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Ousted leader gives talks 1 day deadline

July 18, 2009


— Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya gave U.S.-backed talks in Costa Rica until the end of today to restore him to office, warning he would return to his country with or without an agreement.

Zelaya said he would return to Honduras in secret if no deal is reached by midnight and indicated that he would reject any power-sharing agreement, a proposal to be discussed during today’s talks.

He did not say what he steps he would subsequently take, but his tough ultimatum on the eve of negotiations suggested there would be little room for compromise in a crisis that has became the latest test for democracy in Latin America.

Earlier this week, Zelaya said Hondurans have a constitutional right to launch an insurrection against an illegitimate government. His foreign minister, Patricia Rodas, has said that if negotiations fail, Zelaya would return to Honduras to install a parallel government “to direct what I will call the final battle.”


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