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Haskell regents to meet with federal leaders

Contentious relationship with university president a concern

January 30, 2009


Amid a tense relationship with the university’s president, members of the Haskell Indian Nations University’s Board of Regents are scheduled to meet next week with Bureau of Indian Affairs officials in Washington, D.C.

George Tiger, regents vice chairman, said Thursday the regents have had several concerns since President Linda Sue Warner took over in 2007.

But Warner answers to the federal BIA, and Tiger said the role of the regents at the university appears to be evolving.

“It seems like some of that has been changed,” he said.

The regents in August asked the BIA to remove Warner as president after they expressed concerns about possible irregularities in accounting, procurement and hiring practices at Haskell under Warner’s supervision.

The Haskell Endowment Association also dissolved recently after board members said Warner refused to work with their leadership.

BIA officials have supported the president, and Warner has denied the allegations in interviews and letters during the past several months. She could not be reached for comment Thursday. A staff member in her office said Warner was traveling.

Also this week, a former Haskell student, Brenda Councillor, said university officials graduated her and kicked her out of her dorm room one semester early.

Warner said in published reports that administrators waived Councillor’s final semester and a required course, but that it was to make room for more students because she already had 10 more credits than required for a degree.

Councillor was a member of the student Senate and had been outspoken about Warner’s leadership. Warner denied that that led to administrators graduating Councillor earlier than she expected.

But regents heard concerns from students because it was a such a rare action.

“I’m not aware of any policy that’s in place right now that would allow for something like that,” Tiger said.

He said he expected Warner to attend the meeting next week between regents and BIA officials.

“I’m hoping that things can be a little more clear maybe after we have this meeting in Washington,” he said.


number3of5 9 years, 4 months ago

As aformer Haskell student I am interested in these events. Is there any way I can obtain more information on this, more in depth information.

cowboy 9 years, 4 months ago

I've looked all over for info on this. It would appear it is a power and control issue , the regents want autonomy from the BIA for administrative control , which they have none at present , and they and the tribes want the university removed from the civil service system so hiring can be the choice of the university without federal complications. It would seem that that Warner is not a fan of this approach or has actually blocked efforts. There is little information out there on this situation. One curious note is that the Board of Regents is listed nowhere that I can find on Haskell's site or googling. What a pissin match. anybody with knowledge of this , is this kinda whats going on ? Plus the obvious personal fights and maybe the Uni not be run native enuf ? Just an interested bystander and if the gov is holding onto this control Why ?

melissa stewart 9 years, 4 months ago

I am getting SO sick of hearing about this. I attend Haskell and think Dr. Warner has made some much needed changes. Haskell students/faculty do not like change, and she has brought change. In the past the Board has had more power over the decision making at Haskell, and since Warner has been here they haven't, and they shouldn't! Students and faculty need to STOP complaining and DO YOU JOB - GO TO CLASS. I think we as native peoples need to stop complaining and turn this negative energy into something positive. Think of all of this time spent by faculty and staff complaining about Dr. Warner, and it could be time spent enriching the lives of students...and this Brenda Councillor subject?? SHE HAD 10 MORE CREDITS than needed to graduate! and she's complaining about getting her degree? This is a joke, come ON take your diploma and get A JOB.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 9 years, 4 months ago

".and this Brenda Councillor subject?? she had 10 more credits than needed to graduate! and she's complaining about getting her degree?"No, she's complaining about being blindsided by an administrative action whose sole purpose appears to be to get her off campus and shut her up.No matter how much good Warner may be doing at Haskell, the actions taken towards Councillor indicate serious autocratic tendencies, which are entirely inappropriate in a publicly funded institution.

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