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Obama’s presidential victory ‘testimony that maybe the Constitution works’

January 18, 2009


Obama’s inauguration

Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States on January 20, 2009 — the first African-American elected to the position. Many locals will make the trip to Washington, D.C., to watch the historic event. Others will watch from here in Kansas.

Barbara Ballard said that while growing up during the Civil Rights era, she always believed that during her lifetime, the United States would elect a female president and an African-American president.

“I thought that, yes, we would, providing that I lived a long time,” said Ballard, who is now 64 and a Democratic state legislator from Lawrence.

For Ballard and many other African-Americans, the election of Barack Obama, who will be inaugurated Tuesday, represents the hope that racist attitudes are diminishing and the nation is ready to fulfill the promise of equality.

“What this election said is that a vast majority of people looked beyond color and looked beyond stereotypes and voted for who they thought was the best for the United States of America, and that to me is a big testimony that maybe the Constitution works — it may take a while, but it works,” Ballard said.

Horace Edwards, 84, a former president of ARCO Pipeline Co. who then worked in the Cabinet of former Gov. Mike Hayden, said Obama’s election was a “monumental step in a positive direction.”

Edwards said that in recent years he had become concerned about the direction of society and politics but that the country’s support of Obama gave him hope.

“I’m relieved for us as a country, and I’m much more hopeful about humankind overall. I think the United States and its fortunes are critical in the advancement of people on this planet during this age,” he said.

William Richards Sr., 87, president emeritus of the Topeka branch of the NAACP, said when he received an invitation to Obama’s inauguration, “it just about brought tears to my eyes.”

Because of his age, Richards said, he won’t attend the event but will watch it on television.

But, he said, Obama’s character and intelligence have set a standard for everyone.

“I do think it sets a target for many of our adults, and particularly our children that the only way you can compete is with a good education, and get away from that street garbage that it isn’t cool to be intellectual,” he said.


KU_cynic 9 years, 2 months ago

"...maybe the Constitution works — it may take a while, but it works,” Ballard said.And I suppose that if John McCain had won the presidential that would have been a sign that the constitution doesn't work, or at least not yet? Please.The constitution -- imperfect though it may be -- has "worked" for more than 221 years.

Flap Doodle 9 years, 2 months ago

It's astounding what a compliant press and millions of dollars of untraceable, possibly illegal, cash can accomplish.

Steve Jacob 9 years, 2 months ago

"For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is making a comeback."Michelle Obama 2/16/08

jaywalker 9 years, 2 months ago

“What this election said is that a vast majority of people looked beyond color ..."I beg to differ. I'd say it was the other way around. What were the numbers for black voters again? And the MTV voters, some of them at least, liked Barack 'cuz it was kitchy and voting for him would be the 'liberal' (not using that term in a negative way whatsoever) thing to do.KU_Cynic said it exactly, the headline is just plain dumb. I hope that BO is the shot in the arm we need, he seems to be so far, but enough with the endless 'validation' his election supposedly brings. Racism in this country will never, ever die 'cuz you can't eliminate ignorance. And it'll be time to celebrate when the fact someone has black skin color isn't even mentioned, not when we keep patting ourselves on the fanny for finally electing 'one'. All that said, Good Luck and Godspeed to the new CIC. Be the leader.

Scott Drummond 9 years, 2 months ago

“For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is making a comeback.”Assuming she reached adulthood in 1982, that would mean that most of her adult life has been during the era of republican takeover of the government. If anything, the Clinton's may have an argument about being slighted, but what exactly is it that took place in the 80's and 90's that her critics think she should be more proud and hopeful about than the election of her biracial husband?

jafs 9 years, 2 months ago

Of course, the ultimate would be for skin color, etc. to make no difference at all, but we're a little bit far from that right now.It is a good thing the country elected a (half) black man, but even better that it elected a smart one.As far as money goes, it has been fairly well documented that the candidate who spends the most money usually wins. This is a big problem, and the only way to solve it is to get rid of money in politics at all levels.Having said that, I do believe that many people voted for Obama because he is smart, and because they agreed with his ideas more than those of his opponents.

