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Palin to resign as Alaska governor

July 3, 2009


Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announces that she is stepping down from her position as governor at her Lake Lucille home Friday.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announces that she is stepping down from her position as governor at her Lake Lucille home Friday.

— Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin abruptly announced Friday she is resigning from office at the end of the month, a shocking move that rattled the Republican party but left open the possibility she would seek a run for the White House in 2012.

Palin, 45, and her staff kept her future plans shrouded in mystery, and it was unclear if the controversial hockey mom would quietly return to private life or begin laying the foundation for a presidential bid.

Palin’s spokesman, David Murrow, said the governor didn’t say anything to him about this being her “political finale.” He said he interpreted Palin’s comment about working outside government as reflecting her current job only.

“She’s looking forward to serving the public outside the governor’s chair,” he said.

And Pam Pryor, a spokeswoman for Palin’s political action committee SarahPAC, said the group continues to accept donations on its Web site, with an uptick in funds after Palin’s announcement.

The announcement caught even current and former Palin advisers by surprise. Former members of the John McCain campaign team, now dispersed across the country, traded perplexed e-mails and phone calls.

But personal pressures have been mounting — scrutiny on her family, legal bills, ethics investigations and a running, public feud with McCain’s camp that has flared up again.

In a hastily arranged news conference at her home in suburban Wasilla, Palin said she will formally step down July 26, and Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell will be inaugurated at the governor’s picnic in Fairbanks. She said she had decided against running for re-election as Alaska’s governor, and believed it was best to leave office even though she had well over a year left to her term.

“Many just accept that lame duck status, and they hit that road. They draw a paycheck. They kind of milk it. And I’m not going to put Alaskans through that,” she said.

Running in 2012?

The 2008 vice presidential nominee was seen as a likely presidential contender in 2012 and had proved formidable among the party’s base. But the last week brought a highly critical piece in Vanity Fair magazine, with unnamed campaign aides questioning if Palin was ever really prepared for the presidency. The backbiting continued with follow-up articles recounting the nasty infighting that plagued her failed bid. Her advisers sniped with other Republicans, underscoring the deeply divided GOP looking for its next standard bearer.

Meghan Stapleton, Palin’s spokeswoman, shot down speculation that ranged wildly from Palin dropping out of politics altogether to eyeing runs against fellow Alaska Republicans U.S. Rep. Don Young and U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Palin’s comment about serving outside government refers to the present, she said.

Stapleton, however, said it’s too early to say whether Palin would seek the presidency. In the meantime, the governor will continue to work “toward affecting positive change as a citizen without a title right now,” she said.

“Her vision is what’s best for Alaska, which translates into what’s best for America,” Stapleton said.


Boeing 6 years ago

Ah this comments section should be fun to read...

yankeevet 6 years ago


KatWrangler 6 years ago

This is going to be interesting. There has to be more to the story.

yourworstnightmare 6 years ago

Barring some scandal, Palin is putting her interests in the presidency above those of Alaska.

She will not finish her term because this would interfere with her ability to run for president, and she doesn't want to be a lame-duck governor.

With this logic, she should forego running for any office with term limits, as she would be a lame duck at some point and she would make way for more qualified and competent candidates.

More strangeness from the Palin camp.

yourworstnightmare 6 years ago

Or maybe she has just been "hiking the Appalachian trail".

Boeing 6 years ago

autie: not true at all. Back then, one could be excused (nay, expected) to not know who the heck she was. Now, having been a VP candidate on a ticket that only lost 53 to 46% (a solid amount, but not an all out slaughter), one would be ignorant to not know who she was. Like her or hate her, you know her.

Scott Drummond 6 years ago

" It is my duty to always protect our great state. With that in mind,....

I have decided that I have neither the vision, nor the competence, to serve the state. Therefore, I will leave the tough task of governing to others. Be sure to stay tuned, however. In a few short years, I will be asking you to overlook my unremarklable and uncompleted term as governor of Alaska and to vote for me as President.

