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Former Sen. Bob Dole donates $150,000 to Kansas Historical Society

January 16, 2009


— Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., has donated $150,000 to the Kansas Historical Society, it was announced Friday.

The funds will be used for historical society programs, including the Fort Hays state historic site and the William Allen White House state historic site in Emporia.

“Senator Dole has personally contributed so much to the history of Kansas through his work and public service,” said historical society executive director Jennie Chinn. “We are humbled by his generosity, and are grateful for his support.”

Dole said, “I am proud of what the Kansas Historical Society is doing to preserve our heritage and our historic sites throughout the state, to educate ourselves and others about the important contributions of Kansans throughout our nation’s history, offer researchers and students what they need to do their important work and, finally, remind everyone of the values and sacrifices of Kansans that still help make this a great country.”


KansasVoter 9 years, 3 months ago

Where'd Bob Dole get an extra $150,000? Does being a shill for Viagra pay that well?

Thinking_Out_Loud 9 years, 3 months ago

Why does it matter where Senator Dole got $150K, KansasVoter? If you're concerned he did something untoward during his tenure as a U.S. Senator, you can review any financial disclosures he filed during that timeframe.

KansasVoter 9 years, 3 months ago

It matters because he obviously didn't make the money while he was an elected official, but he did make while his wife was. Was Bob given money as a backdoor way to influence his wife's votes? I don't know, but it sounds plausible.

persevering_gal 9 years, 3 months ago

KansasVoter, you may want to take into consideration that $150,000 probably isn't a great deal to him when you consider speaking engagements, being in the senate, generous contributions from sponsors, writing books, commercials, etc. Those are just a few events that brought in a nice chunk of change.

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