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KU student faces animal cruelty charge in dog’s death

Cem Basoflas, left, has been accused of sodomizing and killing a dog. Basoflas made his first appearance in court Friday from the Douglas County Jail.

Cem Basoflas, left, has been accused of sodomizing and killing a dog. Basoflas made his first appearance in court Friday from the Douglas County Jail.

February 6, 2009, 10:05 a.m. Updated February 6, 2009, 4:55 p.m.


20-year-old KU student faces felony charges for dog's death

A felony animal cruelty charge has been filed against a 20-year-old KU student. Enlarge video

A felony animal cruelty charge was filed Friday afternoon against Cem Basoflas, a 20-year-old Kansas University international student.

Prosecutors said more charges could be filed in the case. Police said it involves a dead dog and may include other animals.

“This is a very serious case,” Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson said in a news release.

Basoflas, a KU physics major from Istanbul, Turkey, was arrested Wednesday at his apartment in the 2100 block of Heatherwood Drive, near Clinton Parkway and Kasold Drive.

Police officers were called to the apartment by maintenance personnel regarding suspicious activity. A large amount of blood was found, police Sgt. Bill Cory said.

A dog believed to be the victim in the case has been found, but it wasn’t in the apartment, Cory said. He declined to say where it was found.

Prosecutors accuse Basoflas of “extreme violence on at least two animals.”

Basoflas, a KU sophomore, has another pending case of felony animal cruelty in district court, stemming from an alleged incident on Aug. 16. In both cases, he’s charged with one count of intentionally and maliciously killing, injuring, maiming, torturing, burning or mutilating any animal.

During a Jan. 26 arraignment hearing, Basoflas pleaded not guilty to the August charge, according to court records, which also indicated he posted a $1,500 bond.

Basoflas is being held in Douglas County Jail after this week’s arrest. District Judge Pro Tem Jim George set his bond at $12,000 on Friday.

If Basoflas posts bond, George ordered him not to contact or possess animals and to surrender his passport.

Basoflas’ next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 24.


kittycatty26 8 years ago

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Bladerunner 8 years ago

Truly disgusting. An all time low. Im glad there wern't more details for a change.

kittycatty26 8 years ago

I don't want to know the details. I've heard enough and it's making me sick. I hope this guy gets sodomized and then killed in a torturous way. I hope he burns in hell too.

TacoBob 8 years ago

That's it. Skipping the paper for a few days. This is sick and sad and can't read any more about it. Violence against the helpless - kids (much, much worse of course) and animals - is the lowest form of existence. This guy is a waste of blood. There better be a very harsh penalty for him, the most the law will allow.

megiddo 8 years ago

Way to class it up, kittycatty26. Tell more about what wonders should await this sicko!

Danimal 8 years ago

I wonder if this is our cat mutilator?

meggers 8 years ago

There has to be a special place in hell reserved for people that would intentionally harm a defenseless animal. This is sickening.

Connacht 8 years ago

"There has to be a special place in hell reserved for people that would intentionally harm a defenseless animal. This is sickening."Kind of like the people who bomb children in Gaza, Iraq, and Afghanistan? I think some people's priorities are a bit, well, off. A defenseless animal was killed and probably killed in a terrible way. But I don't see people calling for the death and sodomy of the people responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in other parts of the world. Maybe if the press was actually printing stories about the mutilated or otherwise maimed children and the bloody images of war, people could get their priorities straight. Let's see images of this dog. Let's see images of the slaughtered people in the Middle East. Let's televise our executions. People need to see the consequences of their decisions and beliefs. It's too easy to make a cold, seemingly rational decision when you don't have to see the consequences.

XEPCT 8 years ago

Al-Jazeera shows unfiltered images such as the ones you describe Connacht. ... I think this guy is the cat mutilator.

Michael Auchard 8 years ago

This is one crime I bet even the hippies think warrants death.

frank mcguinness 8 years ago

I wouldn't advocate death but a severe punishment like psychological torture sounds great.

frowniebrown 8 years ago

Holy crap. I used to live in that building...before this sick individual did. I can't imagine having to hear that poor dog's cries, and the neighbors definately would have heard it too because those walls were thin. My puppies have such good memories there :(

kmat 8 years ago

"I think some people's priorities are a bit, well, off. A defenseless animal was killed and probably killed in a terrible way. But I don't see people calling for the death and sodomy of the people responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in other parts of the world."Way to make judgements on what everybody else thinks. You must be a mind reader.Our priorities aren't off. Maybe you don't value the lives of these poor animals (this guy killed and tortured many animals), but most of us do. And if he did this to animals, he'll do it to people.And anyone that kills another in such a brutal way should suffer the same consequences. I'm as liberal as they get, but still advocate for sickos of all kinds to be taken off this earth. Anyone that intentionally tortures and kills any other living creature should get the same. All lives are worth protecting.And see, I have those opinions without having to see all the gory details. I do think the media should give more coverage to all the horific things going on, but we don't have to see all of it. I think some people like you get off seeing that stuff.