Oooooo, nice move. Yea, sure, ya betcha.

jaywalker 6 years ago

I'd like to believe that her rationale for stepping down is sincere, that she doesn't wish to operate a lame duck administration. I think that would be laudable and the epitome of self-sacrifice. But the cynic in me immediately thinks this move just opens up more study time for a presidential run. I actually saw a bumper sticker yesterday, cursing myself for not being able to remember the slogan, that was sponsored by a committee raising money for Palin '12. My guess is this is as transparent as it seems. I'd like to be wrong.

KEITHMILES05 6 years ago

This lady brings new meaning to the word buffoon. Sadly, there are those who think she is the best thing ever. What is wrong with the American elecotrate to be taken in my such a nitwit?

ebyrdstarr 6 years ago

Amen, porch. How could quitting possibly be a good decision? She asked the people of Alaska to trust her and give her the job of leading them. They did. Then, 2 1/2 years later, she says, "I'm out."

Graczyk 6 years ago

Lame duck? Seems like a great time to ram through some tough legislation that has been on your agenda but you didn't promote because you needed your political capital for other endeavors. I'm not a fan of George Bush, but he certainly did not have a lame duck administration. (Yes, I know, it was still lame. But anyway...)

This is very transparent.

wagenseil 6 years ago

Champagne corks are popping at the Obama'12 campaign headquarters, I suspect.

jaywalker 6 years ago

"If she can't handle the politics of a state with a population the size of a large city in the lower 48, how do you think she will be able to handle the big leagues?"

Can't handle the politics? What are you talking about? In fact, why are you addressing any of that post to me? I wasn't backing or condoning her actions with my post. I don't think I'd be so simplistic to just call it 'quitting', though. If she did step down purely to focus on a run in '12 she certainly wouldn't be the first to do so.

ebyrdstarr 6 years ago

jaywalker, it's not being too simplistic to use the word quitting. That's the word we use when someone leaves his/her employment.

Mary Darst 6 years ago

Rock on Letterman. What's up with Palin. She is just plain NUTTY

jaywalker 6 years ago

Have it your way, ebyrd. How 'bout 'intellectually lazy' then? Prefer that to 'simplistic'?

tls 6 years ago

Sarah Palin is probably the most retarded woman ever to grace us on tv. I feel sorry for her family. Sad.

Steve Jacob 6 years ago

Just odd! Why not finish the term, spend 2011 on TV and in Iowa, where if Huckebee could win she sure can, and everything is fine? She would have had four years as governor, (as long as Obama was a U.S.Senator when he became president).

My view on her in 2012 is again, Huckebee won states in 2008, and just missed in a big state like Missouri, so she has a shot. Man, an Obama-Palin election sure would put a third independent party moderate (like Bloomberg) in the mix.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

She has absolutely no chance of ever becoming president, but she most certainly can cash in on being a celebrity. That celebrity has been waning ever since November, and will continue to do so, so she's merely cashing in on what's left of it. Look for her to become a full-time talking head, likely on Fox.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

Sorry folks.... focusing only on Palin is a huge distraction which may well be the plan.

Who knows perhaps a federal grand jury indictment is staring her in the face or a new baby?

Face it the repub party has mighty colorful history and got more so with BUSCO lying about Iraq,lying about Social Security,the $4 trillion dollar Iraq war,sinking the nations economy and missing the the 9/11/01 culprits who were under Gen Hayden's nose just a few blocks from NSA Headquarters. Then there were billions in cash unaccounted for in Iraq accompanied by several thousand missing weapons.

The repub party has some interesting sidelines:

grammaddy 6 years ago

This woman has had too much on her plate from the beginning. Looks like the stress of holding down the State of Alaska along with the large family and special needs child has finally gotten the best of her. However, I feel like another shoe is about to drop. I guess we'll have to see what happens next.....

Leslie Swearingen 6 years ago

yankeevet You get lost. Why are you insulting people who need help from the federal government on a thread about Sarah Palin? It seems to me that certain people are just fair game for others to attack. I am including myself in this as I have been mauled repeatedly on these posts. I just don't understand this urge to slam others.

gccs14r 6 years ago

Had she stuck out her term, she might have been able to credibly take on Lisa Murkowski, but NWIH was she going to be a successful candidate for President in 2012.