Leslie Swearingen 9 years, 2 months ago

William Richards Sr“I do think it sets a target for many of our adults, and particularly our children that the only way you can compete is with a good education, and get away from that street garbage that it isn’t cool to be intellectual,” -------------------------------------------------------------------------Obama is incredibly cool, in temperament, he stayed on target during the debates and did not permit himself to be sidetracked by emotional attacks. Remember McCain's eye rolling and walking all over the stage and refusing to look at Obama or talk directly to him? Too often when black children do well other black children mock them and put them down.I have heard my daughters past friends, no longer I can assure you, tell her she is not really black because she works full time and gets to to work on time.You know when she was growing up I read her the story of the little hen that could not find anyone to help with the bread making. So she ate it herself. My daughter says that story inspired her to think of work as necessary. Little did I know when I was reading it.For first time readers, I have a bi-racial, and very proud, family. We will be living it up on Tuesday, you betcha!

maxcrabb 9 years, 2 months ago

Cleopatra: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Centerville 9 years, 2 months ago

It's Scott Rotschild: no need to take it seriously.

christie 9 years, 2 months ago

bndairdundat - and the like crack me up - it's all some big lie and big conspiracy - Funny, the only person charged with voter fraud in this election was a REPUBLICAN !!!

AjiDeGallina 9 years, 2 months ago

68 percent of people questioned in poll say George W. Bush presidency was a failure# Half of those polled say U.S. would be better off if Al Gore had won in 2000# 84 percent approve of how Obama has handled his transition, poll finds# Poll also suggests country sees inauguration as opportunity to come together

Flap Doodle 9 years, 2 months ago

How many of the O'dude's appointees have revealed 'whoopsie' moment so far?

jonas_opines 9 years, 2 months ago

jaywalker: "What were the numbers for black voters again?"The same as they usually are, overwhelmingly in support of the Democrat candidate. (and MTV voters? are you serious?)

verity 9 years, 2 months ago

The problems that we face in our country and in the world today are bigger than any one of us. No one person can solve them and nobody has said that Obama or any other person can.What happened with the disabled plane being landed in the Hudson River and everybody being rescued should be a lesson to all of us as we start this new administration and chapter of American life. Yes, the pilot did a fantastic job, but if other people had not seen what needed to be done and immediately set about doing it and working together as a team, it still could have ended in tragedy.So all you naysayers and whiners and purveyors of all sorts of unsubstantiated theories and rumors---either get with it and do something positive or get out of the way and let others who want to do something positive do it without having to stumble over you. We have a long hard haul ahead of us and we need to work together as a team.

Satirical 9 years, 2 months ago

Frist draft of title: "The Constitution only works when a liberal breaks barriers."The U.S. Constitution didn't "work" when Clarence Thomas became a Justice in the Supreme Court of the Unites States. It also didn't "work" when an African American became the Secretary of State under Bush, or when a female African American became SOS under Bush. It likewise failed to "work" when Bush appointed a Latino as the U.S. Attorney General. The reason why it didn't "work," in those instances is because they were conservative.Those weren't "historical" events that demand us to change our view or race relations in this country. Why didn't those matter? Because the media, who brain washes so many of you, said those events didn't matter, and only over-hype someone when they are a non-paradigmatic liberal.

Satirical 9 years, 2 months ago

Is anyone else concerned Obama's Treasury nominee (the guy who oversees the IRS) failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars on his tax returns?Oh wait, maybe if the all the media kept claiming it was a "mistake" (rather than tax evasion) then it won't seem like the guy who oversees the IRS is too incompetent to do his own taxes or is corrupt. Yeah, that's the ticket! If the media can spin all of Obama's mistake then maybe he will have a chance in 2012.

