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Crews respond to injury accident near Sixth and Lawrence Avenue

Air ambulance dispatched, several buildings evacuated due to gas leak

A one-vehicle accident caused a natural gas leak at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, 2907 W. Sixth St., about 9:45 p.m. Thursday. One victim was transported by air ambulance, and the restaurant and several nearby businesses were evacuated because of the gas leak.

A one-vehicle accident caused a natural gas leak at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, 2907 W. Sixth St., about 9:45 p.m. Thursday. One victim was transported by air ambulance, and the restaurant and several nearby businesses were evacuated because of the gas leak.

July 23, 2009, 10:02 p.m. Updated July 24, 2009, 1:44 a.m.


Crews respond to injury accident near Sixth and Lawrence Avenue

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical responded Thursday to an injury accident near the intersection of Sixth Street and Lawrence Avenue. Enlarge video

Several businesses were evacuated, and one victim was transported to Kansas University Hospital in Kansas City by air ambulance Thursday night after a one-vehicle accident caused a natural gas leak near the intersection of Sixth Street and Lawrence Avenue.

According to Lawrence police, about 9:45 p.m., a vehicle struck Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, 2907 W. Sixth St., causing a natural gas leak.

The vehicle hit the natural gas meter and the north side of the structure near the restaurant's kitchen.

The victim of the accident was transported about 10 p.m. from the scene by air ambulance. The helicopter landed at Centennial Park, near the intersection of Sixth and Rockledge. According to initial reports, the victim suffered serious injuries.

After the accident, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical crews worked to shut off gas to the area while evacuating the restaurant and several nearby businesses.

According to Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical, the businesses evacuated included the Lawrence Suitel, Willie's Bar, and the Virginia Inn.

The patrons of the two evacuated hotels were relocated to the Rodeway Inn, located on Sixth Street just east of the scene. Once the affected hotels were cleared, guests were given the choice to return to their rooms.

By 11:10 p.m., gas and electricity were shut off and crews were testing the level of gas remaining in the air. The gas line could not be shut off near the site of the accident because of the large amount of gas leaking from the rupture. Crews had to trace the line to the north side of Sixth Street where they shut off the gas flow.

Traffic was diverted from the stretch of Sixth Street between Lawrence Avenue and Crestline Drive while crews worked.

At midnight, Westar was restoring power to businesses in the area, and buildings were preparing to reopen. By 1:40 a.m., Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical had removed the gas from the restaurant and turned the building over to its owners.

No further information was available on the victim's condition early Friday.


maxcrabb 8 years ago

So what is the connection between the gas leak and the accident? Did the gas leak cause a driver to be disoriented, or did the wreck cause the leak?

Or is there some other crazy possibility I haven't considered...?

maxcrabb 8 years ago

Forgot to mention I hope everyone involved recovers fully.

geekin_topekan 8 years ago a pack of rapid dogs approached, Mamuud Fossia began a silent prayer while he clutched the cold pin under his shirt; 6th and Larry Ave. will never be the same.

Jeanne Cunningham 8 years ago

Another fire truck just went up Lawrence Ave headed towards 6th

Curtis Lange 8 years ago

I had never heard of Lawrence Ave until this week, but thanks to THREE news stories (in four days; two involving serious accidents) relating to this street I'm well acquainted with it now.

fatheadff 8 years ago

The driver of the vehicle crashed into the side of the building hitting the gas main going into the building filling it with gas. Black Hills gas and Westar are both in route to cut power and gas to the building.

terrapin2 8 years ago

The article says that there was a gas leak at the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in connection with the accident. A car left the road and hit the steakhouse, breaking the gas meter free from the building. We live right around the corner and they still have 6th St blocked off which is forcing a lot of traffic past our house. I'm just glad the whole neighborhood, including the Dillons store across the street from the steakhouse didn't go up in a big fire-bomb explosion!
Now that they have the gas turned off I'd like to know if this wreck was the result of a high-speed chase. I was outside on our driveway and heard a couple of sirens from quite a distance long before I heard the crash. No matter the cause, I do hope whoever was injured will be OK. There's been way too much bad karma in Larrytown as of late.

kidscount 8 years ago

Toe- You never know what the injuries are. If they are too serious and LMH is not equiped then the fastest way to get them to the nearest hospital is by air ambulance. Please dont be a critic until you KNOW the facts. My son was life flighted at 3 and it was the only thing that saved his life. Time is everything in some situations.

sportsman1 8 years ago

I'm staying there waiting to get into my apartment. They moved us down the street. Pretty bizzare.. all happened right outside my window, and I didn't realize it.

mdrndgtl 8 years ago

Probably just an errant tee throw from one of those professional frisbee golfers.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

sure was one heckuva traffic mess!

agreed: just glad was no explosion, no more people hurt! sure could have ended a lot worse.

yes, way way too many wrecks, casualties, fatalities, on 6th!

Crazy American!

is no drive through on this restaurant!

gsxr600 8 years ago

Ok I drove by this place before the accident last night and it smelled like pure natural gas right at that location. I know it was before the accident because 1) it was before the time indicated that the accident occurred 2) there was a police car parked running radar and/or playing on the computer and/or eating cream puffs less than 100ft from the Kobe and 3) I did not notice a car crashed up against the building. But that natural gas smell was there and very strong. When I got home 15 minutes later, I saw firetrucks and an air ambulance headed that way. Maybe it was just easier to write the report saying that the car caused the leak..... Somethings stinky here.

poppygirl 8 years ago

Another 14 year old driver whose foot slipped off the brake !

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

Can't recall see so many flashing lights on cars converging on one place at one time.

At about 9:50-9:55, I think. 6th and Dillons lot was already cordoned off, and more flashing lights and sirens were coming in from all directions. I first wondered if it was a hostage or gunshot situation at Dillons.

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