Weezy_Jefferson 6 years ago

Hey, Nancy_Boy, perhaps you should forget singing about bananas and sing about eggs instead. After all, the GOP just laid another one.

BigPrune 6 years ago

If she does run for president, she'll be more qualified than Obama was when he took the oath of office.

I was wondering if there was something forthcoming since the AP and Yahoo news was running stories about disgruntled McCain staffers bad mouthing her within the past two days. Of course, the press will try to run her into the ground since she is such a threat to the savior. She could be the next Ronald Reagan - just like Obama is the next Jimmy Carter.....or Vladimir Lenin (we'll have to see which fork in the road Obama decides to take, either way BOTH bad but one much worse).

Weezy_Jefferson 6 years ago

BigPrune, Palin is as much of a threat to the "savior" as Governor Sanford is. Or Phyllis Diller, for that matter.

gccs14r 6 years ago

BigPrune, what? How do you figure that? She didn't even finish one term as Governor of podunk.

booyalab 6 years ago

If Palin had been governor for one month of a state with only 2 people, she would still have had more executive experience than Obama.

BigPrune 6 years ago

She has always been more qualified than when Obama took the oath. The facts are the facts gccs14r. Look it up if you don't believe me.

RedwoodCoast 6 years ago

Sorry, Mr. Nancy, but there is nothing about her that can be described as "articulate."

denak 6 years ago

I betcha five bucks in a month or so, she is going to announce, or it is going to be announced, that she is taking a high powered, high paying lobbyist position.

There is money involved in this somehow.

That's my prediction.


Steve Jacob 6 years ago

The "executive" stuff is just made up. Governor years is the same as US Senator years. Governor does get more experience with the budget, but Senator gets you more experience with everything else, especially international relations. Obama had four years, Pain two and a half.

Did you hear Powell's comments on Obama today? He really is the only republican I will listen to, and he has a good point. Obama has good ideas, but we can't afford all of them.

Scott Drummond 6 years ago

"I have some liberal friends going out with me, and I need to keep it silent."

Hah! If only we were afforded the same blessing.

del888 6 years ago

makes me wonder if she can handle being president. She is quitting the easiest governor job in the U.S. I would hate to have her walk out right before North Korea launches the 'big one', but I wouldn't be surprised. Once a quitter, always a quitter.

sfjayhawk 6 years ago

Mr_Nancy_Boy_To_You (Tom Shewmon) says…

"No denying she is .... articulate woman–a good speaker..."

nancy, that was laugh out loud funny. thank you for that. LMAO!

mom_of_three 6 years ago

Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. Don't think she uses the brain god gave her.

pace 6 years ago

Calling herself a lame duck when she had two years to go is odd.

Calliope877 6 years ago

Mr_Nancy_Boy_To_You (Tom Shewmon) says… "No denying she is a very attractive and articulate woman–a good speaker and has alot of drive."

Attractive? Eh..I guess if she plasters herself with makeup, possibly; but I'd rank her as "average".

Articulate? My 9-year-old niece is more articulate than Gov. Palin.

Good Speaker? LMAO (see articulate).

Alot of drive? Eh, I guess I'll give her that...I'm feeling generous tonight.

Boeing 6 years ago

How is Alaska the easiest governorship in the country? This should be good to hear...

ivantheterrible 6 years ago

It is truly laughable that anyone one would consider Palin a contender for the presidency. She is an inarticulate joke. If she can't handle "tough" questions from Katie Couric like what newspapers she reads do you honestly thing she could handle Meet the Press or Presidential debates. She is a governor of a rich state with the population of Nashville Tenn and she quit just like she quit five colleges to get a lousy communications degree. I am sure we will be hearing a new scandal involving her in the next few weeks. Good riddance.

Weezy_Jefferson 6 years ago

Hey, Nancy_Boy, I've got a song you can sing:

"Another One Bites the Dust."

