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Report: Princess Bea’s car stolen in London

January 9, 2009


— Police are investigating the theft of a car from a London street, and a newspaper is reporting the vehicle was a BMW owned by Princess Beatrice.

The Sun says 20-year-old Beatrice left the car unlocked with the keys in the ignition while she went into a store.

The newspaper says the black BMW was a 17th birthday present to the princess from her father, Prince Andrew.

Police confirmed Thursday that detectives were investigating a car theft from a city street. The force would not say who owned it or confirm reports it had been left unlocked.

Buckingham Palace would not comment.

Beatrice, elder daughter of Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, is fifth in line to the British throne. She receives round-the-clock protection from a police bodyguard.


GardenMomma 9 years, 5 months ago

"...She receives round-the-clock protection from a police bodyguard..."And not one stayed to watch the car???

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