Kansas AD’s salary No. 2 in nation

January 8, 2009

Advertisement filed public-record requests with every public university in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision and learned that Florida’s Jeremy Foley is the highest-paid athletic director with $965,000 in guaranteed salary.

The second-highest paid athletic director? None other than Kansas University’s No. 1 man in the athletic department, Lew Perkins, with a $900,000 salary, Bloomberg reported.

Retiring Kansas Chancellor Robert Hemenway justified Perkins’ salary in an interview with Bloomberg.

“Athletic directors are no more important than faculty in any discipline, but they are paid proportionally more because salaries at a university reflect the outside marketplace, and American society clearly places a high value on collegiate and professional sports,” Hemenway told Bloomberg.

In an e-mail to Bloomberg, Hemenway added: “Perkins runs athletics like a business — focusing on generating revenue while being efficient and keeping costs down. In five years, he has doubled the departmental budget and translated this financial success into concrete improvements.”


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 9 years, 3 months ago

"focusing on generating revenue while being efficient and keeping costs down."Except when it comes to the salaries.

jonas_opines 9 years, 3 months ago

. . . and last year our basketball team was no. 1 in the nation.

jaywalker 9 years, 3 months ago

Heeeeeeere come the haters..........................................

monkeyhawk 9 years, 3 months ago

Congrats, Mr. Perkins. You are worth every penny.

CLARKKENT 9 years, 3 months ago


SettingTheRecordStraight 9 years, 3 months ago

But higher education needs more taxpayer money, right?

gccs14r 9 years, 3 months ago

An AD shouldn't make more than a Dean.

jaywalker 9 years, 3 months ago

Hey, clarkkent, you're a fool to believe that. And he has much to do with the success of all KU sports. How's the football team these days? Women's b-ball on the rise again? How 'bout all the new facilities? Nationally televised games? Perkins is considered one of the most powerful and influential people in sports. Period. And KU is lucky to have him. And he's worth every penny. And anyone who begrudges anyone else for the money they makes is petty and a hypocrite. Every American dreams of the day they get rich. Many of the dumb ones hate on those who've gotten there already.

jonas_opines 9 years, 3 months ago

"they would have been number 1 without perkins!"Unless, of course, they wouldn't have been there at all without Perkins, which is a possibility, but one that I don't have the personal vanity to try and prove.

Chris Ogle 9 years, 3 months ago

If you whiners want to control his salary, then quit watching, or attending the games. Perkins will then just a place to go to get coffee, and a piece of pie. See you at the game.

jaywalker 9 years, 3 months ago

"Obvious proof of someone more impressed by sports"Quite. That's why I donate to the J school every year. I'm guessin' you've never played sports which is ok, but sad to have such a chip on your shoulder. And cop a clue, Jack. Even the Ivy Leagues utilize athletics for income. Athletics provide money to universities and their cities, instill pride and comradery, and are an excellent diversion of entertainment. Junior highs and high schools maintain athletic programs for health and extracurricular activity for the students. Sports teach teamwork, promote social interaction, and often provide direction in life. There's no reason for athletics to be kept 'seperate' from education. Noone's not gettin no dumber 'cuz theys gots sports at skool. 'Nuff sed.

Confrontation 9 years, 3 months ago

Perkins is worth every dime he gets. The Chancellor isn't.

Armen Kurdian 9 years, 3 months ago

There is something wrong on some level when the AD gets paid more than the Dean. But I think the real measure of success is revenue vs. expenses. Let's look back 20 years through Frederick, Bohl, & Perkins, and see how much money was brought in vs. how much went out. In this sense, the Athletic Department is just like a corporation; is the AD worth his salary?The biggest negative I can think of are the skyrocketing prices of KU basketball tickets and how they completely re-did how season tickets were issued. Prices are darn near usurious. But then again, all the seats are full, so people are meeting the price point, even in this economy.

jonas_opines 9 years, 3 months ago

"Sorry, the only chip I have on my shoulder is with the idea that Americans are willing to give up their own identities to be tied to a cause, especially one as dumb as a sports team."Only? That, errr, seems to be a pretty damned substantial chip, if you ask me.

torcia 9 years, 3 months ago

This debate reminds me of an exchange in the movie "the program":Regent Chairman: "This is not a football vocational school. It's an institute for higher learning." Coach Winters: "Yeah, but when was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a kid do a damn chemistry experiment? Why don't you stick the bow-tie up your a**?"

