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Senator wants to prohibit officials from lobbying for two years after they leave office

January 28, 2009


— The Senate Democratic leader Wednesday pushed for approval of a bill that would prohibit many officials from lobbying for two years after they leave office.

State Sen. Anthony Hensley of Topeka said the proposal would slow the “revolving door” of legislators and others leaving office and then immediately lobbying their former colleagues on behalf of special interests.

“As a matter of good government, I think this prohibition ought to be in place,” Hensley said.

Senate Bill 2 would apply to statewide officeholders, legislators, state school board members and any state officer appointed by the governor.

Hensley said he has introduced the bill several times before, but neither the House nor Senate has voted on it.

State Sen. Roger Reitz, R-Manhattan, asked why anyone would be opposed to the measure. Hensley said he didn't know but noted that frequently legislators become lobbyists soon after leaving office.

The Senate Ethics and Elections Committee took no action on the bill.


RogueThrill 9 years, 4 months ago

This is a good idea. Unfortunately, you can rarely count on those who govern to govern themselves.

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