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How to find part-time work

January 12, 2009


Ilyse Shapiro, founder of the job search Web site, offers tips for job seekers looking for part-time or flexible employment opportunities.

Perform industry-specific research

Despite the current economic situation, many industries are still actively hiring part-time staff, including health care, accounting, IT, sales, education and fundraising. Performing online research and reading industry-specific journals will inform you of who is hiring in your area.

Set up informational meetings

Speak with those in your professional and personal networks to find out what is going on in specific industries and firms.

Talk to others who work part-time

Gain greater knowledge of different companies’ hiring policies by finding out how others got their part-time jobs. Don’t forget to get names of hiring managers.

Connect with organizations that hire part-time help

Web sites like specifically display part-time, professional-level jobs. Other online and offline services are available to help moms and retirees return to work.

Engage recruiters and employment agencies

Don’t just contact general staffing firms; research those who serve your specific industry. Also, many companies outsource their hiring to recruiters. If there is a specific employer you are interested in working for, contact their HR department directly to find out which firms recruit for the company.

Tailor your own position

Many companies strictly hire full-timers. When interviewing, show the hiring manager how you can do a great job in less time. Other firms may not even realize they need your services and will create a position for you based on your captivating presentation.

Actively use online networking opportunities

Make use of online tools other job seekers and recruiters actively use: LinkedIn, Facebook, ListServs and newsgroups.


If you are seeking employment with an association or nonprofit organization, volunteer first. Volunteering provides the potential employer with a first-hand look at who you are and how you perform.


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