Satirical 9 years, 2 months ago

Three cheers for people brain washed by the media!Hip Hip! Hooray!Hip Hip! Hooray!Hip Hip! Hooray!

beatrice 9 years, 2 months ago

I see that snap has altered his repeated whine of "illegal contributions" to read "possibly illegal contributions," since he has been called on it so many times for some proof of his bogus claim. Don't worry snap, keep repeating it often enough and I'm sure you will win somebody over to your side -- heck, you've already got Marion on your side. Satirical, I agree that the Constitution line is a bit over the top, but your examples are all appointees, not electees. See the difference? Time to celebrate that America has grown in its ability to accept diversity, and do what we can to make sure America rises from the current struggles we face. If people wish ill of Obama and hope that he fails, then you are simply hoping that America fails.

jaywalker 9 years, 2 months ago

jonas,Not only did the number of blacks that vote rise significantly, but the last poll I read by CNN reported that 96% of blacks voted for Obama and they compared it to Clinton receiving 82%. And I hope I didn't 'offend' with the MTV reference, I was referring to 18 to 25 year olds where the number was 75% that voted for BO. I've heard the college aged demographic referred to as the "MTV voters" many times.

ifyournot 9 years, 2 months ago

Obama The Great, Bushie must have done something right,I dont hear anything about helping New Orlean's people out anymore.That or the Dem's think if the media stay's out of it ,it's fixed. HELP YOUR PEOPLE OBAMA,Doom A$$

NoSpin 9 years, 2 months ago

We will now see if Obama can live up to the trillions of promises he has made. I hope and pray he can deliver. I am afraid we will hear about how President Bush has made a mess blah,blah,blah for the next 4 years and you need to give me another 4 to give me a real shot of fixing this depression. He has already begun to set the bar lower. Time will tell and real fast.

ifyournot 9 years, 2 months ago

Obama's veiw's, A new declaration of independence.Free from small thinking,prejudice and bigotry. Sound,s to me that he's already taking his own people out that voted him into office. Great Man

jumpin_catfish 9 years, 2 months ago

Obama's got a big hill to climb, hope he's up to it.

Steve Jacob 9 years, 2 months ago

"Is anyone else concerned Obama's Treasury nominee (the guy who oversees the IRS) failed to pay tens of thousands of dollars on his tax returns?"It's not a big issue because the Republican's know Timothy Geithner is the best pick Obama could make (for them) to the spot.

jonas_opines 9 years, 2 months ago

Jaywalker: That makes a relatively small section of folk, really. I can see why they would go for Obama, for historicalicity or excitement or whatever, though. Do you, by any chance, have any lists that talk about the number of white voters that didn't vote for him because he's black? Maybe black folks are just more honest about their motivations, at least this time around. As for MTV voters, I thought you actually were referring to the Vote or Die! MTV viewer voting block, in which case I was going to smack you upside the head a couple times to shake some sense into you. At any rate, just as a warning, anyone referring to that demographic as MTV voters is truthfully just outing themselves as too old. I don't doubt that they voted that way, but hell, that might just mean they have open minds and sense. I don't see how anybody could have compared the two candidates with an open mind and sense and voted for McCain, personally. (I could, however, see going for a third party, just not for McCain)

yourworstnightmare 9 years, 2 months ago

Bush has been an unmitigated disaster for the USA. Two more days in office seems like too many.Bye bye Bushies. Time for truthful, moral leadership to sweep aside the font of filth and amorality that was the Bush administration.

notajayhawk 9 years, 2 months ago

"What this election said is that a vast majority of people looked beyond color ..."Uh huh. And the entire point of your article is to celebrate the election of a person despite his color. Glad we're looking beyond that...****beobachter (Anonymous) says… "The country has just endured 8 years of total ignorant incompetence..."And as long as BO keeps posting, it looks like we'll be enduring more..." matter what Obama does, it will be an improvement..."Ah, brilliant - the mindset that got Jimmy Carter elected."...if you think Obana is anything like W, you are in for a rude awakening."Maybe not like GW, but if you really, really think he's any different than any other politician or that it will be anything other than business as usual, it's you that needs to wake up, child."Unfortunately, it is impossible to undo all W's screwups on Jan 21, 2009. It will take at least 8 years and another Democratic administration to partially clean up the mess."Hedging your bets a little early, aren't you? Pretty weak argument that we should keep electing Democrats - if he can't accomplish anything in two full terms, just what did we send him there for, BO?"Common sense says..."And when have you ever, ever understood what common sense said, BO?

