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21-year-old KU student taken to Kansas City-area hospital after car-pedestrian accident

Lawrence police officers work the scene of a car/pedestrian accident at University and Crestline drives in west Lawrence at about 1 p.m. Wednesday. The victim was transferred by Life Star helicopter to an area hospital.

Lawrence police officers work the scene of a car/pedestrian accident at University and Crestline drives in west Lawrence at about 1 p.m. Wednesday. The victim was transferred by Life Star helicopter to an area hospital.

February 25, 2009, 1:00 p.m. Updated February 26, 2009, 1:52 a.m.


Car hits pedestrian near intersection

A 21-year-old Kansas University student was struck by a car Wednesday afternoon while crossing the street near the intersection of Crestline Drive and University Drive. Enlarge video

Pedestrian struck by vehicle

Emergency crews respond to an accident at University and Crestline drives on Wednesday afternoon. A pedestrian was taken by Life Star helicopter to a Kansas City-area hospital after being struck by a car. Enlarge video

A 21-year-old Kansas University student was struck by a car Wednesday afternoon while crossing the street near the intersection of Crestline Drive and University Drive.

The man, whose name was not immediately available, was taken by helicopter ambulance, above, to a Kansas City-area hospital with head injuries.

Lawrence police Sgt. Michael Monroe couldn’t say whether the injuries were life-threatening; however, he said the man was conscious and talking when the helicopter arrived.

“But that doesn’t mean he’s fine,” Monroe said.

Monroe identified the driver of the car as 18-year-old Kendra Butler, a Washburn University freshman. Butler declined to comment.


Rick Aldrich 9 years ago

cars are not allowed on sidewalks! i pray the pedestrian is alright.

hujiko 9 years ago

Northbound on Crestline past Bob Billings is blocked by a firetruck, the rest of the streets are moving normally. I just saw the helicopter go in for the landing, but it has not taken off yet.

hujiko 9 years ago

There goes the helicopter, I hope they turn out alright.

brinox 9 years ago

i was driving to my apartment over lunch and happened to be on-scene just after the accident. the helicopter had powered down and i guess they were making sure the pedestrian was stable enough to make the trip.

i grabbed my camera and walked up the hill from 15th and bob billings, between cornish square and university drive, on crestline and snapped a few photos of the car and the street:

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

And jack I just walked to and from my kids school just fine no problem with rude people at all.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

sure why not never have had a problem with walking in this town in 26 years.

supercowbellninja 9 years ago

Hope this fellow is ok -

Jack - I think you're the exception to the rule on this thread to date - I walk all over this town and ride a bicycle too and have had nothing but a predominantly positive experience. Perhaps this is a case of one bad apple or experience ruining it for you?

brinox 9 years ago

i think these comment sections are just as rude as jack says the lawrence streets are to be honest.

and my reason for doing this was an impending/dooming need to satisfy the photo-journalistic cravings i have. or rather because people want to know, and at this point in the article, there arent many details regarding the collision at all.

maybe i am the minority here, but i wanted to know.

Jonathan Kealing 9 years ago

Brinox- Thanks for posting the photos. We've also had a couple witnesses send us photos. Anyone should feel free to do so at

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

kusp8 9 years ago

Surprised nobody commented on the headline.

Richard Heckler 9 years ago

cell phone maybe? pedestrian or driver?

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

was just wandering if it was a morbid deal or if you worked for ljw or 6news not many people would have thought to go grab a camera they would have been to busy trying to see how bad the guy was hurt and getting in the way of trained people trying to do their jobs, like all the people that just have to slow down to see what the flashing lights are for creating massive slow down at rush hour for no good reason because someone got got speeding.

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago

Monroe identified the driver of the car as 18-year-old Kendra Butler, a Washburn University freshman. Butler declined to comment.

Why would this surprise you? What did you want her to give? A play-by-play?

guesswho 9 years ago

That is a terrible intersection (University and Crestline) - when Meadowbrook put up those apartments a few years ago the residents complained about that intersection. Supposedly they did a traffic study but it was in June where there weren't as many people.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

see this is what i mean multi would have thought of it and the poster brinox did to. me i never think about a camera until to late then kick myself in butt cuz i did not have one with me. man hope when that ufo goes by i have one camera on my phone sucks and i would not think abourt that one unil it was to late also.

asleepinthechapel 9 years ago

Brinox -

Good for you, citizen journalist! Keep it up!

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

No I avoid the west if I can people are crazy over on the west side.

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago


with the way you're typing, you may not want to go out on the road for awhile. give youself some time to sober up.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

think I need more coffee or check my posts better oh well.

asleepinthechapel 9 years ago

Punctuation and capitalization, that's what you need.