madameX 8 years ago

If this guy gets out on bail (or is it bond after charges have been filed?) he's really gonna have to watch his back. I guess they can protect his identity or whatever for now, but once they file charges it'll be part of the public record. Although someone posted something yesterday that suggested this isn't the first such incident involving this guy so I hope he can't get out. Apparently he can't be trusted. They're going to have one heck of a time picking a jury for this, too. I think I could serve on a jury for most things, but I absolutely could not be impartial about someone who even allegedly hurt a child or an animal.

meggers 8 years ago

Connacht,My disgust at this incident in no way means that I'm not also saddened and outraged by senseless deaths involving human beings, including in Gaza, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Just as with humans, however, I do hold greater revulsion to those who intentionally torture or inflict harm for no apparent reason, other than their own twisted perversion. As senseless and as tragic as it is to see so many innocent people victimized by war, one can at least usually make some sense of the motivation- even if that motivation is fundamentally flawed. Those dropping the bombs are usually acting on orders from a higher authority, and most have been taught that what they are doing is necessary for a greater good. In the case of animal cruelty, there is no such rationale. It's a deliberate act and the sole purpose seems to be inflicting suffering on another creature. THAT is incomprehensible and downright sickening to me.

KansasVoter 8 years ago

madameX (Anonymous) says…"They're going to have one heck of a time picking a jury for this"I tell you what, I'd LOVE to serve on this guy's jury! My only problem is that I would want to sentence him to more time than the law allows.

asleepinthechapel 8 years ago

Tom Shewmon, average every-day liberal basher, loves puppies. That should be enough to make a lot of people smile today. Just goes to show nobody's all bad. Except maybe the guy in this article. Then again, he's probably just very, very, very mentally disturbed. Sad and disgusting.

EireishHawk 8 years ago

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EireishHawk 8 years ago

asleepinthechapel, in the real world some people are just mean, not mentally ill, just plain mean.

asleepinthechapel 8 years ago

Yeah but isn't "mean" one of the main characteristics of a sociopath? You've got to be more than mean to want to commit bestiality, right? To sodomize an animal? Let me just say that if it does come down to just being "mean" that I'm glad I've never met anyone of the sort.

EireishHawk 8 years ago

Maybe you have --- this guys been walking the streets of Lawrence, the KU campus, etc. Sadly, there are a lot more like him blending into society, at least until they are arrested.According to, one definition of mean is "cruel," and cruel is "disposed to inflict pain or suffering." Not a word about mental illness. The mentally ill diagnosis is so overused! The second worst excuse is drugs -- they were on drugs and didn't know what they were doing.

EireishHawk 8 years ago

This article mentions a dead dog in the first paragraph.

tokenshi 8 years ago

This is a horrendous act, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is the cat mutilator as well, as this could just be him further developing his 'craft'... uggh.That said, there is probably more the one deranged lunatic in Lawrence. I hope this IS the cat mutilator and that he's finally going to be brought to justice.What I don't like though is the whole 'eye for an eye' mentality I've been seeing in these comments. That guy is sick, and yes, quite possibly just evil, but that is even more reason for us to be tempered in our reaction. We need to further draw distinction and contrast between us, and people like him by trusting the Justice will be properly administered and that something like this doesn't happen again instead of letting vengeance be our motivator.That said, there are days when I wish Batman would just show up put the fear of God in people like this.

nomorebobsplease 8 years ago

This is within a block or so of where I live....with my children....and my dogs and cats. So now I'll have the heebie jeebies about my kids waiting for the school bus.... AND letting the dogs stay out during the day. I am REALLY creeped out by this!

csumpter1971 8 years ago

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asleepinthechapel 8 years ago

I of course can't be sure what you mean by "'nuff said" because it was obviously something you didn't want to just come out and say, csumpter, but let me reply with:Generalizations about an entire race, ethnicity, nationality, group, etc. are stupid. I looked at the Web site and it's creepy to look at that face.

cthulhu_4_president 8 years ago

Breaking news: LJW prints another article containing the words "sodomy" and "cruelty" after two articles containing the words released on the same day attain record number of posts in a short period of time.

iplaysupernintendo 8 years ago

Douglas County Sherrif: go to HOTLINKS- then to BOOKING RECAPAt the bottom, put in the date: 2009/2/4Booking#: 09-0518 Tells his name.

fabian_zimbabwe 8 years ago

From Fox 4 in KC: Cem Basoflas, 19-years-old of Lawrence, was arrested Wednesday and charged with animal cruelty and criminal sodomy.I have no idea why multiple news outlets, other than the LJW, seem to have access to the name, yet the "news source" in the town where the crime is committed can't seem to provide such detail (heck, LJW can't even get the age correct).

