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It may have been an F on smoking, but Kansas gets a B for dental health

January 15, 2009


Dental health in Kansas has improved since 2003.

But a national organization says the state's lack of access to dentists in rural areas and Wichita's resistance to putting fluoride in city water affected the state's dental health grade.

The state was graded by Oral Health America, a nonprofit group that researches and promotes dental health. Overall, the state scored a 'B,' up from a D-plus in 2003.

Kansas benefited from programs started since 2003. Those programs include dental benefits for disabled and elderly people who receive aid from home- and community-based services and an extended-care permit process that allows dental hygienists to provide treatments in underserved communities.

Wichita is the second-largest city in the nation not to fluoridate its water. The only larger city is Honolulu. The group says fluoridated water helps prevent tooth decay.


jj024 9 years ago

How many articles do you need to explain one freaking thing? And don't forget to check under your toilet seat for Reds.

weluvbowling 9 years ago

It's called dental hygeine...if you have it your teeth will look good being a smoker or a non smoker. I don't smoke but I have friends who do BUT they brush their teeth and go for regular check ups. Even if you don't have dental insurance there is such a thing as Johnson County Community College Dental Clinic where they clean your teeth at a minimal cost, granted you have to be put on a list to get in, BUT you come out looking great or they don't pass! No excuse for rotting nasty teeth! Sorry just my opinon!

weluvbowling 9 years ago

Hawk, I am not sure in all honesty! I don't live in Lawrence any longer and have not since they have had the bus system in place (I have been stuck in H*LL - aka Leavenworth) . I have also been fortunate enough to own a car so I have not needed this service. I am so sorry to not be able to help you on that one! I bet the dental clinic could answer your question since I am sure many students utilize it.Another tid bit of information, there is also UMKC that helps with dental repair.

spankyandcranky 9 years ago

Flouride in the water benefits your teeth a lot less than it damages your general health. Why do you think you're not supposed to swollow your toothpaste? Flouride is toxic. Isn't it enough protection to get it when you brush? Way to go Witchita! Stand your ground.

beatrice 9 years ago

Well, this news should make people smile.Get it ... smile ... dental health ...Oh, nevermind.

Calliope877 9 years ago

ese (Anonymous) says… 50,000 years from now when diggers find you, your lungs will be long gone but your teeth will still have that twinkle.LOL

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