ItsOkayToDisagree 9 years, 3 months ago

I just have a couple of comments to add to this debate. I agree that Perkins has done a good job in most respects and deserves to be fairly compensated. But, I can't agree that he "deserves whatever he can get." Making more than a Dean is one thing...he makes 7 times more than the governor and makes more than the president of the United States! That can't be justified and is an embarrassment in my opinion to Chancellor. I know KU had a great football and basketball season (men's), but I saw they finished 8th or 9th overall in all-sports in the Big 12. I admire that he's improved facilities and raised money. But isn't that what he's suppose to do?

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipper....What you seem to fail to understand is that a University's athletic department is like its marketing department. Most people around the country never heard of George Mason until the made the Final Four. Marketing is important for businesses as well as for Universities.

jaywalker 9 years, 3 months ago

"Oh my, more of the I need something to tie my name to so I can be part of something that gives me direction crowd"That's all you got out of what I wrote? Direction? And you're cryin' on the discrepancy between educational value and athletics? Methinks you need to get whatever money you spent on your education back. Wasted dough.And by the way, to further pick at the utter ignorance of your statement, doesn't everyone like - attempt - seek - desire -to be a part of something? The ones that don't are referred to as bums and generally make up the homeless population 'cuz they gave up on fitting into the social landscape. "Americans are willing to give up their own identities to be tied to a cause,"Who's giving up their own identities by rooting for their college team? Sweet Jesus, Jack, an enema and a nap would do wonders for ya. And it's hilarious you single out 'Americans' when most other countries are much more maniacal about their particular sports. Oh, and athletics are not a 'cause'. Civil Rights was a cause. Athletics are competition, social, entertainment, healthy activity. Not a cause. Wow, man, the jocks beat you up or stuff you in a locker when you were younger?"It would be one thing if the sports team was made up of local yokels fighting it out with those other teams but when the college teams are made up by people who are only here temporarily because it benefits their plans"Aren't all universities substantially 'made up by people who are only here temporarily because it benefits their plans'? Or am I confused and only Lawrence residents attend KU? And the 'local yokels' do have such organizations in the form of intramurals, city leagues, and el-hi teams. Look, you don't like sports. Cool beans. But they don't detract from your education or influence your life in any way except for where you've allowed it to. I can't stand NASCAR but I don't go around whining about the money spent. I never got into Dungeons and Dragons but I don't rail about those that do. I wasn't a big fan of the Greek society while at KU (with some exceptions), but I never railed that they have no place on campus. Wanna know why? None of it effects me and there's nothin' wrong with any of it. Unless I decided to have a chip on my shoulder like the one on yours. Jonas is right. It's a biggun, man. Get that fixed.

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipper…University may not be a company, but they are in the “business” of educating people. First, in order to get those scholars and get the best and the brightest faculty and students they need to have marketing. Can a school be successful at getting scholars, etc without an athletic department? Yes. Can a school be more successful with at attracting scholars, etc. with an athletic department? Yes. Marketing is proven to work.Second, I disagree that KU in particular doesn’t “need” more students. I think the more students the better it is for everyone. A large school such as KU has many more educational and other opportunities in general than does a smaller school like Baker. While Baker is academically a great school they don’t have the diversity, number of top notch professors, campus, or other general opportunities that KU has. And the great thing about this country is if you think universities should be small and shouldn’t have an athletic department, then you can choose to go to that school.

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

Also, athletics scholarship allows people to go to college that might otherwise not had the opportunity. It seems you seem to focus on the most "popular" sports such as basketball and football. But KU is involved in several sports. Encouraging sports is also good for recreation, meeting others and getting exercise. Plus the bottom line is people enjoy watching and playing them.

jaywalker 9 years, 3 months ago

How are you being effected, Jack? Describe the 'tax dollars' being diverted and how that effects you or others. Noone is trying to 'control free speech', just copyrights, just like any other business would and does react to. I'm marching like a good soldier? Why, because I like sports and understand their benefit? Man, you really need to get a life. I'm sorry for those that mistreated you, truly. Special seating has been around since the days of the gladiator, athletic competition has been around for millenia. I've got a 100k that says you NEVER go to any game, and yet you wanna decry the unfairness of who gets what seat? Be a little sillier and then we can talk.

BigAl 9 years, 3 months ago

Satirical is right on. I am a member of the Williams Fund and I currently have a kid attending KU. Perkins is worth every dime. He has been invalueable to KU. Some of you can whine all you want but facts are facts. Sports are important to most universities and alumni. If that isn't your choice, like Satirical says, you can go to other schools that don't have such programs. No one is forcing anyone to attend a university that is diverse and offers many avenues including sports.