Shane Garrett 8 years ago

FORT MEYERS, Florida (NBC) -- A 51-year-old Florida man was arrested after he was found allegedly making out with blow-up sex dolls in a grocery store parking lot.

justthefacts 8 years ago

Most of the most infamous serial killers started out with torturing and killing animals (not for food or in self defense). Anyone who tortures and kills animals for "fun" is going to eventually move onto humans, if they aren't stopped and locked up, forever. And to those who say people who care about the animals being harmed like this don't care (at all or as much) about the children being bombed, that is a giant and incomplete leap in logic. Just because one cares about one thing does not rule out the possibility of also caring about the other just as much or more. It is quite possible to care about more then one thing, for most (mentally healthy) people.

kmat 8 years ago

"What I don't like though is the whole 'eye for an eye' mentality I've been seeing in these comments. That guy is sick, and yes, quite possibly just evil, but that is even more reason for us to be tempered in our reaction. We need to further draw distinction and contrast between us, and people like him by trusting the Justice will be properly administered and that something like this doesn't happen again instead of letting vengeance be our motivator."This isn't about vengence. This is about taking a sick excuse for a human off the planet. This guy led police to where he disposed of the critters. He is guilty. He tortured animals - get that, multiple animals. He gets off on hurting living creatures. He's been doing it for quite a while and knows what he's doing. We are all upset because the penalties for animal abuse aren't very severe and we all know this guy won't get much jail time, if any. BUT, he is not a citizen and hopefully will be deported back to Turkey. Let's see him act like this in Turkey. I'm sure the religious clerics have a special punishment for someone like him.

Melissa Lynch 8 years ago

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Melissa Lynch 8 years ago

kmat - isn't animal cruelty a felony?

jaywalker 8 years ago

Not that I'm backin' this freak, but can it really be considered 'animal cruelty' when the animal is already dead?

cthulhu_4_president 8 years ago

" Anyone who tortures and kills animals for “fun” is going to eventually move onto humans, if they aren't stopped and locked up, forever."--------Not defending the guy by any means, but there is no evidence that this is true. It's true that many killers started torturing animals, but you never hear about the ones who killed animals and never moved onto humans either because they're not caught, or their stories just aren't as sensational.In a related statistic, the average serial killer also has two eyes and wears socks with his shoes.

asleepinthechapel 8 years ago

Whoa, Melissa, whoa! Do unto others, ya know? The guy could have been your brother, your father, your son. One little butterfly's wings could have changed the situation completely. And please, everyone, don't bother pretending I'm empathizing with the guy. I'm just not for raping anyone or anything, rake or otherwise.

Whip101 8 years ago

Is this the same guy who raped a pig and it squealed on him?Couldn't resist.

bangaranggerg 8 years ago

Well if only his website had his hotmail address.. what's that? it totally does? well then folks feel free to write him an email.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 8 years ago

"Can you say “meth”?"No, this is not about drugs. This is probably more about childhood trauma that he's acting out on others. And, he's probably a porn hound.

roggy 8 years ago

Does anyone know when we can legally send him back to his country and never let him back into the US? I hate for us to have to spend another dime on him but I don't want him to go free. I also don't want his country to suffer from his sick behavior!

Jd Finch 8 years ago

But what if the dog had horns and what if the crazy dude shot him from 300 yards? Pretty sure he'd get his name in the paper, too:, squeal... ha!

jasb71 8 years ago

This is like 2 blocks from where i live, with a huge family and pets. That cat mutilator person ended up mutilating a cat about a block from my house. put two and two together you get hopefully the cat mutilator. I also hope he is the lawrence rapist so i wont have to worry as much. Lately this small town has been having alot of trouble with this kind of stuff... i really love our town but its starting to get a little out of hand

Steve Jacob 8 years ago

I don't like the fact that to get a better, cooler picture, they had to include the other guy. He looks like like he's got his own problems.

