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Check out these kid music reviews

January 12, 2009


Looking for some kiddy music reviews? California bloggers Trine Gallegos and Sofia, her adorable music expert, age 6, weigh in on two brand-new CDs.

• The Laurie Berkner Band: “Rocketship Run”

“Ah, Laurie, how we missed ya. It’s been six years since Berkner produced a new CD, and it appears to be dang worth the wait. We seem to be much luckier than the Guns ‘N’ Roses fans who waited for ‘Chinese Democracy,’ but I digress. As with her many other offerings, Berkner fills her CD with plenty of toe-tapping, sweet, folksy and just-plain fun tunes. Resident music critic Sofia especially likes the title song, along with ‘Five Days Old’ and ‘Going on a Hunt.”’

• Brady Rymer: “Here Comes Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could”

“I get the feeling that Brady and I could be friends. His happy music is full of charm. This is my daughter’s second Rymer CD. While the nearly 7-year-old Sofia digs the ‘Every Day is a Birthday’ CD, she wasn’t quite as thrilled with the latest offering. Kids! I don’t know why, as I found the Grammy-nominated CD a nice easy-listening collection (and, I mean that in a good way.) This isn’t the CD that will get the kids jumping around like they’ve just downed an espresso, but it could be the perfect music to listen to while playing board games or working on an art project.”


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