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Is your partner lying to you?

January 12, 2009


Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship, and that’s difficult when you suspect your partner is lying. If you already feel suspicious, here are five simple steps to spotting a lie:

• Be vigilant against warning signs. Take note of any strange behavior or warning signs that you may notice. Don’t dismiss the possibility of a lie or overlook it. It is more likely that people will lie to you in the future if they know that they can get away with it.

• Itching of the nose. Itching or rubbing of the nose can be a direct sign of an impending lie as cells release additional histamine when a person is lying.

• Avoidance. Turning away from someone or looking away indicates an avoidance response. Speaking indirectly and separating of eye contact, or even looking away from someone entirely, can be a serious warning sign.

• Evasive language. Phrases like “honestly” and “I swear” are designed to change or alter the perception of someone about actions. Repetitive use of this kind of evasive language suggests a strong desire to alter a situation and is a common trait of lying.

• Covering the senses. The covering or blocking of the eyes, ears or mouth and general acts of aversion can indicate that someone is lying. These subtle actions are negative cues against whatever the person may be saying at the time.


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