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On the record

Three men were charged with kidnapping a KU student and threatening him with a gun; they are being held on $150,000 bail, and pleaded not guilty.

January 22, 2009


Law enforcement report

The Douglas County District Attorney’s office filed criminal charges against three men accused of kidnapping and beating a 19-year-old Kansas University student. Jack Proctor, 20, Nick Varner, 21, and Eli Woodman, 20, all of Lawrence, are charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

A judge set their bond Tuesday at $150,000.

The men are accused of holding the victim at gunpoint for several hours Sunday morning, inside a home in the 1300 block of Pennsylvania Street. Police said the victim was beaten and robbed and then released.

He was treated for his injuries at Lawrence Memorial Hospital. The three suspects pleaded not guilty to the charges and are expected to appear back in court Jan. 28.

Emergency calls

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical reported the following calls Tuesday:

• Smoke detector activation, 11:33 a.m. Tuesday, 1734 Engel Road.

• Smoke detector activation, 12:38 p.m. Tuesday, 1555 Irving Hill Road.

• Carbon monoxide incident, 8:23 p.m. Tuesday, 2415 Bryce Court.

• Gas leak, 8:43 p.m. Tuesday, 739 Mass.


hsiwlaln 9 years, 3 months ago

They're making this "KU Student" out to look like the good guy. Truth is, he's a known heroin addict and thief. These boys messed up, but they don't at all deserve what they're being charged with.

rukiddin 9 years, 3 months ago

If you dont' know the whole story how dare you comment on it??? You don't know anything but what you've read or watched Im not going to comment on details but most likely all of you would have done something similar to what they did!! I will be the first to admit that yes they got carried away and yes they should have done some things differently but they are humans and yes they do make mistakes. They do not however deserve what they are being charged with and they do not deserve to have a bunch of ignorant people commenting on what they look like in their mug shots!

hav2say 9 years, 3 months ago

I can't stand how the media jumps on something and sensationalizes it without knowing the whole story. This is made to sound like these boys kidnapped and robbed this so-called "KU student" when they were the ones who were robbed! I know these boys and I know the story and this is completely exaggerated and one sided reporting.These boys did something wrong, and they took things too far, but they are not criminals. They didn't "rob" a poor innocent KU student at gunpoint. Their "victim" is the cowardly thief who betrayed friendships and trust for his own gain. Get the whole story.And to Informed: I've known Mr. Proctor since he was a little boy and that is not a smug look on his face, it is a look of befuddlement and fear.

fourmis 9 years, 3 months ago

Interesting that almost a year ago Proctor and Woodman were hailed as Samaritans in this same newspaper...Samaritans lend hand in rescueSaturday, February 16, 2008Don't know what happened, just have to let the judicial process work. Four families are undoubtedly distressed by this.

pennylane 9 years, 3 months ago

This is no kidnapping case. Nobody was kidnapped. The 19 year old involved in this situation is no KU Student, first of all. Second of all, you want to talk about who is a coward? How about the person who manipulates his peers into believing that he is trustworthy, only to go behind their backs and rob his "friends" so that he can sell their belongings to make money to go get high. Third, sure, he went to the hospital to get treated...what do doctor's give you when you are hurt? Painkillers. What is this guy again? A drug addict. Geeze, it looks like he is getting high for free this time...but off of the tax payers money. The same money we all have to pay this year to our government. The money that is taken out of our checks. Might as well give our fake KU student the money instead, and send him on his way. These boys made a mistake. But they are good people. So wipe off your own smug look until you can get the full story.

Tony Holladay 9 years, 3 months ago

I'd like the full story. Nick and Eli are good kids and have been good neighbors. I've only talked to Jack a few times but he has always gone out of his way to say "Hi". It's hard for me to imagine that they did what they are accused of. I know stories can sometimes get stretched a bit and I hope that this is the case this time.

dontworryaboutmyname 9 years, 3 months ago

the fact that the two were hailed as good samaritans, is proof in fact, that they are not bad people. you have to look at the facts, the criminal history, and the reputation of all four of the people. including the "victim" before you jump to conclusions.

greyjipsey 9 years, 2 months ago

Let the judge rain down upon them. We don't need people like this in our community. Funny that most of the comments on these guys are positive, I wonder, if you know these fellows personally? I do agree, the media does stretch the truth a bit. But how much is a bit? Where did these kids get a gun? And where are there parents? Aren't these kids smart enough to know that if you may befriend a drug addict, he may steal your stuff? Honestly. Serves them right for befriending a heroin addict, hsiwlaln. What did you expect out of that kind of friendship, sunshines and rainbows?

