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Baby Mangino bowls over the competition for 2008 Sports Human of the Year honor

January 12, 2009


Bode Lubbers, Deadspin's 2008 Sports Human of the Year

Bode Lubbers, Deadspin's 2008 Sports Human of the Year

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino glances up at the scoreboard during the third quarter Friday, Sept. 12, 2008 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Kansas head coach Mark Mangino glances up at the scoreboard during the third quarter Friday, Sept. 12, 2008 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

At 8 months old, Bode Lubbers is already an Internet superstar.

And all the young Wichitan had to do was let his mother put on an eyeliner mustache and a KU sweat suit. And, of course, channel his inner Mark Mangino.

As “Baby Mangino,” Bode has won the 2008 Sports Human of the Year award on the offbeat sports Web site Deadspin, beating several sports figures, including ESPN’s Chris Berman and Erin Andrews and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Baby Mangino began circulating on the Internet after making his debut on an electronic Halloween card, said his mother, Angie Lubbers.

The resemblance to the Jayhawk head football coach is impossible to miss. It started when the parents (two Wichita State grads) picked up a tiny KU sweat suit in a Target store. Lubbers put it on Bode, added the mustache, sent it to 20 friends and family, and an Internet star was born.

None of the 20 has confessed to sending the photo outside the group, Lubbers said.

She said the family has followed the online voting faithfully, and she remains constantly surprised at all the attention, having been interviewed on local Wichita television in addition to the photo’s online viral status.

“I keep saying it’ll end eventually,” she said. “But then it seems like someone else will pick it up.”

KU Athletic Department spokesman Jim Marchiony said that while he had seen the photo, and thought it was cute and offbeat, he did not think many others in the athletic department had taken notice.


wysiwyg69 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Keith 8 years ago

Careful now, KU Athletics will sue the family for appropriating the coach's likeness.

jayhawkologist 8 years ago

This is a newsworthy event? Really? Really?

nurse 8 years ago

Mr. Marchiony - do you have a personality?

Sharon Aikins 8 years ago

Oops, I missed something here. Didn't realize this was a personality contest. Or that anything that didn't mention accidents, death, weapons, politics or anything debateable was a waste of printer's ink. Actually, I enjoyed reading the article, even (gasp) laughed looking at the photo because it was so cute and funny. How many lashes for me? I do agree with Keith though, KUAD probably has some lawyer already drawing up the papers.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

LOL Nurse!!I think it is adorable. I received it from about 20 different sources, so I'm guessing athletics staff saw it a time or two.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

moon, Nurse was referring to Jim Marciony's comment, not the writer of the waste of ink here.

nurse 8 years ago

Thank you, Gootsie, for clarifying my post...Each time Mr. Marchiony is quoted in the newspaper, I have to laugh! As a spokesman for the KU Athletic Department, you might think he would be a bit more upbeat with all of KU athletic successes, but never so. However, I suppose he always keeps his quotes a bit deadpan and dry as not to face the wrath of Lew...

50YearResident 8 years ago

They are not fooling me, I know that picture is one of Magino's baby pictures. Taken when he was 2 years old.

Omegatron 8 years ago

I'd love to see Mangino pose for a shot with Baby Mangino. On the sideline... at a practice... the kid and the coach coaching together.

flux 8 years ago


jengaman 8 years ago

Baby Mangino has a lot to live up to as he grows older.Nice little rant by redmoon up above. Geez...sour Tuesday?I agree with nurse too. How could Marchiony not be intimidated? When I see Lew out on the town I even get a little nervous. Like somebody is watching me...always watching...

eotw33 8 years ago

and in other news the stoplight by me is currently red.

flux 8 years ago

We might as well be discussing why water is wet.

RedwoodCoast 8 years ago

Maybe this is mean, but Mangino always makes me think of an engorged tick.

countrygirl 8 years ago

Poor kid! The picture did make me laugh though.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

no problem, Nurse. I loved your comment!So flux, what do you think about it?

mom_of_three 8 years ago

Flux,Why do you continue to read and post comments on an article that you OBViously care nothing about? Now, that is what I consider stupid.

KCinKS 8 years ago

The poor child will be cursed for life! RE: RedwoodCoast (Anonymous) says… Maybe this is mean, but Mangino always makes me think of an engorged tick.I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!

flux 8 years ago

Because my opinion is nesessary.

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