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Three detained after Sunday nightclub shooting

Police took three suspects into custody following a shooting incident outside Club 821 early Sunday morning.

July 5, 2009, 3:16 a.m. Updated July 5, 2009, 7:01 a.m.

Police respond to shots fired at Club 821

Police responded early Sunday to a report of shots fired at Club 821, 821 Iowa. Police found shell casings at the scene and have made at least one arrest in connection with the incident. Enlarge video

Lawrence police have detained three suspects in connection with a Sunday morning shooting at 821 Club, 821 Iowa.

According to a media release, the shooting sent a 19-year-old Topeka man to the hospital with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

Police responded at about 1:55 a.m. to a report of shots fired at 821 Club, 821 Iowa. Officers located a white Mercury reportedly connected to the shooting traveling southbound on Iowa.

When police attempted to stop the car, the vehicle left the roadway near the intersection of 21st and Iowa streets. The driver, a 26-year-old Colorado man, was arrested at the scene.

The two passengers fled. A 20-year-old Topeka man was apprehended by officers after a brief foot chase. A 19-year-old Topeka man was located by a deputy later Sunday morning.

The victim was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital by private vehicle before being transferred to a Kansas City-area hospital for further treatment.

Lawrence Police Officers and Detectives are still investigating the incident. Anyone with information is asked to call the Lawrence Police Department at 785-832-7509 or the TIPS Hotline at (785) 832-TIPS.


Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

Isn't that the old Club Axis? Was a name change supposed to change the crowd that hangs out there? Why does this stuff always happen at closing time,?

Keith 8 years ago

Past time to shut down Last Call West.

Chris Ogle 8 years ago

821 club sounds like a rough place.... Won't see me in a place like that..I hope

GardenMomma 8 years ago

Why did they change or was Club Axis hip hop too?

Stuart Evans 8 years ago

The name of the bar is painted in Graffiti on the side of the building, it just screams "Hood". Why is it that certain groups of people can't solve problems with their words, or at least their fists. seems like there is always a certain group of people that need to use guns (see big rims and baggy pants)

Bamastreet 8 years ago

People from Colorado will learn soon that to hang out in a bar with SN and WY tags in the lot is never a good thing. The place needs to be bulldozed.

Maracas 8 years ago

Shut it down? Don't hold your breath on getting our city commission to act on anything that might offend someone in the slightest.

Sigmund 8 years ago

grammaddy (Anonymous) says… "Isn't that the old Club Axis? Was a name change supposed to change the crowd that hangs out there?"

A rose by any other name would still smell.

BigPrune (Anonymous) says… "Is it a hip hop venue?"

Here is what the "new" owners say. As far as I know nothing changed but possibly the names on the ABC paperwork.

consumer1 (Anonymous) says… "Last call west … Good one. yes it is hip hop, yes they cater to the “gangsta crowd” should they be closed down also as a menace."

As Axis doesn't impact Merril and the Progressives downtown property values the City will do absolutely nothing to close this place down or surge the police presence because it is outside Lawrence's "green zone." The City desperately needs the liquor tax revenues and so what if a few colorful Topeka residents shoot up West Lawrence?

Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

I see another name change coming.

slowplay 8 years ago

Does anyone really care. Leave it open. I'd rather that element stay in one spot. Let them shoot each other. In fact hand out guns as they enter.

yankeevet 8 years ago

Just move the club outside of city limits; and just them shoot each other; and be done with it.............must be a violent culture.......hummmmmmm......

Sigmund 8 years ago

slowplay (Anonymous) says… "Does anyone really care. Leave it open. I'd rather that element stay in one spot."

Let me guess, you and your family don't own property or live in the area?

Sheila Hooper White 8 years ago

I wish it was still The Village Inn:)

Taxpayer 8 years ago

Is this some of that "change we can believe in" Top-City style?

ridinthefence 8 years ago

I wish it was still Village Inn too :)

Ray March 8 years ago

topeka just needs a hip hop club, so this stuff will quit happening in lawrence.

KEITHMILES05 8 years ago

Lawrence is quickly overtaking KCK as the city known for beatdowns, etc. at bars. It'd be nice if the city could get control of it's drinking establishments.

Maracas 8 years ago

Won't happen. The city commission seems to like the notion of thug bars. As long as they aren't in their own neighborhoods.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

sigmund writes: and so what if a few colorful Topeka residents shoot up West Lawrence?

lol. maybe Lawrence needs a cowtown sheriff who'll disarm the out-of-town cowboys, keep 'em from shootin' up the town. make 'em treat the dancehall women right.