igby 8 years ago

I really see no difference in this nut killing animals for his pleasure than a woman killing her baby after her pleasure. It's her right of choice of course. He choose to kill a helpless animal and so does the liberal modern woman kill her baby if she so chooses. The difference is that he's in jail and the woman goes on too continue to kill again and again as if it doesn't matter. They both are the same.

lawthing 8 years ago

There is a good side to this....If he had to rape, kill and mutilate someodody at least it was a dog and not an innocent child !

ursulabirtha 8 years ago

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Kynsicat 8 years ago

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Downtoearth 8 years ago


Jenni Allen 8 years ago

Too bad they can't send him back to his own country in the same way he tortured and mutilated that poor dog, but he will proably get off with a slap on the hand, and our judical system what a joke, I hope he rots in hell

rusty2 8 years ago

Yahweh (Anonymous) says…This is one crime I bet even the hippies think warrants death.sorry yahweh but NO. if you are making allusions by your screen name to the god of Moses & Abraham perhaps.but that would not be the case in most readings of the New Testament covenant.

Doug Fisher 8 years ago

If I was locked into a jail cell with this guy, I think I'd have to kill him.

adeck22 8 years ago

I don't care how ugly the guy is, how traumatic his childhood was, or what empirical evidence says about people like this potentially recovering and being able to fit into society. This guy should be sentenced to life in prison. No, not put to death. This guy needs to suffer, and as far as some of these other comments are concerned, I don't understand how people can even begin to sympathize with this man. It doesn't matter if you begin your statement with a "I'm not defending the guy but....". There is nothing that can be, or should be, said to begin to justify what this trash has done.

KS 8 years ago

Can anyonw give me a reason as to why KU was mentioned in this story? Was the university involved?

TheGreatOz 8 years ago

Jeffrey Dahmer used to impale dogs to trees. Ted Bundy, Andrew Cunanan, David 'Son of Sam' Berkowitz, and Albert 'Boston Strangler' DeSalvo were ALL cruel to animals before they started hurting people. Subsequently, killer teenagers Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold (Columbine HS), and Kip Kinkel were also known for their past history of animal cruelty. I friggin live in Peppertree, though, luckily not in the same building as this monster. The walls are thin, you can hear everything (EVERYTHING). I am glad that someone turned him in. He just better not get off with just a slap on the hand. Don't make me call PETA.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

Rusty2=ariadne/cool/spiderman/coltrane/sven erik alstrom, so his understanding of anything from the new testament is highly dubious. I am just glad we recently added the felony cruelty to animals to the statutebooks here.this guy is one sick ba----d! if he is in the general prison population I wonder what happens to him there. sadly, if he's a Turkish national, his nation'sambassador may intervene in this case to get him sprung to go back home.interesting he was studying at Fort Hayse State before coming to KU. wonder what prompted the transfer. of course if he's studying physics, KU is milesahead of FHSU in that area.statistically, often people like him were severely abused as children, usually sexually. no, this does not lessen his guilt. poor dogs. please, hug your dog, take a walk with her, give her another hug and a treat, then tell her what you appreciate about her. dogs make a bargain with us humans, and sometimes dogs through no fault of their own, get stuck with a real crazy ba____d for an owner. former neighbor filed off her dog's teeth then said the NAZI's did it. that dog was viscious, but loyal to her wacko owner. dogs are loyal, and they don't know better. the loyalty of my dog is a comfort to my heart every day. his company is an encouragement.

introversion 8 years ago

That photo was taken right after he told the other guy what he was in for, and no, he isn't kidding.

skinnee11 8 years ago

I want to commend every single last one of you for taking the time out of your day to spew hate. Guess what? It's just a dog. Yeah, that sucks, but there are a million things more pressing in this world than one dog.And before all of the crazy animal rights activists jump on me...actually, bring it. Your silly little rants don't bother me in the slightest.

infinity13 8 years ago

Yeah, well whose dog was it? It could have been yours, it could have been mine. It's a hell of a lot easier to steal a dog than a person. And kill it, for that matter.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

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CarterFaucheaux 8 years ago

skinee is just mad b/c the dog he tried to molest got away

skinnee11 8 years ago

Pilgrim - If it was, it's in a better place now.Gnome - In fact, I have two dogs that I absolutely adore. The fact of the matter remains that they are just dogs. They will die and that day will suck. But I'll get another and another still because I love having them around and forming that bond you speak of. Life is too short to bemoan anything. Especially an animal.Carter - Lame.You gotta try harder folks.

b_asinbeer 8 years ago

Pilgrim2-Turkey is a secular country. It's not under islamic law. research before typing up nonsense.

