Armstrong announces new team for next year

July 24, 2009


— Lance Armstrong and RadioShack are forming a new cycling team that will compete in next year’s Tour de France.

The seven-time Tour winner, who returned to cycling after 31⁄2 years of retirement, also said Thursday he expects to take part in running and triathlon events for Team RadioShack beginning in 2010.

“RadioShack has agreed to partner with us on this venture and ensure that this partnership and this team stays alive for years to come, continues to be at the head of the peloton,” Armstrong said in a video on his Livestrong Web site.

The 37-year-old Texan is riding this year’s Tour with the Kazakh-funded Astana team. He was in third place overall after Thursday’s time trial, 5 minutes and 25 seconds behind teammate Alberto Contador.

“It’s a huge opportunity for us as an organization and as a cancer survivor. It’s pretty mega,” Armstrong added after the stage in Annecy.

In a statement released by RadioShack, Armstrong said he has had “a great season so far” but is hoping for an even better one next year.

“To be able to compete for an American team comprised of the world’s top cyclists, supported by the best coaches and staff — I couldn’t be happier,” he said.

Armstrong did not indicate who else might join Team RadioShack, but he’s expected to build a squad fully devoted to his ambitions. Armstrong has spent much of this year’s race in support of Contador, who is expected to join another team next season.


tunahelper 8 years, 9 months ago

lance should be driving a motorized wheelchair.

Sigmund 8 years, 9 months ago

tunahelper (Anonymous) says… "lance should be driving a motorized wheelchair."

Lance ended up 3rd in the General Classification after four years away from the sport (assuming he doesn't move up if A. Contador or A. Schleck get busted for doping).

What I don't get is RadioShack ("You have questions, we have cell phones") sponsorship. How does that place stay in business? I think The Onion nailed it for me. "There must be some sort of business model that enables this company to make money, but I'll be damned if I know what it is," Day said. "You wouldn't think that people still buy enough strobe lights and extension cords to support an entire nationwide chain, but I guess they must, or I wouldn't have this desk to sit behind all day." Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business, April 23, 2007, Issue 43•17, The Onion

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