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Getting green one song at a time

Kids at Corpus Christi Catholic School find it's easy to be green.

February 17, 2009


Students at Corpus Christi Catholic School got quite a lesson set to music on how to help the Earth. Stan Slaughter, the "Eco-Troubadour," has been to 850 schools across the state promoting green living with music.

"You get those good habits and those good ideas early, you'll carry them forward," he said. The music gets the kids' attention. "It's just the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down. It's working."

Some of the kids already have habits that help the Earth.

"I use reusable bags when I go shopping," said Michael Braman, a fourth grader.

Natalie Clarke says her family also does their part. "We recycle and turn off electricity when we're gone," the fourth grader said.

Gabe Magee had his own green tip. "Turn down the thermostat in the winter when you don't need it to be high up," said the fifth grader.

Students also got a glimpse of what could be in their eco-friendly future.

"I think the coolest part was the solar panels," said Natalie. "You can just use the sun."

Fourth grader Garrett Wildeman was most impressed by cars that run on batteries. "You charge the battery up and then you're off," he said.

They get the importance of keeping the Earth healthy.

"If we don't take care of the environment, we won't have the Earth anymore," said Gabe.

Natalie echoed his sentiments. "If we don't save it, then we're going to die," she said.

Plus, Michael thinks the green movement is a good one. "You can help the Earth be a better place," he said.

Slaughter travels all over the state thanks to the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.


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