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Vatican: Holocaust denier must recant

February 5, 2009


— The Vatican, bowing to the growing furor over Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to accept a return to the church of a prelate who denied the Holocaust, made a dramatic turnaround Wednesday and demanded the bishop recant.

The Vatican sought to distance the pope from the controversy by saying he did not know about British Bishop Richard Williamson’s views when he agreed to lift his excommunication last month.

In the surprisingly public spat, some leading cardinals in Germany and at the Vatican blamed unidentified aides for not fully briefing the pope.

The controversy provided a rare look at the cracks in the Vatican’s facade of unity and raised questions about the advice the pope receives and his access to information. Papal aides say Benedict, a former university professor and theologian, receives a daily news summary and occasionally watches television.


Whip101 9 years, 3 months ago

Okay. So what is "holocaust denial" exactly? I know in most of Europe, Canada and a few other places, it is illegal, (punishable by imprisonment, fines and more) to simply question the questionable: Did 6 million Jews really die at the hands of the Nazis during WWII? This "holocaust" has become a religion unto itself that cannot, should not, will not be permitted to be questioned. Why? And why should honest people who question it have to apologize for their curiosity? And why should they be punished for questioning history, (factual or otherwise)? All other wars and all other aspects of history are open to debate. But not the "holocaust". Something is wrong here. Ponder it.

WHY 9 years, 3 months ago

What is the big deal. Catholics may or may not deny the holocaust, but they think jews go to hell.

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