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Israeli forces shell U.N. office in Gaza

January 16, 2009


— Israeli artillery shells struck the U.N. headquarters in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, setting a food warehouse ablaze and drawing a sharp rebuke from the visiting U.N. chief who called it an “outrage.” Another Israeli bombardment killed Hamas’ head of security.

The attack added to a day of deadly chaos pitting Israeli troops against Islamic militants. Terrified residents huddled in shelters and stairwells, or scooped up toddlers and fled on foot.

After nightfall, shells landed near Gaza City’s Quds Hospital, where many families had sought refuge, and the building caught fire, forcing staff to evacuate hundreds of people. According to a hospital medic, some patients were pushed down the street on gurneys; a few held white flags.

The destruction added to what aid groups say is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and ratcheted up tensions between Israel and the international community even as diplomats indicated progress in cease-fire talks.


monkeyspunk 9 years, 2 months ago

Ah, more anti Israel news. No report on Hamas rejecting the most recent cease fire proposal. Or the UN asking Israel to take a unilateral ceasefire into consideration even as rockets are still being fired at their cities. Or how about reports from Egyptian officials that Gazan Hamas members are being beaten into submission and desire a cease-fire, but exiled leadership that is "safe" in Damascus is going to continue to use its own people as pawn in their greater schemes and reject a ceasefire that could save lives?None of that is important or relevant at all. Is it really that hard to put together a decent daily story locally regarding this issue? Do you not have any writers on staff that are worth a damn?

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