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City Commission agenda: SmartCode up for approval

January 5, 2009


Agenda highlights • 6:35 p.m. Tuesday • City Hall, Sixth and Massachusetts streets • Sunflower Broadband Channel 25 • Meeting documents online at

SmartCode up for approval

Bottom line

Commissioners will consider approving the Lawrence SmartCode, a new development code that will give developers the option of building neighborhoods in a less suburban style.


The plan has drawn criticism from some neighborhood groups, who fear that the new development code will give City Hall staff members too much power to approve developments administratively.

Other business


• Recognition of Lawrence Police Capt. Mike Pattrick as a graduate of the 235th FBI National Academy class.

Consent agenda

• Approve City Commission meeting minutes from Dec. 9, Dec. 16 and Dec. 30 meetings.

• Approve all claims.

• Approve licenses as recommended by the Department of Administrative Services.

• Bid and purchase items:

a.) Waive bidding requirements and approve the sole source purchase of personal protective clothing for the Fire Medical Department from Municipal Emergency Services for $26,397. Globe Manufacturing has an exclusive dealer network in Kansas and has identified MES as the sole distributor that may sell to the city.

• Adopt the following ordinances on first reading:

a.) Adopt on first reading Ordinance No. 8360, authorizing the codification of the general ordinances of the city.

• Approve Text Amendment TA-10-17-08, amendments to Section 20-804, 20-805, 20-807 and 20-815 of the joint Subdivision Regulations revising standards for Build Out Plans.

• Accept dedication of easements and rights of way for PP-10-14-08, a Preliminary Plat for Free State Addition No. 3, a nonresidential subdivision containing 17.641 acres located at 4700 Overland Drive.

• Accept dedication of easements and rights of way for PP-10-15-08, a Preliminary Plat for Hunter’s Acres, a nonresidential subdivision containing 9.353 acres, located at 2145 La. Submitted by Landplan Engineering for the Lawrence school district, property owner of record.

• Authorize the city manager to negotiate an agreement with Haase and Long for collection services.

• Authorize the city manager to execute a Predesign Phase Engineering Services Agreement with BG Consultants in the amount of $43,419 for the annual Watermain Replacement Program.

• Approve temporary use of right-of-way permits adjacent to 642 and 824 La. for one month, Jan. 6 through Feb. 6, for the storage of construction materials, with additional extensions to be considered as needed, provided that any future extension requests must be applied for prior to the expiration of the then-current temporary use of right-of-way permit.

• Receive request for special assessment benefit district for the construction of Exchange Place/Fairfield Street in the Fairfield East subdivision (east of O’Connell); direct staff to review and prepare appropriate resolutions.

• Adopt Resolution No. 6818 declaring the necessity to appropriate interests in real property for use by the city for the location, construction, operation and maintenance of a public sanitary sewer pump station, sanitary sewer main and equipment and facilities appurtenant thereto, and authorizing a survey and description of the land to be condemned.

• Receive city manager’s report.

Regular agenda

• Consider adopting on second and final reading Joint City Ordinance No. 8358/County Resolution No. ____, amending Horizon 2020, Chapter 14 Specific Plans by approving and incorporating by reference the Kansas Highway 10 and Farmer’s Turnpike Plan, CPA-2008-9.

• Consider the following items related to Lawrence SmartCode:

a.) Consider approval of CPA-2007-6, a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Horizon 2020 by creating Chapter 15 Place Making to ensure proper comprehensive plan language is in place for the proposed Lawrence SmartCode in the city of Lawrence.

b.) Consider approval of CPA-2007-7, a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Horizon 2020, Chapter 14 Specific Plans, to add a reference to the Lawrence SmartCode Infill Plan.

c.) Consider adopting Text Amendment TA-11-24-07 regarding the Lawrence SmartCode and, pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. Chapter 12, Article 7, enacting a new Chapter 21 of the city code, establishing comprehensive zoning regulations and other land use regulations.

• Consider the following items related to Maple Leaf Square.

a.) Consider Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve a request to rezone a tract of land, Z-10-17A-08, approximately 6.14 acres from RS-7 (Single-Family Residential) to RM-12D (Multi-Dwelling Residential Duplex), located at 4145 Seele Way. Note: The applicant has submitted a request to amend the application, using the Table of Lesser Change, to replace a portion of the requested RM12D zoning with RS5 zoning per the attachments.

b.) Consider approving a request to rezone a tract of land, Z-10-17B-08, approximately 3.57 acres from RS-7 (Single-Family Residential) to RS-5 (Single-Family Residential), located at 437 Seele Drive.

c.) Consider deferring acceptance of dedication of easements and rights of way for PP-10-13-08, a Preliminary Plat for Maple Leaf Square, 10.24 acre subdivision consisting of 41 lots, located at 4145 Seele Way.

d.) Consider deferring approval of a waiver from the requirement in Section 20-811(c)(1)(i) of the Subdivision Regulations that sidewalks be constructed on both sides of the street for Maple Leaf Square Addition, a 10.24 acre, 41 lot subdivision that is a replat of Lots 1 through 29 in Block One, Lots 1 through 12 in Block Two and Tracts A and B in Doolittle Subdivision. It is located north of Overland Drive between Monterey Way and Eldridge Street.


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