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Plan out move to help reduce stress

July 12, 2009


The city of Lawrence is in flux during the months of July and August as leases end and people begin to relocate.

Sometimes stress levels can run high. But a little planning and organization can help reduce the frustration of moving.

First, use moving as an excuse to declutter. There are several options available in Lawrence for getting rid of unwanted or difficult to move items.

Friends of the Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vt., will accept old books, CDs, records and tapes that are in good condition, and the city’s street maintenance division, 1120 Haskell Ave., accepts used bicycles. For any large, bulky items that are no longer usable, such as couches, appliances and automobile tires, call the city’s solid waste department, 832-3022, to arrange a pickup.

After losing all the junk, it’s time to start packing up belongings in a clear and organized way. Danny Shuster, general manager of Xpress Movers & Storage, said depending on the budget, hiring a professional moving company is often a good investment.

“When you have nice furniture you shouldn’t expect to not spend any money moving it,” Shuster said. “But with the right homework you can find a company in your area that will give you your money’s worth.”

There are a few items that professional movers aren’t able to move, Shuster said. He said people should drain things such as lawn mowers and weed whackers of oil and fuel before loading them into trucks, and trade in propane tanks at Home Depot. Home Depot stores will allow customers to trade their propane tanks for coupons that can be redeemed for a new tank at other Home Depot stores in the country.

But most importantly, Shuster said, is planning out the logistics ahead of time. Even when hiring a professional moving company, don’t expect quality service or a smooth move without a little preparation.


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