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Some liquor stores to open today

January 1, 2009


Some liquor stores in Lawrence will be open today for the New Year’s Day holiday.

But others — by their owners’ choice instead of by law — will be closed.

Most government offices and public services will be closed today, including all city, county, state and federal offices.

Banks will also be closed.

Most offices will open, and services will resume Friday.

The Douglas County District Court will open Friday with reduced staff, and anyone who has been summoned to appear for a limited-action civil court case or before District Judge Jean Shepherd needs to appear. The district court clerk’s office will be open to accept filings and payments.


George_Braziller 9 years, 3 months ago

Yesterday the J-W said that liquor stores were required by law to be closed today. Here they are saying it's up to the store owner and not mandated by law. So which is it?

ps2224 9 years, 3 months ago

Seems odd that the government which we pay for pays its civil employees for a day off, and mandates that the banks which have put our economy in jeopardy do the same thing, while businesses and soldiers fighting to survive the disaster caused by the government and the banks are forced by circumstances to work.The governments give their civil employees TWICE the number of paid holidays as private industry, creating "Federal holidays" upon whim -on top of a generous insurance and pension plan. It must be nice to have someone else footing the bill for all your misdeeds. Maybe our new "change" President will have the guts to rein in this kind of unjustified special treatment.

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