BigAl 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipper. What taxes do you pay for me? I pay KU a heck of a lot more than what I give to the Williams Fund. And I'm betting I pay as much in taxes as you do, probably more. By the way, 230 or so Marching Jayhawks just got back from attending the Insight Bowl and thanks to Lew, it was completely funded by the athletic dept. Not one dollar came from your taxes. Or do you not support the band and the music dept either?

BigAl 9 years, 3 months ago

I can only listen to whiners so long. I'm done with this conversation and I am just thankful that I don't have the sour outlook on life that JackRipper has. Could be his user name here fits him well. I have a feeling Jack was home alone on Prom night.

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipper….For all of your praising of academics you seem to be seriously lacking in that capacity. Your assertions are completely ridiculous.It seems like you have a problem with college in general.“As far as Baker it is interesting if it isn't such a good deal academically that so many would spend more money to go there when they could easily go to KU and manage to do that without the power of division one sports marketing.” – JackRipperI just wrote that Baker was a good school academically, and also wrote Universities can have students without an athletics department. Try reading. People go to different schools for a plethora of reasons, my wife went to Baker while I got my undergrad from KU. I am sure one subconscious reason I chose to go to KU for graduate school rather than other places who offered me academic scholarship was because I grew up loving KU Basketball. My loyalty to the school was developed before I ever set foot on campus. --------------------“I'm afraid it is people like you who look at a college education as just an other product to be sold.” – JackRipperMost students don’t educate themselves through a university simply for the joy of learning, this can be done outside of going to a university. People go to school as a means to get employment. Professors teach because they get paid to do so, not simply from the kindness of their heart. So it is a service (not a product) being sold. I understand some people are drawn to a particular school based on academic research papers and meetings. However, I personally have never met a person who has said they attended any school because of a great academic research paper they read. It is more likely they went to a school because (1) it was affordable or (2) they had a good academic program.Who said playing sports makes someone more qualified than an academic student. Where do you come up with this garbage?

Shane Garrett 9 years, 3 months ago

Not to change the topic but was it not sports that led to blacks being allowed to enroll in colleges in the south and southeast schools? It seemed the history channel did a two hour special on the subject. And interviewed the heros of their time.

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipper…KU charges less than Baker because KU gets money from the State.If you are going to compare Baker size and enrollment to KU‘s and use that as proof a university doesn’t need an athletic department then I am afraid you have a losing argument. You seem to want to attack everything about a university, the athletics and the academics. We get it you don’t like universities, what is your point?-----------------“Clarification, issuing scholarships based on someone being able to play a sport over someone who is academically qualified should be remedied.” – JackFirst, KU offers both types of scholarship separately.Second, KU would not have the diversity it has without its athletic scholarships (and I am not just refering to racial diversity).Third, are you suggesting that only the super smart deserve scholarships? What about just your average student? There are schools that operate as such but not a public university such as KU.

Jim Williamson 9 years, 3 months ago

"...Making more than a Dean is one thing…he makes 7 times more than the governor and makes more than the president of the United States! That can't be justified..."Like hell I can't.Lew, Gov. Sebelius and the potted fern we call a President are the CEOs of three entities.Two of them are hemorrhaging money. The third is run by Lew Perkins.

budwhysir 9 years, 3 months ago

no more important than any other faculty member???? I say this, lets get it together and pay those k to 12 teachers aroun 500,000 a year. Lets face it, if we didnt have MORE IMPORTANTmembers of the education faculty, these diretors would have no graduating students to direct in athletics, therefor eleminating the directors position completly proving that this position is actualy no more important than the faculty member in charge of raising tuition and going to the government for tax rebates so we can afford our directors of athletics and suchhoorah to Mr perkins. I love his food over at the eatin place on 23rd street.

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipper…Again, you are making the argument that Baker (and similar schools) can still fill their enrollment without an athletics department. So I will repeat myself for a third time: I am not denying such and have stated the same, however;(1) Some people don’t care about athletics, or alternatively choose to go to Baker for other reasons. This does not mean by negative implication that a school the size of KU would still get the enrollment numbers or quality without a top notch athletics department. Since the size of Baker is tiny they don’t need to resort to the same measures as a larger school to recruit. But if you think Baker doesn’t market themselves than you are a fool.(2) The previous argument you made was an athletics department doesn’t assist in attracting top scholars, (as if that is all a university should care about). So even though Baker can fill their seats, doesn’t necessarily mean they have as many top scholars (your criteria for the objective for all universities)While some schools are known for their great curriculum, what you are suggesting is the abolishment of universities (a combination of several colleges) and only have trade colleges. Again, the great thing about America is that one can choose where to get an education. So what are you complaining about/what is your point?