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

There really are a lot of similarities between W and Palin. Both were inarticulate, incurious governors of states in which the governor is largely irrelevant. Two big differences, though. Palin is a woman, and lacks the family connections that are the only reason Bush got selected.

labmonkey 6 years ago

Republicans....lets just all get behind Romney right now. He is the only credible candidate we have, and we cannot afford the bickering of a drawn out primary, especially when Obama has a fawning media. Forget caribou barbie.

ebyrdstarr 6 years ago

Please explain, Jaywalker, what is "simplistic" or "intellectually lazy" about saying she quit? That's exactly what she did. She was hired by the people of Alaska (who knows why, but they voted for her) to do a job that came with a set number of years. She suddenly announced today that she is not fulfilling that obligation. She quit. It doesn't much matter why. Describing her actions today as quitting is just honest. It's that simple. Not simplistic, just simple.

lctchr1 6 years ago

srj, to both of your posts, right on!!!!

Weezy_Jefferson 6 years ago

And another one's gone... Another one's gone... Another one bites the dust!

Gareth Skarka 6 years ago

Ah, Republicans.

They celebrate Father's Day by committing adultry (Sanford), and celebrate the 4th of July by turning their backs on their sworn duty (Palin).

Guess those American-flag lapel pins only cover so much, eh?

Fred Whitehead Jr. 6 years ago

This is the funniest set of posts I have read in quite a while. I guess Moose Lady has a lot of followers and detractors. I would bet that she got another call from Saturday Night Live with a guarantee to be able to take shots at Letterman. And the other part of the deal is that Tina Faye will be the next governer of Sewerd's Folly. (Hope I spelled "Sewerd" correctly, otherwise someone will be pointing me to some idiot in Wikipedia that states that people who cannot spell the descriptive name given this part of the U.S. back when it was made a terratory, are to be despised, ignored and generally considered members of the Nazi party.)

I was one of the many who said, upon the announcement by Mr. McCain, Sarah WHO?????? Now we all know know, Sarah Moooooooooo!!

Fred Whitehead Jr. 6 years ago

OOpppsss......"governor" Damn, uh, seig heil!!!!

Fred Whitehead Jr. 6 years ago

Flash!!!! Nancyboy has been discovered! Checkout rushlbimbo dot com. Little plagerism there, eh Nancy????

Couldn't come up with anything original, had to quote the old failed sportscaster, eh??

WHY 6 years ago

She just found out her 14 year old is pregnant. But the father is not a professional baseball player, just a meth-head.

hip_gma 6 years ago

She's had her 15+ minutes of fame in the national spotlight. Time to stepdown, write a book (as they all do) and ride off into the sunset, or in her case, ride off in a snowmobile.

Scott Drummond 6 years ago

I wonder if either she or Todd has been out hiking along the Appalachian Trail?

Pure speculation, of course, but that would help make some sense of what otherwise is a nonsensical decision.

Time will tell and something is coming, on that we can be sure.

Anyone know where she was the day Wacko died?

lwctown 6 years ago

Interesting some say she is highly qualified.....but is she smart? can she lead? The republican party should hope she doesnt run in 2012 as she will make the Republican party look even more incompentant than they looked over the last few years.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

It has also been noted that Palin faces ongoing ethics inquiries. It is estimated that the state of Alaska has spent nearly $300 thousand investigating ethics complaints against the Governor.

Scott Drummond 6 years ago

There's a reason this happened at the beginning of a long weekend. Typical politician trick. Something's being covered here. Can't wait to hear what it is.

georgiahawk 6 years ago

Nancy Tom, are you really as ignorant as you come off on your posts? Your choice of songs seems really rascists to me, if you are just repeating something "funny" that rush has been saying then I know it is rascist. Get a clue, grow up, use your brain, have an original thought, your proud ignorance just shows what kind of "man" you are.

gccs14r 6 years ago

There's a rumor that there's a book advance she can't touch until she's out of office.

jaywalker 6 years ago

What exactly is a 'rascist'? Is that what Elmer Fudd would call Bugs, a rascally rascist rabbit?

It's incredibly sad, depressing, you name it, that so many would speculate or predict that there's some as-yet-to-be-discovered scandal behind Palin's move. Considering the way things routinely go with our politicians, I can't really blame anyone for being so cynical. It's right along the lines of suspecting a baseball player is juicing. Everyone's suspect these days. That's what's so sad.

