Letters to the Editor

KU has a winner

July 12, 2009


To the editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor of any paper, anywhere, during my entire life. However, my recent enrollment and experience in the new Mini College at Kansas University has inspired me to do so.

A friend that lives in Lawrence convinced me to return to KU for the Mini College, and I am glad that I did. It was a great experience to be walking around the campus and attending classes again, after 60 years. This time, there were no exams or grades to be concerned about! The range of different courses was quite broad, with enough variety to make it difficult to decide which ones were most desirable.

The staff of the college did a terrific job in putting this affair together, particularly since it was the first time it had been done. The professors giving the lectures were virtually all leaders in their fields and a real credit to KU. Many interesting, learning and worthwhile happenings every day.

I think that many people of all ages, especially those in the more convenient (I live in New Mexico) locations would find it a wonderful experience to attend next year’s Mini College. I am planning on being there and am encouraging the three of my four daughters that are KU graduates to attend also. I think KU has created a real winner!

Bill Harrison, KU Class of ‘49

Harrison is from Taos, N.M.


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