pennylane 9 years, 2 months ago

There is nothing wrong with these kids. How could you say "People like this" when you know nothing but what the media tells you. They told you that they kidnapped a KU student. Too bad he never even finished high school. He was definitely never kidnapped either. You don't know anything about any of the people involved in this. You're absolutely right. Let the judge determine the outcome, because thankfully, he or she will know the full story and backgrounds of all of those involved. It could be fair to say that given the age of all the boys involved they had some lapse in judgment, I will say with confidence, that all of you have too at such a young age. Can you honestly say to yourself, that "it serves them right for befriending a drug addict." What if this were you or perhaps your child or friend, and all you did was try to help somebody only to get completely taken advantage of. These boys had no prior knowledge or experience of the horrors of real drug addiction. You obviously have had some encounters yourself, greyjipsey, and good thing too, because you know to look out. These aren't things they teach you in school. The parents are good, loving, and caring to these boys. Is it not obvious to you that they made a mistake? Are you clouded by an invisible haze? If you have children, you know that I am right when I say that you would never feel this about it if one of these boys if one were yours.

dontworryaboutmyname 9 years, 2 months ago

to greyjipsey, yes thank you i do know the fellows personally. my question to you is do you know them personally? or do you know anything about what happened other than the bull you hear on tv? because if you dont then you have no rite to dis them. there is nothing i hate more than no it all's that try to put people down, that they have never met, or no nothing about. in all honesty, i blame what happened on the justice system itself. because if the "victim" was in fact a drug dealer and a theif, then he should have been stopped along time ago, then the boys wouldn't have had to take matters into their own hands. of course they DID over do it. but still.

hsiwlaln 9 years, 2 months ago

Who said they befriended him, greyjipsey? I don't believe I ever said that. Obviously, if you'd look at the circumstances, you'd see that this WASN'T a friend. Friends don't BETRAY their friends.

hav2say 9 years, 2 months ago

greyjipsey, you say that "We don't need people like this in our community" what about the lowlife herion addict thief that stole from them & started this whole ordeal? Do we need people like HIM in our community? I think not. He is far more a menace than these 3 boys. (And YES I do know all of them and have for several years. I also know their parents, who ARE there loving and supporting them) If the "victim" had been made accountable for his actions in the past, we would not be in this situation in the first place. What if he breaks into YOUR home & steals your belongings that you and/or your parents worked hard to pay for, like these boys? Because he's still out on the street and that's what he DOES. What if one of your children becomes a drug addict or thief? Will you expect people to say "well, if greyjipsey wouldn't have given birth to a drug addict...serves him/her right that they took money out of their wallet, stole their tv to pawn for drug money...etc" come ON! I've had things stolen from me a very cherished promise ring that was given to me at the age of 18 by my STILL husband of 25 years, a necklace that was my grandmothers that was left to my daughter when she passed away. These were stolen by someone we invited into our home, fed pizza and then allowed to use our restroom, only for them to come out & leave with our belongings. I've walked out my back door & looked at the bare spot where my car sat the night before. I've gotten in my car in the morning to leave for work and saw a gaping hole where my car stereo used to be. Did I call the police, YES! Did I recover ANY of these items, NO!! The car that was stolen was found in another county totalled because the low-life that stole it took it on a joy-ride after backing it out of my drive-way. We know exactly who stole everything from us, but NOTHING is being done about it. My husband and I work very hard for our money and for the things we need, so it's a huge violation to be robbed of your belongings by some jerk that doesn't choose to work or pay for their own things. YES, those boys handled the situation poorly, but they are not the monsters that they have been made out to be. They are frustrated young men who felt violated by this betrayal of trust and and the realization that there is no justice in this world, only a huge dose of reality. They've had things stolen from them before and had the same results as I. I'm not saying I would have reacted the same way, but I've talked to many who would have, so get off your high horse, greyjipsey, and take a look around. And when you come home some evening, or wake up some morning and see a bare spot where something you or someone you love worked hard to purchase used to rest, you may change your mind. Because you won't get them back and you won't be able to lose the feeling of violation from your space being invaded, I guarantee. I've been there more than once.

hsiwlaln 9 years, 2 months ago

To all who have left negative comments: These are three young men who are hard-working, talented, and caring and have their whole lives ahead of them. There are NUMEROUS people writing continuous letters, paying a great deal of money for phone calls, and making continuous trips out to the jail torturous visits through a glass window to the loves of their lives, best friends, room mates, sons, and brothers. Why? Because these are GOOD PEOPLE and they are LOVED. Every time I come to this posting and find negative comments, it breaks my heart. What has happened is completely and totally UNFAIR and they have been the victims of lies and betrayal.Please remember that these guys are people, too before you make another comment. Thank you.

missamerica 9 years, 2 months ago

The support that these boys have gotten is tremendous and heres one more...I haven't known them for long (maybe 4 years) but I can say that even that is long enough for me to know that they are not the people the report above portrays them to be. Sounds like a bunch of verbal diarrhea from the addict who stole from them. My thoughts and prayers are with these boys and hope that the judge can see through the falseness of the accusations, and the support and the demeanor of the boys and make the right judgement.

M1H2M3 9 years, 2 months ago

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greyjipsey 9 years, 1 month ago

If I knew I was going to have rebutals for leaving an opinion here I would have kept it to myself. No, I don't know these people but I can say that people will have their own opinions and sometimes you may not agree with them. The charges are pretty serious, did you think "outsiders" would come across this article and say: "I really hope they get off the hook!" No, because we don't know them, we just read the article, and leave a comment. Sorry if I offended people with my comment.

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