Dayle Hodges 6 years ago

I'm sure there is more to the'll be interesting when whatever the truth is comes out!! IS there an Appalachian Trail in Alaska? ;)

Sean Livingstone 6 years ago

"Boeing (Anonymous) says… autie: not true at all. Back then, one could be excused (nay, expected) to not know who the heck she was. Now, having been a VP candidate on a ticket that only lost 53 to 46% (a solid amount, but not an all out slaughter), one would be ignorant to not know who she was. Like her or hate her, you know her."

Honestly, how many votes were actually for her than for Mccain or against Obama?

kawvalleybulldog 6 years ago

How is that she can't fulfill her duties as governor, but a short while ago she thought she'd be able to be our vice-president?

sustainabilitysister 6 years ago

How in the world did she ever become Governor of Alaska in the first place?!!?

Godot 6 years ago

"Barring some scandal, Palin is putting her interests in the presidency above those of Alaska."

Another incomprehensible Democrat talking point.

If, as the Democrat smear/fear machine contends, Palin is a dumb as a box of rocks and is a danger to all mankind, Alaska is better off without her as governor.

WHY 6 years ago

MacHealth-- You are right it is a joke about teenage sexuality and do you know what makes it funny. A political figure who promotes the dangerous abstinence only sexual education already had one minor daughter get pregnant from the child of a meth head. Jokes are funny because the reflect the truth about what would otherwise just be sad.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 6 years ago

Well, Nancy, I just had to point that out. As you all probably know, I regard Rush Limbaugh as a moral and spiiritual debacle on humanity. He is a loudmouth, bilious jerk who has discovered how to make money by savaging everyything in site, no matter who is in control. Many folks say he is just an entertainer, say, like David Letterman. But even Letterman has some distant connection to decency, morality and just plain humanity. Limbaugh has none. But he does appeal to a certian debauched segment of the society. Those who also lack any positive attitudes about society and political positioning. He is most fortunate, because in any other society on this planet, he would have been imprisoned or executed for the brash and misleading commentary he pursues, no other country in the world would tolerate such behavior for very long, even the western style governments such as Canada, England, etc. His style of total rubbish and advocacy of chaos is peculiar to this society, and the damage and destruction to civil discourse is monumental. Nancy, you can love and fawn over this dysfunctional element in modern American society, but it shows us your true doctrine, that of slash and burn.

beatrice 6 years ago

Lame duck? It is her first term! She is a quitter!

As some of you may remember, she also quit her appointment to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after serving for just one year. It is her m.o.

She has no chance at all of ever being President. She simply doesn't have the gravitas or the knowledge, and has not demonstrated an intelligence great enough to gain the knowledge required for the job. That isn't intended a slam, as that would be true of virtually all of us. The Republicans in this country would also never nominate her after she helped them lose the last election, even if they appeared to accept her as a V.P. pick at the time. If by some miracle or result of a meteor that crushed all other candidates just before the primaries, her appeal isn't great enough to carry the nation, especially given that most people live in urban settings, outside of her "Real America."

However, it is very possible that she can become a professional candidate, someone like Pat Buchanan who just runs to stay in the limelight and live off the contributions of right-wing zealots. That is a very real possibility and would likely prove lucrative.

If she chooses to actually stay out of politics, run the family business, write a book and hunt caraboo, then I wish her nothing but happiness and success. If she begins to stick her head back into politics ... well ... the metaphorical use of the word "guillotine" is the only thing that comes to mind.

Rex Russell 6 years ago

Tom, let me enlighten you a bit from my perspective on why people are so intrigued by her. I have always been baffled a bit as to her selection by McCain. Never heard of her before the announcement of her selection. After "meeting" her.....not that impressed. She showed more balls than brains. After a little closer inspection, she seemed to be more soccer mom than natural leader. Overall, she leaves a lot to be desired for such a high office. And more important, with all of the bright, articulate, accomplished women in the GOP, you roll out this one? The smart people in the party and campaign looked at everyone and picked this one? Never made any sense. At least not to me.