But I guess everybody's got their own style.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

Come on asleep I am famous for lack of all things proper. Well at least on here at any rate.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

No my kid now has a kitten that thinks my leg should be a scratching post so I am down to typing one handed and blocking the kitten from h&ll. :)

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago

Sounds like it may be time for the little kitten to have an unfortunate "accident"........

kmat 9 years ago

momma - go get one of the cardboard scratching things (Walmart, Target, Petco all have them). It will be the best $8-10 you ever spend. One of those with some catnip sprinkled on it and your kitty will be in heaven. For some reason, they love to claw cardboard. Ever since I got them, my cats will only use them (they were enjoying using the carpet, which we weren't enjoying).

Also, you can snip the sharp tip of their claw with your fingernail trimmers. Just take off the little tip (more than that can harm the kitty), but it will help.

Wendy magillicutty 9 years ago

personally I think that if we did NOT rubber neck it would be a sadder statement on humanity. The flashing lights are a sign of emergency and/or danger and we respond accordingly. I don't know it's "just a speeding ticket" unless I slow down and observe!

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

Flea had thought of that but baby girl would cry not to nice of me I know. Plan on getting something soon kmat, but not sure about the nip part but she is only about 12 weeks old not sure how safe it would be for the kitty. The idea of cutting the nails has entered my mind but then I freak out thinking I will cut to much.

kmat 9 years ago

I appreciate people with cameras (I'm a photo freak and my Nikon goes everywhere with me), but did you really need to take a picture of the blood stain on the road? It's one thing to take a picture of the car, but why the blood stain shot. That's a little morbid.

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago

Like kmat said....If you took my advice, the kitty would also "be in heaven"!!

supercowbellninja 9 years ago

I think JackRipper must spend a good deal of his time telling kids to get off his lawn...

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

story says "near the intersection" so I was left wondering if Mr. Pedestrian was crossing without crosswalk?

yeah, the driver had no comment...duh.

Brinox, three years ago lawrence experienced the microburst, and it hit where I was living. that was about 9a.m. on a sunday morning. houses were damaged, many big trees down, power was out for over 24-hours. sunday afternoon our quiet little neighborhood streets were packed wall-to-wall with gawkers. some took pictures of me walking my dog!

personally I say gawkers should be shot on sight.

I think JackRipper must spend a good deal of his time telling kids to get off his lawn…

oh, you ain't seen nothing. Jackie Ripper's little rant machine hardly got warmed up on this thread.

kmat 9 years ago

flea eater - so, you think killing cats is ok? What a great person you are. Are you the sicko cat mutilator? Killing pets is nothing to even joke about after all the sick jerks we've had in Lawrence lately.

Momma - catnip won't hurt a kitten. Some cats are born the the catnip gene and will love it. Other cats don't have the gene and won't have any interest in it. Get some for kitty and see if he/she has the gene and gets to "party". Don't worry, it's not a gateway drug for cats. Ha ha. I actually have a little patch of it in my backyard and grow my cats "stash". They like to lay in it and chew on it.

The next time you take it to the vet, ask them to show you how to trim it's nails. They take it down pretty close to the quick. I just trim off the very sharp tip about once a week. Also, kitty will grow out of this stage soon. This is like the terrible two's for your kitty. It won't be long before you were wishing that it acted like a kitten again.

Please do not consider getting the cat declawed. They cut off the entire first knuckle and it is so evil. Cat's walk on their toes and when you remove the last knuckle of their toes, you are actually causing them back pain from how they have to adapt their feet to walking without the knuckle. I adopted a cat that had it done and when she got older, her feet got all deformed. A friend that is a vet tech has told about cats trying to jump on furniture after having it done and their little paws bleeding and the wounds breaking open. The attached link has a section explaining what declawing does and how it harms them and also shows how to trim their nails. I don't trim as far down as they show.

I_Bejewel 9 years ago

I hope he's going to be okay. Drivers and pedestrians alike need to be aware of their surroundings. I've been walking and driving the streets of Lawrence for almost 12 years now, and the only thing I know for sure is that things can happen fast. Be careful out there everyone.

woodenfleaeater 9 years ago

Calm down Kmat....I was only joking.

Dani Davey 9 years ago

bearded gnome: there is no crosswalk there, but there is a bus stop right there so there are ALWAYS students crossing that street.

I think a light would be excessive for that little intersection but that area needs to be patrolled better. There are always people speeding down Crestline.

$10 says both the driver and the pedestrian were texting at the time of the accident.