Hoots 8 years ago

I wish Al-Jazeera would put this guy on with his story. Maybe they would forget about how sick they think we are for 30 seconds. If you'll do this to a helpless pet then you will do this to anyone of anything. What a worthless lump of S#$& this guy is. I bet MOM and DAD are so proud. SICK JERK!!!

danemary 8 years ago


christy kennedy 8 years ago

I agree with the first part of the last comment. Sodomizing and killing an animal is an obvious sign of seriously dangerous mental illness. You don't even have to be a regular viewer of "Law & Order" to know that no matter how hideous his acts to date, there is the possibility of escalation and crimes against humans. The guy needs a lot of help and continuous supervision. Some of us hippies, and others, are against the death penalty for a lot of reasons. Protecting society and animals from a very ill person is required. Killing very ill people is barbaric.

Jessica Hull 8 years ago

I'm just glad this guy is off the streets. People who kill/torture animals are just one step away from being a serial killer.

TheGreatOz 8 years ago

skinnee, it may be "just a dog", but the intentional abusing, maiming, torturing, killing, etc of an animal is a sign of more deviant behavior. What will he graduate to? Little kids? They're just as defenseless.

KSChick1 8 years ago

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frowniebrown 8 years ago

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Emily Campbell 8 years ago

If I remember correctly in the state of Kansas isn't this a misdemeanor? And if he doesn't receive help who's to say he's not the next Bundy or Gacey.... this is usually how it starts. Take care of him or send him back! I don’t want to read about him in another few months of him doing this to another animal (since this isn’t his first offence), child, or human.

rbrbm 8 years ago

danemary ----- suggesting that this creep should spend probationary time working in an animal shelter is not the direction to go... that's a bit like sentencing a bank robber to serve community service working in a bank... I work in the animal care field and I can assure you we would never give him access to animal. Ever. You can't fix this guy - and certainly not by hoping spending time with animals will help him see the error in his ways.

Confrontation 8 years ago

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b_asinbeer 8 years ago

Pilgrim2-Your original post implies Turkey is under islamic law. Nowhere did I imply it's not a muslim country.

Jenni Allen 8 years ago

dogs are not jusr animals they are ppl. to skinee. It was not just a dog, it was somebody's. If you can't have some empathy why are you here,

frowniebrown 8 years ago

1.First and foremost- if ANYONE out there suspects that a dog or any other animal is being abused or neglected, please know that you have a responsibilty to report it. Please visit this website and familiarize yourself with the steps you'll have to take. This case was extreme but it is definitely not the only inncident of animal abuse/neglect going on in this town. Keep your eyes and ears open and step up because these animals cannot speak for themselves.…You're exactly right Alex (Adeck22)! Derek and I were just talking about this. We didn't think he should be put to death either, because this guy is obviously sick in the head…and the only way for him to suffer is to have to feel a deep sense of regret for the rest of his life. As long as he is left to be insane. I doubt he'll feel even an ounce of remorse. I also think this is the cat mutilator and I thank GOD this guy was not my neighbor when I lived there. WHO would give this guy a dog? The humane society needs to do a better job of screening before they send away animals with a psyhco (if they were involved in the adoption, of course). The saddest part for me, and a lot of others, is that we couldn't be there for that poor doggy. No one was there to help that baby, and that breaks my heart. Dogs give SO much love and this one died a terrible death and all alone. Even worse, I have a feeling that, as much as this breaks the comunity's heart like any murder case would, the charge of animal cruelty just won't bring anywhere near adequate sentencing. I don't think if this guy gets the highest sentence, it will be more than 15-20. I hope I am wrong though.

wagsumor 8 years ago

frowniebrown when something bad happens I get so unnerved when the first thing to do is find blame with someone other than the culprit. The Lawrence Humane Society does screen. Unfortunately some bad people rise above the goodness of it all. We do not live in a perfect world. Though we strive to get there, we dont. Stop blaming those that walk the walk on a daily basis. These folks do everything they can to find GOOD HOMES for GOOD ANIMALS. Lieing to them and deceiving them are how it happens to end up like this. These last abused animals did not come from the LHS. If you want to blame someone, ask yourself who "gave" away the puppies or cats and didnt find out first. Better yet ask those folks that gave the puppies away why they didn't get their dog spayed so they wouldn't have to be placed in this predicamentthis guy did a bad , No disgusting, horrible despicable thing, we all agree with that. now blame him for being bad, not some outside source... BLAME HIM...

