward and now you are trying to make excuses for a homicidal (yes, it was going to be one) maniac. Just go away !!!!

And no, I will not spend any more time or energy with you.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

Igby is just ignorant. His posts are rambling, contradictory and inflammatory. He seems to think that Kansas_Person and Aletheia hate his posts because they are "person friends" with the victim. Perhaps he is "person friends" with the accused.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

And I don't think Jaeger will fare well in prison. Even if the other prisoners don't think what he did is horrendous, they are not going to like this arrogant, spoiled, rich brat.

somebodynew 6 years, 12 months ago

Well now Jersey_Girl, you seem to have a grasp on reality. I get tired of all the posts about how people will be treated in prison because of what they did. Nobody there cares, because they have done similar.

What they won't like it his arrogant, rich brat attidute and that just might cause him some problems. BTW, I hope he is still having problem with his back and being in shape when he has to be transported there.

igby 6 years, 12 months ago

somebodynew: If all you can do is call people names, your most likely the type of female that dumps one guy by getting a new guy to come over and threaten him. A bar fly no doubt. Bet your kids has different daddy's. Lol.

somebodynew 6 years, 12 months ago

Well igby your last post obviously shows you have no idea who or what I am. And no, I am not going to give you anymore clues. If you are not smart enough to figure it out (and I am sure you aren't) I am not going to help you. But, trust me I have never had another guy come over and there are not any kids out there with or without different names.

And I realize I just violated my own statement about not spending anymore time on you. Shame on me.

aletheia 6 years, 12 months ago

Igby, thanks for the entertaining post. I know you wanted me to go "run for my meds," but I was too busy laughing my a** off. You actually did a very good job proving my point by continuing to excuse Jaeger for his actions and blame the victim for the vicious attack that was made on her.

Let's see if I can spell this out clearly, so that you'll understand. No one is responsible for another person's actions. No one, male or female, makes another person do anything -- good, bad or otherwise. Can people have an effect on us? Yes. Can we react with anger? Yes.The difference is how we choose to express our anger. Obviously Jaeger was angry. He could have chosen to ignore her, maybe even yell at her, but instead he chose to mutilate her vagina. To imply that the victim could have prevented, or somehow anticipated, the depths of his evil is ludicrous at best.

Since your rant was so long, I don't want to waste anymore of my time pointing out what's obvious to most. Besides that, I don't think you have the intellectual ability to understand what's been posted by KansasPerson, Jersey Girl and others. It would be like fighting a one-legged man in an a**-kicking contest.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

tumbilweed - I'm not a gun nut, but after what happened to this woman, I would understand if she had a gun and carried it with her since it sounds like Jaeger stalked her.

Jenni Allen 6 years, 12 months ago

I feel sorry for the attorney that has to try this case.. If and when he goes to prison, he won't last, they will kill him. and i only hope they do to him what he did to her

igby 6 years, 12 months ago

Alethia: Yes, Jaeger is guilty. He broke in. He battered her. He did not mean for her to get hurt that bad, but still the same, he battered her and she got hurt. He took her out of the house, and that could very well be kidnapping. Fact is, he's guilty of everything the DA's charged him with, so why the trial?

The DA's office was no doubt unresponsive to any plead deals and going to trial was Jaeger's, only choice to get a sentence that reflects the crime that was committed. She did get hurt bad and the DA's got a strong case. There are five different levels of Agg. Battery, and so, as most would believe there are special circumstances in Kansas, but there aren't. The level of Agg. battery upon sentencing can be a broad range of jail time. The lawyers for Jaeger, short of a jury trial could not get the DA's office to reduce the level of Agg Battery too a more acceptable level and their only choice was to take this case to trial and hope the judge would apply the lower level of Agg Battery at sentencing.

Aside from your discourse towards my post, were basically on the same page regarding Jaeger's guilt. There's cases all across America, that are very much the same in nature. People get hurt in domestic disputes when they did not mean to hurt them.

Again, I'm not blaming the victim for her getting hurt, only pointing out that weakness that led to the unprotected violent situation she found herself in with Jeager. People that use drugs daily are prone to make bad choices.

aletheia 6 years, 12 months ago

Igby -- Thank you for posting in a less inflammatory, presumptious way. Yes, it does sound like we are in agreement as to Jaeger's guilt. But, we will have to agree to disagree as to her "weakness." My perspective is that Jaeger is the one who is weak and pathetic. He has yet to take responsibility for the act of violence he unleashed on her. However, the victim will live with the psychological and physical scars for the rest of her life. For anyone to say that her "weakness" led to this situation is to further victimize her, only this time it is through words, rather than actions.

