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Gang retaliation blamed for ‘brazen’ wake shooting

January 27, 2009


— A “very brazen” drive-by shooting at a weekend wake that left two people dead and eight others injured was apparently gang retaliation for a slaying at a wedding two years ago, police said Monday.

Between 50 and 100 people were at the wake Saturday evening for a 49-year-old woman who had died of heart complications, said police Lt. Ken Landwehr. The Laotian wake was in its ninth and final day.

Guests were milling around inside the house, around the garage and in tents set up in the backyard when shots were fired from one or two cars into a group standing in or just outside the garage, he said.

“Shooting randomly into a group of people — a large group of people — of course, they are reckless ... a heinous act,” Landwehr said. “There’s children present. Fortunately, no children were hurt.”

The target apparently was the dead woman’s son, police said. The son, whom police declined to identify, was not injured. The son was at a Sept. 2, 2006, wedding at the Mid-America All-Indian Center in Wichita when a shooting left one person dead. The 2006 police report named Danny Dang, 19, as the victim.

His slaying remains unsolved, Landwehr said.

“This was an ongoing funeral service. It had been ongoing because of the religious beliefs of the deceased. It was well known this was going on,” Landwehr said about Saturday’s wake. “This was a targeted attempt at this individual and my belief with total disregard to the innocent people that were present. It’s very brazen, I would say.”

The two men killed at Saturday’s wake were Keo Intavong, 66, and Jeffrey Chitanavong, 22.

Of the others who were injured, a 57-year-old man was in very critical condition, three men were in serious condition and the rest suffered minor injuries. All the victims were men ranging in ages from 20 to 57, according to police.

Police have no suspects in custody, Landwehr said.


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