frowniebrown 8 years ago

wagsumor-I don't know how the only thing you take from my comment is "blame" for the humane society, and also, don't talk to me as if I am uneducated. You really don't have any business using my comment as a platform for your rant, but gee, thanks, I had no idea that the world isn't perfect. The fact of the matter is, this guy had a prior charge of animal cruelty. If you had actually READ the brief part of my comment that actually mentioned the Humane Society's part in this, you would have noticed I said "if they were involved in the adoptin of course". I stand by what I said. IF they allowed this person to adopt a pet with an animal cruelty charge on his record, then that is cause for concern in the adoption screening process. I do not think the death of this dog is on their shoulders, because this is not about blame, this is about PREVENTION. Unfortunately, we cannot trust every citizen to do the right thing and be good, caring, responsibile pet owners. We can't stop this from happening every time, but we all need to make darn sure, that when its possible, to make sure we put up every barrier possible to prevent it. Prevention is obviously one of my main points, as I FIRST referred the Humane Society as a great resource that people can report abuse and neglect to BEFORE something like this happens. Also, I had to go back and repost my comment after it had been delted b/c I had too many derogatory words referring to this disgusting human being. If you did not think I was hard enough on him, you'll have to take that up with ljworld and their comment policy.

fascinating_person 8 years ago

"I think some people's priorities are a bit, well, off. A defenseless animal was killed and probably killed in a terrible way. But I don't see people calling for the death and sodomy of the people responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in other parts of the world."Personally calls for 'the death and sodomy [in reverse order] of the people responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in other parts of the world' [and in this part of the world]I don't personally like to distinguish the values of various animal life. A painful death is a painful death, and one who intentionally commits painful murders should probably be punished terribly. Kind of joking on calling for sodomy and death, though. But only kind of.

Charles Bloss 8 years ago

Maybe those weirdos eat dogs in Turkey? That is no excuse, throw the book at him. I am sick and tired of seeing innocent animals abused and killed. Thank you, Lynn

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

hey LJWorld Admin!why did you delete my late last night post? no profanity, ***skinnee, I still don't think you get it. imagine if your own adored dogs were treated that way? how would you feel?

wagsumor 8 years ago

Frowniebrown: "The humane society needs to do a better job of screening before they send away animals with a psyhco (if they were involved in the adoption, of course)." This is a quote from you only after you asked "who would give this guy a dog? Let me ask you this: After asking that question and then saying "The humane society needs to do a better job of screening before they send away animals with a psyhco (if they were involved in the adoption, of course) is it fair enough to say you have had a slight presumption that they were involved? Better you have more of your implication and presumption towards the possibility of someone that gave him the dog from the street. Who knows, it could have been someones dog that is missing as we speak. I believe the Lawrence Humane Society does the best job they can. I refuse to believe that they don't. May not be good-nough for you, but it is the best they can do. It is not a perfect world and they have a hard enough job than to have people like you not believing in them 100%The point I am trying to make, so that you dont get your little psychy stay focused on the culprit. Focus...

Christine Anderson 8 years ago

I live about 500 yards down the sidewalk from this worthless pile of sh!@. My boys and I have kitties we love very much. This scares me!Why? Why does anyone have to do something like this? I don't understand. Why?If this monster makes bond, come'on, those of us who live in that neighborhood! If he bonds out and returns to living in that apt., let's protest (lawfully) as close to that bldg. as we are permitted to. Let him know we know who he is and what he has done!I hope the management of Peppertree plans to kick him out, if they have not done so already!!

frowniebrown 8 years ago

misplacedcheesehead- I know! isn't it crazy! I hope peppertree kicked him out too! They're pet friendly, which is one thing I loved about living there, and I hope they don't change because of this. I wonder if this guy wanted to be is pretty good about letting tenants know when they're coming by the change air filters or do routine maintenance.wagsumor -for the love of god, READ before you post! Are you a little slow? Or do you PURPOSELY ignore the facts so you can get your point across when it really isn't relevant? I'm thinking you don't know what a rhetorical question is. Its perfectly fair for me to wonder who would give this guy a dog, and it makes no sense for you to assume that I have anything but respect for LHS. How do you think policy reform comes about? When terrible things happen. This is a perfect opportunity for them to reflect on their role (once again IF they even had one!!!). No I don't actually disagree with your point, you just don't seem to get that you need to keep my name the heck out of it! No body is against you or LHS, so take a chill pill and think before you post because you're not doing anything but DISTRACTING FROM THE CULPRIT, which, as you say, is a problem. I'm going to focus on whatever I, an informed and concerned citizen, decide to. So lets say that, god forbid, another guy like this sicko is out there...and that he has a previous offense of animal cruelty on his record, and he goes to LHS...I know it may not even be financially practical to do background checks, and that it may take some shifting around in priorities...are you trying to say that if it made the difference between this dog meeting the end of its life in an incredibly cruel way, it wouldn't be worth it because LHS does want to face the reality that they DO have a role in the homes these dogs go to? These are questions that the community has a right to wonder about, because its a possibility that the dog came from LHS...though you can't read, so I'm sure all you're hearing, is "I hate LHS, why did they give him the dog. Its they're fault". A dog was slaughtered and you're unnerved by ME? That poor thing was murdered, the least you could do is tolerate a little squirming in your seat. Get a grip. Seriously, go start your OWN blog if you want to rant about something.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

