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Bradford’s return makes Red River even more intense

Sorrentino’s lightning round

January 15, 2009


The return of Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford — who would have easily been a Top 10 NFL Draft pick — to Oklahoma was huge news on Wednesday for two reasons.

First, it sets up a mammoth Red River showdown against Texas, which will return quarterback Colt McCoy, on Oct. 17 next season in Dallas. As if these two schools, which displayed their affection for each other last season through various skyskrapers, public service announcements, etc., needed more fire to fuel this rivalry.

Second, the winner of this game could very well win the Big 12 and have a chance to play for the BCS Championship. Something tells me we could have a Texas-Oklahoma winner vs. Florida for all the marbles in early 2010.

Bradford’s decision likely inspired tight end Jermaine Gresham, also a would-be first-round NFL pick, to stay at Oklahoma as well. In his last three games of the season, Gresham averaged 8.3 receptions, 100.7 yards and scored four touchdowns in the span. Bradford to Gresham will be a lethal combination next season.


Jason Bailey 9 years, 4 months ago

So, Bradford is OU? That's what this basically says to me. I don't think you'll see Bradford nearly as productive next year as he was this year. The reason: his veteran O-line is gone.The Florida game is proof that if you take away the great protection, Bradford is not able to score 50-pts per game.I do agree the Red River game is going to be great -- but not any more great than it was this year. Guess if you throw in the fact that TX felt slighted by being overlooked for the Big12 South Championship it might add a "redemption" factor but that's about it.The entire landscape is going to be different next year, in my opinion, with the 6-star dynasty teams in Division I. USC lost Sanchez, Ohio St. lost Beanie, OU lost their outstanding O-line, the list goes on. To say that next year will look identical to this year in the championship is delusional.

glenski1978 9 years, 4 months ago

OU is good, but they are at the end of the top-five. Sam will be a great QB leading another team through the gamut of the Big Twelve only to lose the Big Game, be it an SEC, Big East or Mountain West team. Gresham is a great target, but the tight end is good for only 8 passes a game at the most. There are still another 55 plays to stop them on. Concede Gresham's catches, sell out to stop the run and blitz Sam like German Luftwaffe, and you will win the game.

Rickyonealku 9 years, 4 months ago

OU and Texas will both be good but lets not forget that OU plays on the HILL next year and KU travels to Texas in November. NEXT year the BIG XII North just might be KU's to win and my 2009 preseason picks are:BIG XII North1. Kansas2. Nebraska3. Missouri4. Colorado5. K-State6. ColoradoBIG XII South1. OU2.Texas3. O-State4. Texas Tech5. Texas A & M6. BaylorSo the BIG XII should be talked about a lot not just OU and Texas.Rock Chalk Jayhawks.

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