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Marriage licenses issued

July 20, 2009


Aaron Spencer Flowers, 30, Lawrence, and Jessica Renee Marsh, 22, Lawrence.

Joshua Lee Maddick, 24, Lathrop, Mo., and Lacey Jo Rockhold, 23, Lathrop, Mo.

Adam Joseph Debacker, 25, Lawrence, and Gina Louann Marie Souders, 23, Lawrence.

Rufino Antonio Espinales, 54, Baldwin City, and Lisa Lynnette Wellington, 45, Baldwin City.

Jeffery Gene DeJaynes, 25, Lawrence, and Patricia Renee McGilvray-Jensen, 29, Lawrence.

Caleb Thomas Sommerville, 22, Lawrence, and Amanda Christine Taylor, 23, Lawrence.

Garett Lee Schmidt, 26, Lawrence, and Suzanne Marie Gustin, 24, Lawrence.

Blaine Thomas Younger, 29, Lawrence, and Suzanne Marie Hansen, 25, Lawrence.

Allan Bennett Jackson, 25, Lawrence, and Kristen Nicole Gray, 25, Lawrence.

Tad Jay Lewis, 31, Overland Park, and Suzanne Marie Adlof, 28, Lawrence.

Elijah Joseph Fell, 24, Lawrence, and Jessica Lauren Gonzales, 23, Lawrence.

Matthew Webster Hecker, 34, Eudora, and Susan Rebecca Hesse, 27, Eudora.

Cyrus Dean Beedles, 23, Lawrence, and Molly Jean Patterson, 22, Lawrence.

John Edward Bowman, 67, Lawrence, and Ruth Marie Gibson, 59, Topeka.

Michael Scott Schnelling, 50, Lawrence, and Carla Livia Stricker, 50, Lawrence.

Christopher David Vague, 28, Lawrence, and Rachel Lorraine Ernst, 28, Lawrence.

Grant Stephen Steinbach, 25, Lawrence, and Monica Maria Ruiz, 24, Lawrence.

Ricardo Gonzalez-Colin, 26, Lawrence, and Justina Lillian Patterson, 24, Lawrence.

Travis Edward Ball, 25, Lawrence, and Melinda Jean Dillinger, 27, Lawrence.

Christopher Paul Bohling, 21, Lawrence, and Kelly Ann Simmons, 21, Lawrence.

Michael Loren Schnebly, 44, Lawrence, and Mary Theresa Deuser, 38, Lawrence.

Ugendra Kapildev Persaud, 23, Huntington, N.Y., and Bethany Lucille Grogan, 29, Lenexa.

Clinton Gaither Ellis, 23, Lawrence, and Ashley Nicole Coble, 21, Lawrence.

Michael Scott Davis, 22, Lawrence, and Casey Ann Spillman, 21, Lawrence.


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