uh, boys, boys!in the TV coverage of this, MidgeG of the shelter/LHS talked about how people should immediately stop listing dogs and cats on Craig'slist. the implication was that some or all of this guy's victims came through ads on Craigslist.

KansasPerson 8 years ago

I am pretty sure that the Lawrence Humane Society already does background checks. Anyway, they are extremely thorough in checking out people who wish to adopt, and I feel certain they wouldn't overlook something so obvious as a record of animal cruelty.Frownie, what's probably driving wagsumor up a wall is that it's disingenuous of you to continue insisting "I have nothing but respect for the LHS" while associating their name with this crime. The fact that you keep throwing in phrases like 'If they had anything to do with it" does not excuse you from continuing to speculate on their involvement and on their procedures for screening adoptive families, about which you appear to know very little.

TheGreatOz 8 years ago

A few of the comments I read when this story first broke was that he obtained the animal(s) off Craigslist.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

Muslim law and dogs: there are "liberal" muslims who argue that dogs are entirely clean and read the quran differently.

skinnee11 8 years ago

none2 writes:Of course nothing bothers you, that is the nature of a shallow person.It would be interesting to know whether your personality disorder was genetic or environmental.Reply:You assume I am shallow and/or have a personality disorder for valuing human life more than that of a dog. Yeah, that makes sense. Good conclusion to jump to.jspacy48 - Your assertion that dogs are people too is cute. Really.Gnome - You ask how I would feel? We've gone over this already. It would suck. Life goes on though. You are aware of this phenomenon, right? And another thing for you, all of you actually, gun to my head I would gladly torture and kill my very own dogs so that you could live. A human life is more valuable than ANY animal's. Now, if that makes me a terrible person so be it. A scarlet letter I would proudly wear...

Linda Endicott 8 years ago

If my life depended on someone torturing and/or killing your dogs, or ANY animal, then no thank you... I would just go die quietly. And a lot of other people would feel the same... A human life is always more important? Really? I have read about many a person, in case of fire or flood or some other disaster, who gave up their own lives or put themselves in danger in order to save their beloved pets...I would assume your poor dogs would be on their own, huh? Anyone who has the attitude that "it's just a dog" or "it's just a cat"...shouldn't have pets in my opinion...Most people who have pets consider them as part of their family...and with what you've posted here, I don't believe that is true for you...

meowdancer 8 years ago

For the love of God - who knows if this dog was a dog obtained from Craigslist or if this dog was a lost/missing animal?!?! I am missing my dog and I want an answer.

kmat 8 years ago

I must speak about the negative comments about the shelter. Just can't stand it when stupid people talk out their *ss about something they know nothing about.The shelter didn't adopt out animals to this sicko. He was getting them from craigslist. Multiple animals. There is more than one dog involved in this case and the previous charges are for a cat that he beat so badly (then took to the vet who called the police) that luckily is still alive. The shelter does check out anyone adopting an animal and shame on any ignorant SOB who comes on here trashing the shelter.To the person who posted that this couldn't be animal abuse because the animal was already dead. HE TORTURED THESE ANIMALS, SODOMIZED THEM, THEN KILLED THEM. GOT THAT!And to hawkperchedatriverfront for one of the most ignorant posts yet. "The owner needs to pay to the city $50 a year. 1/2 goes to the city and the other half to the humane society, which will ultimately euthanize the pet."You know nothing about the shelter, so shut up!!!! They only euthanize animals that are too sick to treat or are so violent there is no chance of making them adoptable. Midge does everything in her power to protect all animals. In fact, they have been short on money and had to either lay off employees or euthanize animals. THEY LAID OFF EMPLOYEES because they won't kill a poor animal for just lack of funds. That means Midge ends up working tons of extra hours to take care of these animals so they can live. Go to their site and look up Max's fund, where they collect money because they treat animals that most shelters would kill, only because the vet bills to save them will be too high. I hope someone euthanizes you hawk when you aren't wanted. What a kind soul you are for trashing Midge and the shelter when they do nothing but good for this community.If people want to do something because this case has outraged them so much, please help the shelter who is involved in this and every animal abuse case. They are desperate for funds right now. They also need blankets and towels right now. They have gotten so many animals dropped off by people that now can't afford them in this economy and need all the help they can get. Please donate to them asap.