Godot 6 years ago

I would like to see Palin as a late night talk show host in direct competition with David Letterman.

Rex Russell 6 years ago

New commentator on FOX news ? Seriously, a possibility.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

"If, as the Democrat smear/fear machine contends, Palin is a dumb as a box of rocks and is a danger to all mankind, Alaska is better off without her as governor."

While she would be a total disaster as president, it's an overstatement to say she's "dumb as a box of rocks." She's clearly of above-average intelligence, but her only real talent is that of a talking head who can mouth the fear-mongering platitudes to which the politics of the Republican Party has devolved. Like Bush II, she has no real interest in the nuts and bolts of actual policy making.

Following her brush with fame as the VP candidate last fall, I'm sure she has lost what little interest she might have had with the mundane business of running state government. It's also clear that she has rather loose ethics when it comes to using the power of the governorship in advancing her private agendas, and that may be the real reason behind this resignation.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

"I would like to see Palin as a late night talk show host in direct competition with David Letterman."

Like all hosts of these talk shows, Letterman certainly relies his writing staff for most of his material. However, he's also a very quick wit who can react spontaneously during the flow of the show, and that's why he's been at this for 25 years.

Palin won't be found in any situation that isn't highly scripted, which excludes a talk show of this type.

myvotecounts 6 years ago

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus (Anonymous) says… "Following her brush with fame as the VP candidate last fall, I'm sure she has lost what little interest she might have had with the mundane business of running state government. It's also clear that she has rather loose ethics when it comes to using the power of the governorship in advancing her private agendas, and that may be the real reason behind this resignation."

Are you talking about Gov. Palin, or our former governor?

Godot 6 years ago

Ah, yes, once again we learn from the Democrat hate machine that it is not necessary to determine guilt or innocence, all that really matters is the seriousness of the charge.

bisky1 6 years ago

change the name from palin to obama and EVERYthing applies, 'cept he got elected. welcome to hell, folks.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 6 years ago

I got it, I got it, I got it!!!!!!!!! For the last week or so, the national media has been oozing over the death of MJ, you could not find any news outlet that was not immersed in this event. I would imagine that Ms Palin being the straight-arrow sort of person she wants us to think she is, just plain got tired of all the MJ coverage and decided to try to trump the news media camped around Never-Neverland. Well, she did a good job. CNN is devoting almost as much "ink" to Moose Lady as to MJ in their 24 hour news cycle. I thought nothing would quell the constant drone of the drivel regarding MJ, but our lady of the caribou has done it! Congrats to the ex-governer, now my jangled nerves will be "thrilled" to see some receding of the onslaught of all things MJ

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

I'm very disappointed in the direction(s) Obama has taken, but attempts to compare him (or Sibelius) with Palin are as silly now as they ever were.

His whole career has been one of policy wonkery, and even if you don't agree with the policies he's creating (as I said, I certainly have many disagreements with him,) at least he understands how the process works, and he knows the nuts and bolts of the policies he's pursuing.

Palin is clearly bored with being anything beyond demagoguery and playing the celebrity.

Boeing 6 years ago


That is not the point. I never said anything along the lines of whom the vote was or was not for. The undeniable fact is that she was the VP candidate on a major ticket in a major election. Anyone in the country who does not know of her is ignorant. That is what I was getting at - a response to autie's "Sarah Who?" comment.

quik 6 years ago

I think Sarah Palin wants her own TV show where she can get back at the Dems and media folks who have made her life hell since last September. I'd look for a half hour syndicated TV show scheduled after Judge Judy and as the lead in to the evening news on the networks. The ratings would be through the roof. If she is laughably bad, the ratings would be even better. How could you go wrong? With her name recognition and being by far the most polarizing figure out there today, everyone would be talking about it after it was announced. Also, I think she wants to go after some people and would have no problem being controversial. The network execs would love it.

Sean Livingstone 6 years ago

"Boeing (Anonymous) says… livingstone:

That is not the point. I never said anything along the lines of whom the vote was or was not for. The undeniable fact is that she was the VP candidate on a major ticket in a major election. Anyone in the country who does not know of her is ignorant. That is what I was getting at - a response to autie's “Sarah Who?” comment."

