Two people arrested after knife incident in Baldwin City

Two Baldwin City residents were arrested early Monday morning after an attack involving a knife at Puckett’s Bar, 309 Ames St., in Baldwin City.

Officer Daniel Flick of the Baldwin City Police Department said that the incident began when a 44-year-old Baldwin City woman attacked a man at the bar. The woman’s 46-year-old boyfriend then pulled a knife on the man, whose age is unknown. The woman attempted to restrain her boyfriend as he wielded the knife, police said.

“It happened in the parking lot or on the way out to the parking lot,” Sgt. Greg Neis said.

The incident occurred about 2:30 a.m. and the bar was closed. Officers reported holding the suspects at gunpoint when they arrived at the bar.

The woman and her boyfriend, whose names were not released by police Monday, were both booked into Douglas County Jail, she on suspicion of battery, he on suspicion of assault.

Neis said the investigation into the incident is continuing and the report is not complete.