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Kansas House gives preliminary OK to legacy tuition break

February 16, 2009


— The House on Monday advanced a measure that could result in Kansas University adopting a so-called legacy tuition break for some out-of-state students.

House Bill 2007 was given preliminary approval on a voice vote and will face a final House vote on Tuesday.

The legislation would authorize the Kansas Board of Regents to consider and approve a broader range of tuition waivers as proposed by state universities.

KU has proposed the Jayhawk Generations Tuition Plan, which would be offered to out-of-state students who meet KU admissions requirements and have at least one parent, grandparent or legal guardian who graduated from KU.

State Rep. Sean Gatewood, D-Topeka, tried to amend the bill so that if an out-of-state student received discounted tuition, that student would have to live and work in Kansas after graduation. If they moved to another state, they would have to pay back the tuition break.

But the amendment was defeated by legislators who said that while the amendment may have merit it should first be studied at the committee level.


Shardwurm 9 years ago

Parent, Grandparent, Cousin, Uncle, brother-in-law, neighbor, etc.

Whatever it takes to suck more money into the KU black hole.

aequitas 9 years ago

Not a fan of higher education Shardwurm?

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