Sure, it's fine. I totally understand that. Everyone knows her by now, maybe not in a good way. Basically, like my wife said, John Mccain basically destroyed her political career and probably her family. She wasn't prepared for a major political scene last year, first of all, she wasn't prepared for a media on slaughter, like the rest of the other presidential candidates. So, she flopped on most occasions except those when she was talking to her favorite crowds.... people who can better associate themselves with Joe the Plumber or Joe Six Pack.

She came out with metaphors... Joe Six Pack, Joe the Plumber, Bull dog, Red my lipsticks, basketball players, seeing Russia from my house (I actually understand what she was trying to say!)... and I think she cannot related to the majority of Americans except those who love her from the very beginning. Maybe it's me who cannot related to her. John Mccain was a better candidate, maybe the extreme right people cannot take John... John can better relate to the world, and he understands the world better. But again, the presidential election was between John and Obama. No one really cares too much about Biden and Palin.

It's really so astonished to see her making fool of herself.... sadly, she should have kept quiet like Bobby Jindal after making a huge flop on national television! Mitt and Mick Huckabee are both more intelligent than herself. Yes, she can excite the Republican base, but at most, she can make a good Vice-presidential candidate. That's the reason why Dick Cheney became vice-president and not George Bush. George Bush was not really on the extreme right than Dick Cheney, so he needed someone to excite the base. He won. Palin's political stance is more like Dick Cheney.... and no one, honestly, will vote for an extreme right candidate. Any extreme right candidate running as the presidential candidate will help energize the extreme left to show up and vote against that candidate.

Her political career is really doomed, honestly... by John Mccain.

beatrice 6 years ago

bozo, do you really think Palin is of above average intelligence? Haven't you ever heard her speak? She does things to the English language that would make George Bush wince. No, I think average is exactly what she is, but with a greater political drive than most.

Book deal will be in the works, and hopeful after that she can retire from public life.

JohnBrown 6 years ago

And to think that the Republicans, in all their flag-waving wisdom, really thought this person should be one heart-beat away from the Presidency.

bisky1 6 years ago

and to think that the democrats, in all their let me provide for you (in exchange for your vote) wisdom really think biden should be one heart-beat away from the Presidency. yikes

9070811 6 years ago

724): yay america 4th of july drinking game. take a drink every time you hear or see a firework, finish your drink for a mention of mj or the gosselins, a shot for the words democracy,hope, freedom, terrorism

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

"bozo, do you really think Palin is of above average intelligence? Haven't you ever heard her speak? She does things to the English language that would make George Bush wince. "

While I don't think that intelligence can be accurately defined by an IQ score, by definition, an IQ of 100 is "average." A "genius" IQ is defined as starting somewhere around 140. With the exception of Bush II and Reagan, all of our presidents since Eisenhower have probably been near or above the "genius" level.

My guess is that Reagan, Bush II, and probably Palin have been somewhere around the 120 level. They are all similar in that in the type of intelligence required to be good policy makers, they were average at best, while they excelled in the type of intelligence that allows them to read people, and be good manipulators of those around them. That's obviously a good skill for getting them into positions of influence, but not at all good for those who are subject to the bad policy decisions which result (and sadly, that's pretty much everybody on the planet.)

bisky1 6 years ago

again smart is defined by agreement

Brian Conrad 6 years ago

IF and I mean a big IF.. the Republicans had a strong candidate, they can win. Obama has set himself up. NO taxes on people under $200,000 HA HA HA HA lets see ALL the things he is doing hurt the under $200,000 and help the Wallstreet fatcats. tax liquor, cigarettes, gas , energy , autos hmmmm the beer drinking smoker with a car, obviously over $200,000. All the while Citigroup ( mostly owned by Saudi prince ) rakes in hundred billion and hand each other bonuses by the millions. AIG , Chevy, German owned Chrysler... all get billions. Fred the framer gets higher tax on EVERYTHING he buys. I really want Obama to do great. He will have to DO something for the middle class in a hurry. pitiful the Republicans do not get it. this is the craziest tax and spend ever... wish Clinton was in office... Bill that is. Any strong Center candidate would win going away. Obama's numbers are dropping like George " the IDIOT" Bush. If Obama hands out billions to fatcats and does not reform health care (where those billions should have been spent ) HE IS DONE!

