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Program for dads to start at West

January 15, 2009


The Watch DOGS program — Dads of Great Students — will kick off today at West Junior High School.

The program is led by parent Everett Ledbetter, who participated in the Sunset Hill School program.

“It’s a way for fathers to get back involved in school and to get connected with their children,” he said. “So many times it’s the mom being involved in school, and the dads just don’t have an avenue on how they can be a positive presence in the school.”

This is Lawrence’s first Watch DOGS program at the junior high level. Several elementary schools, including Sunset Hill and Langston Hughes, have the program.

The information session begins at 6 p.m. in the West Junior High cafeteria. Ledbetter says the volunteer program is flexible to dads’ schedules.


ciosafeteam 9 years, 2 months ago

Great comments and for the last 10 years I have heard and felt each one of them as I helped lead a program to get fathers and father-figures started and active in my children's elementary and middle schools. While we had great success in my schools, the challenge was to duplicate that success in all schools nationally. The reality was, some schools/school districts have 65-85% of their students living in a single parent home, typically with mom. While the need is huge for male involvement for all children, many of these students do not have their father or a father-figure in their life to participate in the program as a volunteer. Schools And Families Engaged (the S.A.F.E. TEAM on Campus) was launched in 2008 to meet the needs of schools and families. Many of the school's families do not know where to begin in school. Many parents today never had an example of their parents supporting the school let alone they may not have enjoyed their personal schooling experience. Why would they have a desire to serve? You only know what you have experienced.Make time to check out our site . On the About SAFE page, click on the 40 Developmental Assets link. This will tie in all the benefits of families and communities supporting their students both in school and out of school.

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