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Talks at Constitution Hall commemorate bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth

January 15, 2009


— Constitution Hall will hold its 13th annual series of talks and dramatic interpretations on the violent conflict over the issue of slavery in Kansas Territory and the Missouri border.

Two of this year’s programs commemorate the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and the sesquicentennial anniversary of his first and only visit to Kansas.

The talks will be held at 2 p.m. on Sundays from Jan. 25 to March 1 in Constitution Hall, 319 Elmore. The events are free.

Here is the schedule for this year’s series:

Jan. 25: “Legendary Kansans in the State Capitol,” by Virgil Dean, editor of “Kansas History: Journal of the Central Plains.

Feb. 1: “Lecompton: A National Obsession, 1858,” by Craig Miner, professor, Wichita State University Department of History. A book signing will follow.

Feb. 8: “Great Emancipator or Great Racist? Lincoln’s Reconciliation of Racial Inequality and Natural Rights,” by James N. Leiker, professor, Johnson County Community College Department of History.

Feb. 15: “Abraham Lincoln Remembered,” a first-person portrayal by Tom Leahy, educator and re-enactor.

Feb. 22: “The Civil War’s First Blood,” by James Denny, historian with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. A book signing will follow.

March 1: “Governor Andrew Reeder: At the Request of My President,” a first person portrayal by Rex Patty, a re-enactor and living history educator.


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