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Former lawmaker wants to split state

February 25, 2009


— The revolution will begin in Visalia, Calif. — and it will be led by a man named Maze.

As in Bill Maze, a termed-out legislator turned rebel who is pushing for California to split in two: the conservative interior as one state and the liberal coast as another. He’s serious.

“We’re looking at establishing a breakaway state,” he said, with a new government and a new capital. “We’d actually be creating a 51st state.”

Maze is a conservative Republican who served Visalia in the Assembly until last year. He is tapping into the anger of farmers and others who say environmental rules and high taxes are sending the state into a tailspin.

Under Maze’s plan, 13 coastal counties from Los Angeles to Marin would split from the remaining 45 counties.


staff04 8 years, 12 months ago

This reminds me of that "You take the red states, we'll take the blue states" thing that circulates everytime there is a federal election. Funny.

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