I'd like to address three other points you made: 1) "He did not mean for her to get hurt that bad" -- Are you familiar with this case? Maybe you have more information than has been made available. I'm not sure. However, I'm assuming by the use of the word "mutilation" that not only were her injuries external, but internal as well. This doesn't happen by falling on a railing or even glass for that matter.

2) "People get hurt in domestic disputes when they did not mean to hurt them." -- The moment an abuser lays his hands on a woman he intends to hurt her. It is impossible to be physically hurt by another person, unless they make physcial contact with their hands, feet, object or weapon. To ever say they "did not mean to hurt them" is another example of an abuser's proclivity to minimize and deny their actions.

3) "...going to trial was Jaeger's, only choice to get a sentence that reflects the crime that was committed." -- Considering how the trial is starting out, I think it clearly reflects the crime that was committed and he will get exactly what he deserves. Jaeger's arrogance and monetary privilege has obviously clouded his grasp on reality, especially if he thinks he deserves a light sentence.

As a woman, my heart breaks for the victim.It does not matter whether she had possession of drugs, a warrant out for her arrest, or was involved in an abusive relationship with Jaeger. To take a knife (or a piece of glass) and mutilate this woman's vagina to "teach her a lesson" is the most sick, grotesque, demeaning, sinister thing a man could do to a woman. It's tantamount to castration, which is exactly what he deserves.

BeeBee3 6 years, 12 months ago

Amen Aletheia. Thank you for saying everything I was thinking.
And counting the grammatical and spelling errors in Igby's posts hurts my brain. There are too many to count. Just an unfortunate "weakness" I suppose.

Christine Pennewell Davis 6 years, 12 months ago

Well it is back in session defense is cross examining the police about the stop. Any I dea how long the trial might last?

aletheia 6 years, 12 months ago

You're welcome, BeeBee3. It sickens me that whenever a woman is raped or beaten, all responsibility shifts to what she should've or could've done to prevent the crime. Rarely is the defendant's character assasinated or questioned to the same level. Good defense attorneys are quite adept at keeping any like crimes committed by the defendant from being presented at trial; however, a woman's history is fair game.

This is a societal problem. Whether intended or not, the message is clear to all abusers and potential abusers that the victim "makes them" hurt her and therefore,she is responsible and has "earned what's coming to them."

Maybe if we, as a society, spent more time holding people accountable for their actions and less time blaming the victim, the cycle of violence would diminish. Women would start to understand that they are not responsible for the choices an abuser makes to hurt them and the abuser would understand that he can choose to express his anger in a healthy, mature way.

StephanieD123 6 years, 12 months ago

Jaeger didn't respect the fact that the victim wanted to move on(with good cause), and in a jealous rage he attempted to kill her.

StephanieD123 6 years, 12 months ago

They have mentioned that the trial might last 2-3 weeks.

Christine Pennewell Davis 6 years, 12 months ago

She has to sit thru 2 to 3 weeks of this oh my poor girl. I am just reading about it and can't stand it.

Jersey_Girl 6 years, 12 months ago

momma - I don't think she has to actually sit in the courtroom for the entire trial if she doesn't want to, but I could be wrong. I can't afford to miss work, but if Jaeger actually testifies, I might take time off to watch that debacle.

nekansan 6 years, 12 months ago

" He could not have known at that time exactly, just how bad she was hurt unless he did the damage directly and intentionally to the injured area of her pelvic.

I don't think he knew how bad she was hurt. "

Igby you could not be more wrong. He knew she was very badly hurt because he is the one who harmed her, why else would he have totally lied to the officers about nearly every aspect of the situation? If you, as Jeager claims, went to your girlfriend's house because you were concerned, found her badly injured and were trying to help. Would you drive past the hospital? Would you tell the officer you were going to get pizza? Lie about the origin of blood on you? Lick it off to prevent it from being used as evidence? Not immediately tell the officer that stopped you "My girlfriend is hurt badly and needs help."? And I suspect we will have opportunity to learn about many more lies that Jeager has told that simply do not support his story because it is a total fabrication. He beat this woman badly, he did it on purpose because he felt he had some deranged sense of entitlement to her, he intentionally targeted her sexual organs to make a point. He's a total dirtbag and should be viewed by the public as such. Does he deserve a trial, yes, but he also deserves a conviction on all counts and the harshest sentence permissible under the laws of the state of Kansas.

aletheia 6 years, 12 months ago

" ...emotional attachment has caused Jaegar's behavior to act out his emotional pain."

Ummmm, Wad, Jaeger is responsible for his own behavior and could have acted out his emotional pain by carving on something other than his ex-girlfriend.

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