Mike Blur 9 years ago

Skimming through this comment thread, I really wonder how a story about a car-ped accident devolved into cat-declawing advice. The middle age lonely hearts club strikes again.

gsxr600 9 years ago

I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. It's hard to say who's fault it was in this one, but, oh wait this is easy... it's the driver and the pedestrians fault. In every accident if you get down to it, both parties are to blame in one way or another. Did the pedestrian cross through a designated crosswalk or did they jaywalk? From what I've witnessed people don't follow the rules when cross the road. Also, cyclists don't obey the law at all, especially on campus (in my experience). You cars in your cages of metal also aren't aware of your surroundings. In the past few days I've had 5 extremely close calls traveling through campus where I had the right of way. That was in my car. On my motorcycle hahah that's an entirely different story. Just about every time I head out I have a close call. I don't speed, I signal always, and I properly stop at intersections but nonetheless you morons try to kill me. The safest car is a car without a driver. You people suck. Pull your head, fist, and whatever body part you have jammed out of your you know what. Rant over.

Jersey_Girl 9 years ago

I didn't see any crosswalks in any of the pics. That doesn't mean that there weren't any, I just didn't see any. Drivers have to be on the watch for pedestrians and bycyclers. Even if they're the one in the wrong, you have to live with the guilt if you hit one. Although, I was tempted last week. Two jerkoffs were ride side-by-side up Tennessee instead of single file, holding up an entire lane of traffic. I'm happy to share the road with them, but not so much when they act like complete asses, as these two did or they disregard all traffic laws that we as motorists are expected to follow.

Christine Pennewell Davis 9 years ago

not lonely just clawed and it started with my poor grammer. now figure that one.

asleepinthechapel 9 years ago

Mike Blur, you made me chuckle. So true!

Jersey_Girl 9 years ago

Jack - back in the day when my bike was my mode of transportation, I wasn't stupid enough to try and ride my bike on Tennessee or Kentucky. I stuck with streets with either less traffic or sidewalks.

MeAndFannieLou 9 years ago

I've been walking around this town for 32 years now, and I must say, it's gotten pretty bad. I've even been hit by a car while crossing legally in a crosswalk at a four-way stop by a driver who I thought had acknowledged me, but she was actually waving to the person in the car to my left. So I don't think Jack is exaggerating.

I also drive, and yes, I see some of the dumb/rude/careless/desperate things that peds and cyclists do, but the big difference is - they can't hurt a person in a car, so I'm very charitable to them when I'm driving. It hasn't hurt anyone yet, except to maybe drive up the blood pressure of other drivers, but that's their own fault.

Jersey_Girl 9 years ago

Jack - if you want to ride your bike on Tennessee, please, go right ahead. I'm not saying you can't. I just personally chose to ride my bike defensively rather than offensively and stayed of streets where I had a much better chance of getting hit by a car.

storm 9 years ago

I'm only annoyed at slowing down for a pedestrian even when they're not using the crosswalk, and barely annoyed by bicyclists but joggers irritate me - probably because they aren't a real mode of travel.

Terry Jacobsen 9 years ago

I feel bad for everyone involved. We live in such a busy world and there are many distractions for drivers and pedestrians. If I were driving and this accident wasn't my fault, I would feel terrible about hurting someone else. I hope the guy comes out ok and hopefully everyone will learn something of value that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

mari22 9 years ago

Hey, I'm the guy who got hit. I'm using my friend's ljw account to post, but I just wanted everyone to know I'm fine - just a couple of cracked ribs and some cuts. It was my fault - I didn't look where I was going, and Kendra was nothing but nice about the whole thing. Thank you to the other girl who offered to give me CPR and the guy who called the ambulance.

  • ZK

Christine Anderson 9 years ago

ZK: I'm glad you are okay. Getting hit by a car is a scary thing, even if it is the pedestrian's "fault". I tried outrunning a car to cross a street when I was nine; luckily got away with a scraped knee and elbow. Now that we know you are okay, I'm going to say this-I wish the person struck had been the freak who was recently charged with raping an 11 yr. old girl!

Evan Ridenour 9 years ago

No offense but to the people claiming that walking around town is a breeze... you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Lawrence is actually the WORST pedestrian city I have ever been to. Some cities like Portland for instance the drivers actually watch out for pedestrians... follow traffic signals, etc, things completely LACKING in Lawrence.

I am a runner and it is almost a DAILY occurrence that drivers ignore traffic signals in a way that if it weren't for me acting defensively would cause serious harm to me.. or death. Whether it be a car running through a right hand turn at a red light while I am already in the middle of the crosswalk... or a car rushing to turn left either because they are running the red light turn signal or because there is a car coming from the other direction and they are trying to beat it when instead they should be yielding (again with poor old me, legally following the traffic signals and a sitting duck in the middle of the crosswalk), or when cars run right through stop signs in residential neighborhoods, or when cars slam on their brakes to stop at a stop sign AFTER they have already passed it... again with me smack dab in front of them...