bearded_gnome 8 years ago

I hope Cem Basoflas is still in jail tonight. and I hope any slur of the Humane Society/Shelter has been put to rest.

rbrbm 8 years ago

I'm sorry to ask you to take me for my word but I'm not willing to reveal the source of my information because I am sadly mixed up in the investigation. However, I would like to back kmat's entry and say that the cat involved in the first charge against this guy was absolutely obtained from Craig's List. PLEASE, if you are outraged by this story then send an email to the district attorney. Make your voice known!! Even though there is now a felony animal cruelty law on the books, it is a slap on the wrist joke. Why should you be concerned?? Because it is proven fact that most serial killers start with animals.

frowniebrown 8 years ago

KansasPerson- Thats the problem with not being able to express yourself in person. I endorsed LHS in my original comment, even listing a link to their site, as a resources we all have to use in preventing further abuse if it becomes aparent to us. Considering LHS as a possibility of where sickos obtain pets is not out of any disrespect, its simply a fact. Of course there are pleanty of other, even more likely culprits, but there really is no way to regulate other practices like people giving dogs away or advertising by word-of-mouth. I know craiglist already has a policy about not selling dogs, but people are supposed to flag listings like that, and I'm sure that doesn't always happen. Craiglist is intended for posts about lost or found dogs. Flagging is definately something I will take more seriously after this. I did not ever claim to be knowledgable about LHS's screening policies, and if someone who is would like to step up and definitively tell us whether they do screen criminal records or not, I would be extremely receptive and willing to learn. Pointing out the flaws in our community organizations should not equate to a lack of respect. LHS and other organizations have missions to help a specific population, and internally they constantly critique themselves to find the best way to serve that population and the community. I love LHS b/c I have taken many stray pets there who were obviously well loved and missed by their owners. In the last week before I learned of this story, and I was already calling them and animal control to get a neglected dog out of a home and into their care. I love going there just to visit the animals, and I'd take more home if I could but I already have 3 dogs and a cat. So for anyone to tell me I don't respect them simply because I ask HARD QUESTIONS, is ridiculous.

frowniebrown 8 years ago

Kmat-I keep trying to find comments where people are "trashing the shelter" and just not finding them. I see comments like my own with people wanting to know where the pets came from. I don't know if that was even directed towards me or not, but if that part about abuse was, it certainly didn't make any sense. There was mostly like ongoing abuse before the dog was actually murdered, and that is why I listed a link on how to report abuse/neglect. ( )If this was an isolated incidnet, then obviously there was little that could have been done except call the police during the incident. I'd rather leave the link and it not get used than have anyone out there with a shred of doubt as to what their options are for reporting abuse and neglect in Lawrence, KS. rbrbm-Thank you for your information, and sorry you're mixed up in it! I can't imagine if I had still been living in 2100 C at Peppertree when this all happened. You're totally right about this being a slap on the wrist. It really is unfortunate.

Burcin 8 years ago

I'm from Turkey and I find this disgraceful, awesome, disgusting! Please do not thing that all people in Turkey are like this. I'm an activist on animal rights and it makes me cry when I hear this. This man is really sick and there is no cure for his illness. Such psycho people must be put in jail for life. Otherwise they will always continue to harm other living beings.

hektor85 8 years ago

I am a KU alumnus from Turkey and I want to apologize to the Lawrence community on behalf of this psychologically disturbed motherf.. These sick people unfortunately exist in all countries but it makes me very upset that someone like this from my country got through all the background checks that one needs to go through to even step foot in the US, let alone be a student here, and commited this terrible act of cruelty in Lawrence. He needs to be put in intensive therapy right away. I don't understand the judge who lets this guy go on bail. WTF.. And what kind of parents bail their son twice out of jail and still let him live in another country? Dam.I do hope that the people of Lawrence can show enough maturity and understanding not to judge the qualities of an entire nation on this extremely sick individual. And no Lynn, people do not eat dogs in Turkey.Some of the above posts make politically/socially/ethnically charged points about the Middle East and/or the US --a clear mind should easily see that the distinction here isn't between a Muslim a Jew or a Christian, an American or a Turk, it is between a normal stable person and a psychologically disturbed one.

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