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Anti-tax group chapter gets new director

January 3, 2009


— The Kansas chapter of Americans for Prosperity is getting a new director.

He is Derrick Sontag, of Topeka, who is leaving a similar job with the National Federation of Independent Business. Sontag starts Monday at AFP.

He’ll replace Alan Cobb, who’s been promoted to national director of AFP’s state operations.

AFP has become well known in Kansas for opposing tax increases and seeking legal limits on the annual growth in government spending.

It’s also intervened regularly in legislative races in recent years to highlight candidates’ positions on taxes and spending.

The AFP state chapter, based in Topeka, recently merged with the Kansas Taxpayers Network, with headquarters in Wichita.


Richard Heckler 9 years, 4 months ago

This group and TABOR are unfriendly to business and communities. Any operation that is against funding public education to meet it's needs is unfriendly to new economic growth thus unfriendly to business and taxpayers.

johngalt 9 years, 4 months ago

Merrill,Where did you take econ? KU? A group that lobbies for spending restraint and lower taxes is lobbying for economic growth. I love how some of you lefties think larger government equals economic growth. Can you give me an exmaple of where this is the case? If I recall, South Korea is doing a bit better than North Korea. And btw, when has AFP ever been against funding education? Get your facts straight.

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