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Bishop Seabury honor roll

February 28, 2009


Bishop Seabury Academy has announced students named to its fall 2008 honor roll, by earning a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher.

Seventh Grade

Alicia Cotsoradis, Kristofer Knudson, Alison Chi, Carl Palmquist, Ethan Ward, Courtney Cooper, Isaac Ward, Leah Spreckelmeyer, Hunter Robinson, Miranda Blanchard, Johanna diZerega, Phoebe Grabill, Jakob Walter, Liz Padgett, Whitney Simons, Aine McGrath, Patrick Gutierrez and Kate Albrecht.

Eighth Grade

Raquel Dominguez, Emilie Padgett, Padget Sutherland, Maddie McCaffrey, Aubrey Rinehart, Austin Sweeney, Taylor Sweeney, Deborah Zheng, Michael Kressig, Yoon Ji Seo, Brandon McCaffrey,Kira Alexander, Jordan Lutz, Ji Hyeon Seo, Madison Silvers and Fischer Almanza.

Ninth Grade

Alexandra Hoopes, Peter Cooney, Reese Grabill, Megan Smith, Austin Barone and Charlotte Burch.

10th Grade

David Lawrence, Reed Grabill, Taylor Thurman, Guy Williams, Sara King, Libby Sutherland, William Wolfe, Zach Silvers, Geneva Claflin, Sarah Henry and Jack Hoffmann.

11th Grade

Jun Kim, Jasmine Tse, Jung Won Seo, Shannon O'Shea, Lara Thompson and Pete Esau.

12th Grade

Liam Smith, Julia Davidson, Jeff Miller, Steven Peng, Brianna Phipps, Gus Wigen-Toccalino, Dana Sohn, Kristin Capps, Jennifer Hughes, Amber Lehman, Joonghee Lee and Jefferson Wagner.


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