"check your guns at the jail, boys."

Siggy, you are correct about this being outside "the green zone." in fact, being west, some of the hippybots probably laugh up their sleeves at this.

das 8 years ago

Above comment applies to homeless shelters as well...booyah!

das 8 years ago

....from Maracas that is.....

Bossa_Nova 8 years ago

i liked slowplay's comment. keep the elements contained to one place as much as possible.

Keith 8 years ago

Axis what the name will be next week.

a1983amber 8 years ago

Village Inn... how I miss that place

jaywalker 8 years ago

V.I. rocked! Made alot of money there while in school.
Gotta close that place down, this is gettin' to be a weekly thing.

listen101 8 years ago

Its getting to the point where i believe that we do not need a hip hop type of club here in lawrence... Since the "hip hop clubs" in topeka have gotten shut down or they have changed there scene(juels) it seems that its bringing that crowd from topeka. Not to say that its only topeka residents that making these types of things happen. But something needs to be done..I would like to feel safe going out. I myself choose not to go to clubs such as axis or 812 or granada because of the types of crowds that it brings..I value my life and i know getting those types of crowds together has been proven to bring out no good situatutions. SOME THING NEEDS TO BE DONE W THESE CLUBS OR BARS OR WHATEVER! They have RULES that are suppose to be strictly enforced enforced but oviously it isnt enough because it all happening after the club ends....JUST SHUT THEM DOWN!

jaywalker 8 years ago

I have no idea what happened to VI, Marion. When I worked there it was usually the number two or three most profitable store in the chain, only behind a Grand Junction store and one in Alaska, if memory serves. I was puzzled when I saw it had closed.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 8 years ago

The plain fact is that there could be rules in place, the Power and Light district made it plain that the type of dress associated with the hip-hop drug thugs was not to be tolerated. And then they faced criticism of racism. Some associate these modes of dress with the black race.

There are certainly ways to control and eliminate these kinds of establsihements, but do not expect the Lawrence city commission to do anything. They are a group of clueless, spineless, gutless incompetant figureheads that managed to get elected by being the candidate with the most yard signs. You will get nothing from these losers, and you are pretty misguided if you think they will act in any reasonable and workable manner.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 8 years ago

RE: Village Inn, I think that they just could not compete in Lawrence. Most of the flipped burger joints are along 23rd street, and even Hardees could not survive there. About the only near source of customers would be that motel that has also changed stripes many times. Lawrence has always been the death of sub-par eateries, i.e. Sandies, Campus Hidaway, Dine-O-Mite inn.etc.

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

mrbig 8 years ago

It was first Moonbar- where one of the KU basketball players- JR Giddens maybe?- was stabbed, then it was Axis, and now 821... Hmm... I agree maybe it should be Last Call West..

Is it still the same owner though all these name changes? I'm pretty sure it was the same owner from MoonBar to the Axis change...

jehovah_bob 8 years ago

The Village Inn was a goth venue towards the end. We never shot anyone, although we did probably contribute to its financial loss. Just a bunch of us sitting around drinking coffee and soda.

compmd 8 years ago

Just take the tank parked up at the armory and put it in the parking lot at the club. I guarantee the gangstas will think twice. And if they don't, well, I just imagine thugs trying to run with their pants falling down, and then running over their pimped out Cadillacs in the tank...

OK, we can all dream.

MiddleFingerUp02 8 years ago

First Off People, I happenedTo Be In Line To Enter The Venue When The "Thugs"!!! Were Rejected Entry! The Were Not In Proper Dress Code.. No White T-shirts No Baggy Jeans Or Shorts Or Hats!!! Classy Dress Only! Thats Half Of The Bad Crowd...The New Management Has Really Been Turning Away The "Thugs" From Topeka And KC... And They Have Made It Very Safe In The Club..The Only Problem I See With The Club Is, The Loitering Of The "Thugs" In The Parking Lot During The Club Hours, After They Have Been Rejected.. That Poses A Problem For Things To Happen Like They Did Last Night... After "Thugs" Are Rejected Several Times They Will No Longer Come! Think About It? Brothers Has A Strict Dress Code, I've Been Rejected In That Bar For Not Having My Hat Forward!! So For The Longest I Never Went Back! Now, I Just Come Correct!!! These People That are Fading Out the "Thugs" Are Doing The Right Things To Gain The Respect It Needs For A Hip Hop Club..They Have Been Doing A Good Job... Either Come Correct Or Don't Come At All!!!

tutulee 8 years ago

The dress code posted on the black plastic sign on the front was designed to target a specific group within a specific race of people. I know because I designed it and then had it printed at Kinkos on Mass. Some of the rules were actually derived from a dress code that was posted on the Club NV website at the time I was tasked with creating it.

