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Clinton confirmation looks imminent

January 14, 2009


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gave a glimpse of the firm hand in the velvet glove she may employ as a diplomat, charming her way through the mostly gentle questioning of fellow senators at her confirmation hearing but testily deflecting ethics concerns about her husband’s international charity work.

Completing a remarkable circle that began with her front-running White House bid upended by a rival now her boss, Clinton sat alone for a job interview before her former Senate colleagues on Tuesday. Her confirmation as secretary of state is not in doubt, and she could be on the job as soon as Barack Obama’s first full day in office.

The Foreign Relations Committee planned to vote on Clinton’s confirmation Thursday.

The Senate also held confirmation hearings for other Obama choices for Cabinet and top White House positions. Appearing were Peter Orszag, to head the Office of Management and Budget, and Robert Nabors II, for deputy director of OMB; New York housing official Shaun Donovan, to be secretary of housing and urban development; Steven Chu, to head the Energy Department; and Arne Duncan, as education secretary.


madmike 5 years, 3 months ago

She is less of a danger than appointing a head of the IRS that didn't even pay his taxes, and an environmental czar that is a mamber of a socialist organization.


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