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State representative from Leavenworth to be deployed to Iraq

February 11, 2009


Newly elected Kansas Rep. Melanie Meier, D-Leavenworth, has been called to report for active duty.

On Feb. 22, Meier, who represents the 40th House District, will head to Fort Hood, Texas, where she will complete training with the Army Reserves before her deployment to Iraq later this year.

“The timing isn’t exactly how I would have chosen it, but I figure there must be some reason why I need to be in Iraq now,” Meier said.

She said her 19 years of training with the Army Reserves, earning her a rank of lieutenant colonel, have her well-prepared.

“I’m not nervous,” Meier said. “It’s just going off to a new job to support my country.”

Meier will serve as the brigade inspector general with the 304th Sustainment Brigade. She will return in January 2010.

Former District 40 Rep. Candy Ruff will fill the position while Meier is on her tour of duty.

“Leavenworth is a military community,” Ruff said in a news release. “We all understand that when military duty calls, everything else must temporarily move to the back burner.”


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