What is really great about all of this is AFTER these drivers almost kill me because they are in too much of a hurry to follow traffic signals they sometimes honk at ME as if I have done something wrong by having the balls to run around the city following the traffic signals and expecting people not to hit me.

News flash, pedestrians have rights too. Follow the damn traffic signals. My life is worth more than you saving a few seconds on your travel time and I PROMISE that if you DO hit me you better have VERY high liability coverage on your insurance because you are going to need it.

PS - I am not saying the pedestrian in this case was not at fault I am only responding to the few people who were claiming pedestrians are safe around Lawrence... and they are most definitely not.

somebodynew 9 years ago

ZK - VERY glad you seem to be OK. That is the main thing in this whole situation. And, very glad of what you posted about it being your fault. No one seems to think the driver will feel anything, but this has to be hard on her too.

And for the ones who commented about her "no comment" thing. This is obviously one smart 18 year old !!!!! No way, right after an accident where a person was sent to the hospital by helicopter, should she be talking to a reporter. It is obviously (at that time) still under investigation and she should keep her comments to the investigators. Particularly in this day and age, anything she might have said could come back to haunt her in a civil suit. Way to go, girl!!!!

somebodynew 9 years ago


"and my reason for doing this was an impending/dooming need to satisfy the photo-journalistic cravings i have. or rather because people want to know, and at this point in the article, there arent many details regarding the collision at all.

maybe i am the minority here, but i wanted to know."

No, unfortunately you are not in the minority here. Everyone wants to know - and all the gory details. But you need to question is that is their right or just a lust for gory details. That seems to be the norm these days.

I admit I am older, and don't feel the "right" to have every detail as soon as something happens as seems to be the case in this age.

BUT, does anyone even think about the others rights, or just downright feelings in these things??? It seems like this case will turn out OK, from ZK's post, but what if it didn't?? You posted some grafic pics without any thoughts or feelings how the other parties (i.e. driver, pedestrian, both families) may have been tormented. I personally feel, it is not everyone's RIGHT to know everything. I know that goes against current society, but that is how I feel.

Not trying to put you down as you just did what a lot of people would do, just throwing some comments out there for you to consider in your possible photo-jounalism role.

RoeDapple 9 years ago

Getting from point A to point B, regardless if you are walking, riding or driving, there are areas where you will have the right of way. Assuming everyone will honor that right of way, is what causes close calls, injuries and deaths. Drive, ride and walk like you are the best, anticipate others will make mistakes, make getting from A to B the most important issue of the voyage and you will find that everyones travels will at least seem to improve.

Works for me...........

But then who would take this kind of advice from a guy who calls himself............................

Sharon Aikins 9 years ago

Hard to call this one. I've driven a lot and had pedestrians just step off curbs or into streets and parking lots in front of me without even looking. Always comment on their astounding trust, faith or ignorance. Then again, a lot of drivers don't pay attention either, on phone, yelling at kids, eating, etc. Did either have an obstructed view? It just comes down to paying attention. Where you walk can make a difference in how safe it is. Doesn't seem to be heavy traffic or blocked views here but only one photo. Guess we can speculate all day, argue walking versus cycling, judge the pros and cons of rugbber necking, determine the best way to deal with cat's claws, call each other names and still not have the benefit of knowing a da*med thing. What else we got to do this AM?

kliston 9 years ago

I feel for both people in this situation. The intersection of University and Crestline and extremely busy. You can't see anything when coming over the hill. Also there is a bus stop across the street with traffic from people who go to KU. I always check to make sure no ones coming before I cross the street or go across that intersection. I feel that people are not aware of their surrounding when they drive, and feel that people crossing the street don't look before crossing the street. They think they can walk out in front of traffic. It happens all the time. I can understand if there was a crosswalk there, that they would have the right of the way, but theres not a stop sign on Crestline or a cross walk. I understand on campus that the pedestrians have the right of the way, but not when crossing a road in front of traffic. I feel bad for this pedestrian, and hope that they are going to be okay. I took a look at the car that they were hit by, and I know that if must have been terrible, and a very bad accident. I again feel bad for the drive too, because I know what that intersections like, and how people cross the street right out in front of cars, so who's fault is it? I think we all should be careful, and keep an eye on the road weather you are the driver or the pedestian.

kmat 9 years ago

To the bikers that are complaining about Tennessee. Guess what, there's no bike lane there. You want to be in the traffic lanes, you will get passed. Guess what? It's not illegal to pass a slower vehicle (you are a vehicle on the road). You want to be safe, get on the sidewalk on the older streets that have no bike lanes and are narrow. That's what a smart person would do to keep from getting hit. I also see so many bikers that don't stop at stop signs and act like they don't have to follow the rules of the road.

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