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Kansas House expects to debate coal-fired power plants next week

February 19, 2009


— A debate in the Kansas House on a bill allowing two coal-fired power plants in southwest Kansas won’t occur until at least next week.

Rep. Joshua Svaty, an Ellsworth Democrat and a leading critic of the measure, suggested Thursday that its backers are searching for a two-thirds majority. That’s the margin they would need to override an expected veto by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius.

The bill allows Sunflower Electric Power Corp. to build the two plants in Finney County. The project has been blocked by Sebelius’ administration since October 2007.

The measure ties those provisions to proposals designed to encourage the development of renewable energy.

House Speaker Mike O’Neal, a Hutchinson Republican, says he wants to make sure legislators have time to study the bill’s contents.


calvin 9 years ago

Wny not wait unitl Kathy is in DC in the cabinet and then debate this? I wonder what changed between Kathy needing to stay to tend to our state budget and now. Doesn't seem to have improved much.

number1jayhawker 9 years ago

I used to think Sebelius was really concerned for us Kansans. After her taking off long periods of time campaining for the current president and her vetoing of these MODERN coal plants, you have to wonder, what is her agenda?

Our state is financially broke and those coal plants would bring in some revenue, create jobs and help our tax base.

ConcernedCynic 9 years ago

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nut_case 9 years ago

tumbilweed (Anonymous) says… ….Again. Trying to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity, Sunflower.

Agreed, but this never stops anything...have you been following the SLT...for the past 20 years?!?! Sometimes it feels good just to throw money at the problem!

ENGWOOD 9 years ago

"Clean coal technologies receive $3.4B in stimulus funding It's signed, sealed and delivered: President Obama and the 111th Congress have sent a strong message about our country's energy future by including $3.4 billion in funding for clean coal technologies in the economic stimulus package."


gccs14r 9 years ago

There is nothing modern about mucking combustible material from the ground and burning it.

Lonestar1 8 years, 10 months ago

There is no such thing as a "clean" coal fired power plant. And why do people think Kansas will benefit from a small number of jobs in one county? I guess the few who get the jobs will benefit for a few years. The power will be going to other states, build the plants it there. Let them have the power and pollution. I just wish the winds did not blow it our way! Kansans need to wake up and quit listening to the Republican noise machine. The past 8 years is a prime example.

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