Clearly, there is more to violence prevention than a dress code, but at the time we believed that people would behave as they dressed and we were partially correct.

soldier1 8 years ago

Agreed. Dress code SHOULD be enforced, along with taking any type of graffiti down. Create an enviroment for mosquitos, you will attract mosquitos. You create a thug enviroment, you will draw thugs. Simple solution for the city commission. Now all they have to do is not worry about who's feelings are hurt when someone screams "racism". I would rather have someone's feelings hurt than people who are not involved get hurt or worse.

Steve Jacob 8 years ago

Why do people keep going to these places? I know 99% of the people who go to "hip-hop" clubs, or any bar, want to have a good, safe, trouble free place, but if the business can't provide this, why go there and deal with the drama.

Sigmund 8 years ago

MiddleFingerUp02 (Anonymous) says… "First Off People, I happenedTo Be In Line To Enter The Venue When The “Thugs”!!! Were Rejected Entry! ...."

These are the same old tired excuses that Steffes used for the Last Call and the ABC closed the them up at the City's urging.

"But an attorney for Last Call and its owner, Dennis Steffes, said the city hasn't made a significant number of arrests inside the bar, is wrongly holding Steffes responsible for activities that happen outside of the bar and dislikes the club because it plays hip-hop music." "Troubled picture of club described," by Chad Lawhorn, November 20, 2007.

The only difference here is Axis/821 is outside the downtown green zone and neither the City, the LPD, the DA, or the Progressives can be bothered. If i remember correctly Olin even testified he was afraid to send LPD into the club to make arrests. Now if you cheat the City out of a nickel of liquor sales tax then there will be hell to pay!

JimmyJoeBob 8 years ago

Pywacket said: Why don't you drop the profiling and realize that there are a lot of half-baked Americans, from all walks of life, who attempt to solve their problems with guns? And guess what? Not all of them wear baggy pants or come from “the hood.” And a lot more of them than you'd care to admit are just as pale skinned as you.

Why don't you admit that the people doing the shooting at Club 821 are the baggy pant wearing thug form the hood variety. There is nothing wrong with being truthful although sometimes it hurts.

flyin_squirrel 8 years ago

The problem isn't just the clubs, it is the city's relaxed prosecution of these criminals. When Topeka and KC patrons are asked why they come to Lawrence, it is because they know the City of Lawrence will not prosecute them.

jaywalker 8 years ago


That's just plain false. Try again.

my_2_cents 8 years ago

Marion, Jaywalker.. I worked at the Village Inn at the time it closed down... They told us that after 30 years, they were not renewing their lease as the rent had raised exponentially and there were major repair and maintenance issues. Also due to the fact that in that franchise, all the others were in Colorado. For a small franchise, and a small corporate office, it was not worth their time and travel for the profit it was generating.

altarego 8 years ago

This former Village Inn location would make a great Hooters!

Wangs and beer = peace and love!

jaywalker 8 years ago

Thanks for clearing that up, 2 cents.

olmsted78 8 years ago

i think it was the Moon Bar when Giddens got slashed on the leg. But the name is not very important anyway.

Meatwad 8 years ago

I believe this actually and I've heard it too. I wish Lawrence would try an experiment and up the prosecution and see if that works. I'll bet it would.

flyin_squirrel (Anonymous) says…

"The problem isn't just the clubs, it is the city's relaxed prosecution of these criminals. When Topeka and KC patrons are asked why they come to Lawrence, it is because they know the City of Lawrence will not prosecute them."

HootyWho 8 years ago

when you don't know how to play nice, things get taken away, if the patrons of this club want it to suffer the same fate as Last Call, keep on shooting and stabbing, and it will follow in its foot steps

cthulhu_4_president 8 years ago

"………….must be a violent culture…….hummmmmmm……"

Yup, alchohol sure is.

JimmyJoeBob 8 years ago

Pywacket: Why don't you drop the profiling and realize that there are a lot of half-baked Americans, from all walks of life, who attempt to solve their problems with guns?

My point and what a lot of people don't realize is that it is not profiling when you have a shooting and the suspects are described, in part, as being a particular race and the cops start looking for a suspect or suspects within that race.

Mr. Normals may be a racist but his comments about some groups of people lacking the ability to handle situations without using guns has some merit.

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