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipper….I think the benefits of funding higher education outweigh the burdens, even though not everything is perfect.Just because voter turnout is low does not necessarily bear any reflection on college graduates. Only around 27% of adults in the U.S. graduate from college in the first place. Plus most people who vote aren’t informed anyway, so I don’t mind fewer uninformed people voting. Even the top economists in the World didn’t foresee the current problems are economy is in. Even if every child wanted to go to college there would still be recruiting. Recruiting for your college to have more students or better students etc. Recruiting will not go away. I am not sure who you think doesn’t care about an education (maybe the 73% who don’t get a degree) but I think most student care about the education otherwise they wouldn’t be getting in so much debt. While some students are just here to party on their parent’s dime, I don’t think that applies to the majority. So you are suggesting that if KU wanted to help MORE students they would have FEWER facilities? What kind of logic is that?To be honest all of your complaining seems like it is coming from a rambling grumpy old man who is myopic about history and believes the world is destroying itself without being able to cite any specific evidence to support his crazy theories.

Satirical 9 years, 3 months ago

Correction: "so I don’t mind (more) uninformed people (choosing not to vote).

jonas_opines 9 years, 3 months ago

"Plus most people who vote aren’t informed anyway"Would you regard that as an informed statement? Taking your reinterpreted meaning, which is what I read in the first place.

Stephen Prue 9 years, 3 months ago

Your everlasting summerYou can see it fading fastSo you grab a piece of somethingThat you think is gonna lastYou wouldn't know a diamondIf you held it in your handThe things you think are preciousI can't understand

hippiestomper 9 years, 3 months ago

Most of the people whining about this and saying they do not care about sports are probably the ones that could not even make the cut for the Jr. High sports programs... Common guys lets get the hate in your heart out. Its not sports you hate it is the coach that said you are not good enough. haha

ralphralph 9 years, 3 months ago

Lew can whore-it-up with the best of them!Tradition? phooey! Loyalty? hooey!Bring in more bucks at any cost!

TopJayhawk 9 years, 3 months ago

Hey Jack the Rip.If you guys are so smart, why do you keep using the same tired, invalid argument?KU and KU Athletics are two seperate entities. No public money is used for sports, they are self-sufficient.Get over it, you are the one who needs an identity. Sports are not my identity, they are my fun, my distraction from the day to day grind.I'm sorry you are too obtuse to understand.

TopJayhawk 9 years, 3 months ago

Jack the RipI am not a rich guy, and I do not belong to the Williams Fund. I don't have too much trouble getting tickets though. I have already been to one basketball game, and have tickets now to three others.I know of a hill out west of Topeka in the Flint hills. If I were you I would pitch a pup-tent, take a roll of toilet paper, and live off of the land. Then you would be completely free of all of these excesses that you rale about. Think of it man NIRVANA for you!!!

TopJayhawk 9 years, 3 months ago

Jack the Rip.If you are a college graduate, why is your syntax and spelling so bad?Did you not go to class while skipping all of those sporting events?HInt: You are misusing the words suppose, and use in the tense that you are using them.

Shelley Bock 9 years, 3 months ago

JackRipped says..."If you have KU glimmering in the sun with championship sports teams and charge less then why would there be people choosing to enroll at Baker which charges more and doesn't have the sports prestige. Baker is only as big as it is because they have limitations of space and work with them but imagine they don't have any problem filling seats even without all the bells and whistles."Now there you go again, Jacked! Wrong again. You assume that students only go to Baker for the education. Daughter went to Baker to play sports. She received an athletic scholarship and academic grants that made it roughly equal to KU costs. She selected Baker over KU, MU, and several other smaller schools because she could play there. She played a varsity sport, started 3 years and graduated in the top 5% of her graduating class. She enjoyed Baker and really enjoyed playing.In fact, many Baker students play sports and go there because they can continue doing so in college. These are the kids who aren't as big, fast or skilled as those who go to KU, but they still like playing and competiting. If they aren't interested in playing, they wind up at KU. Sports programs keep smaller schools going. Baker promotes sports participation to students more than KU ever does.

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