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Ottawa man killed in motorcycle wreck

July 20, 2009


A 21-year-old Ottawa man died Sunday afternoon when his motorcycle struck a turning pickup truck in Franklin County, approximately three miles southwest of Wellsville. Aaron Kichler was not wearing a helmet and was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the truck, Roger Shaw, 51, of rural Wellsville, was transported to Olathe Medical Center with unknown injuries, according to a news release from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.


puddleglum 8 years, 11 months ago

wow. I was riding my bicycle with friends out there when this happened...we didn't see it, but it comes to no surprise. people riding two wheelers: ride as safely as you can and be aware of your surroundings. people driving cars: pay attention to your surroundings and drive carefully around bikers and cyclists.

to the guy in the dirt-covered mini-van which passed us north bound going into baldwin with your hand stuck out the window giving us the bird: we were all riding single file close to the edge of the road-you really showed your lack of maturity. be careful, because you just may have forgotten that you have a license tag on your car, and now I know who you are and where you live.
next time something bad happens to you-blame me. it could be me, or maybe not, who knows? you just never can tell. :) its a good thing cyclists aren't grudge-holders :o

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