Christine Anderson 9 years, 2 months ago

Shouldn't Obama have to prove himself first??

Flap Doodle 9 years, 2 months ago

"... a compliant media and millions of dollars of untraceable illegal campaign contributions"Just you you, sweetcheeks.

jaywalker 9 years, 2 months ago

jonas:Don't really know what the true numbers were of actual voters per demographic, have only seen percentages. Nor do I know how many whites used skin color as a deterrent, I highly doubt there would be any such info. If there were it certainly wouldn't be accurate. And I'd hate to hear anything about it.To your point on why blacks voted for him, I wouldn't doubt nor blame them one iota if it was merely because he was black, not this first time. I tried to explain that sentiment to my folks but they couldn't get their mind around it.And maaaan! Let's not say I'm "too old"! It's not my phrase, and while I'm no longer a member of the quarter century club I'm still well short of the half century club!But advice taken.

fuel_for_the_fire 9 years, 2 months ago

Jonas - hIstoricalicity? I'm not familiar with this term; could you please define it for me?

jumpin_catfish 9 years, 2 months ago

So yourworstnightmare you are in favor of removing bush.....

james bush 9 years, 2 months ago

"....constitution works" does not mean "Soros' money+Chicago politics+race-baiting+slobbering liberal press+ACORN subversiveness," I'm hoping, but then again maybe it does!

Flap Doodle 9 years, 2 months ago

"Just you you.." should have been "Just for you...".Carry on, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

fuel_for_the_fire 9 years, 2 months ago

Please excuse the typographical error, that should be "historicalicity". I don't mind neologizing but historicalicity? Really?

Flap Doodle 9 years, 2 months ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jonas_opines 9 years, 2 months ago

Hey, I was kind of proud of "historicalicity". Not as good as "thruthiness," perhaps, but an evolution on the language, nonetheless. Fuel4Fire: It's definition is, of course, the state of being full of historicalocity. And no, Jaywalker, wasn't saying, necessarily, that you were too old. Just that, if you would like to remain not too old, then you should refrain from using the term, as I imagine if you looked at MTV's audience you'd find it probably stacked more towards the 13-18 demographic.

jonas_opines 9 years, 2 months ago

. . . and historicalocity is the rate of change in historicalalityokay, I'll stop now

yourworstnightmare 9 years, 2 months ago

Of course the constitution "works", even when it being deliberately undermined by an immoral, unamerican Bush administration.The constitution has been greatly assaulted by Bushco, but has survived. Our constitution and system of government is truly amazing and is nearly unique in the world.

jaywalker 9 years, 2 months ago

jonas: Damn, meant to give you a little grief over 'historicalicity' myself, missed the boat. Probably too many syllables for him, but seems a good fit from the W lexicon.

jonas_opines 9 years, 2 months ago

Well, I wouldn't want to cause a historicalamity.

Mixolydian 9 years, 2 months ago

We just had an inexperienced Harvard grad as president. And now again? Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that we're finally in a post racial era, but it should have started in 2000 with President Colin Powell, someone with the real experience and ability to lead a nation.

Shardwurm 9 years, 2 months ago

...and losers everywhere - regardless of race - wake up and say: "What? A black man is President?!?!? Crap...that means I can get a job!"

jonas_opines 9 years, 1 month ago

Well, you could argue that a large reason he's president is because a large number of people who would not normally qualify as losers have had difficulty finding or retaining a job.

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