Brian Conrad 6 years ago

many "genious" level people are the absolute worst decision makers. Many could not balance a checkbook or dress themselves. Genious does not make great leader... maybe cut off an ear or something.

Godot 6 years ago

um, coonrod, the correct spelling of the word is "genius."

No offense intended. It is an understandable mistake.

Sean Livingstone 6 years ago

"Mr_Nancy_Boy_To_You (Tom Shewmon) says… Why, why, why…..for the love of god, is the left so obsessed with Palin? Please, I beg of you….please, please give me an honest answer for once in your lives, lefties and especially far-lefties. If she's so GD dumb, what with the obession. Will you please answer me? Pretty please? Honestly?"

They want her to run for the Republicans so that Democrats will have an easy victory in 2012.

Palin is not dumb. She's ignorant. She thought the whole world really understands what she's trying to say. She thought that using words like lipsticks and bulldog... will make her more popular, and attempt to avoid direct questions on her "knowledge". She's pretty smart, but her brain just doesn't contain enough information that a president needs to have in order to run this country effectively.

MountainLion413 6 years ago

Well said, livingstone!

Sarah Palin is certainly no idiot; she simply does not have the knowledge of the world's politics and current issues that a President needs to know - YET!

She could educate herself - or take steps to get herself educated - as to world events and situations during the next three years, and come back on the scene in the next Presidential Election cycle, talking more intelligently about all the issues that a President needs to deal with, and sound much better than she did last fall as the VP candidate. In politics, ANYTHING is possible. I'm old enough to remember when Richard Nixon was considered politically dead by 1962, and yet he came back to win the Presidency in 1968. Later in 1988, Gorge H. W. Bush won a term as President even with Dan Quayle, also considered by many to be an intellectual lightweight, on the ticket with him.

It was McCain's selection last year of a person who was not stupid, but was more unprepared than 1988 Dan Quayle for the Presidency as his running mate, that handed the election over to the Democratic nominee. That, and the fact that the American public did NOT want four more years of the policies of the Cheney/Bush administration, sealed McCain's fate on November 4th.

And Obama did a professional job of presenting himself to the voters as a better direction for this country to move in.

As for John McCain, I, for one, have always liked the guy who whipped Bush, Jr during the "McCain Mutiny" in New Hampshire in 2000.

That's the John McCain whom I was ready to vote for in 2008 - until he chose the most unprepared person in modern history to be his potential successor as President.

As for Sarah Palin - IF she wants to run for President in 2012 - or any time after that - and IF she sharpens her knowledge of Global politics and issues before running - then she could yet transform herself into a more formidable candidate. As unbelievable as it may sound now, she could surprise us all. It CAN happen, folks.

And you are hearing this from a long-time Robert F. Kennedy Democrat!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

mountainlion413-- Given that W managed to get selected twice, I suppose anything is possible.

But what you're saying is that what Palin lacks is an education-- the type of education that she should have gotten 20 or more years ago, and she's shown no indication that she'll to put in the time and effort to get it now.

I think the more plausible explanation of this move is that the sh*t's about to hit the fan for one reason or another.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

This is an excerpt from Palin's resignation speech. This is nothing but mindless BS just to avoid the real reasons she doesn't want to fess up to. But sadly, her hardcore fans are holding out hope that this loser is really just readying for a run for the presidency.

"I thought about how much fun some governors have as lame ducks, travel around the state, to the Lower 48 (maybe), overseas on international trade - as so many politicians do," Palin said Friday from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. "And then I thought - that's what's wrong - many just accept that lame-duck status, hit the road, draw the paycheck and ‘milk it.'

"I'm not putting Alaska through that - I promised efficiencies and effectiveness. That's not how I am wired. I am not wired to operate under the same old ‘politics as usual.' I promised that four years ago - and I meant it. It's not what is best for Alaska. I am determined to take the right path for Alaska even though it is unconventional and not so comfortable."

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