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Federal judge to hear arguments over Sunflower Electric lawsuit

February 4, 2009


— A federal judge will hear arguments over whether to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the state over a decision not to allow two coal-fired plants in western Kansas.

U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren is giving each side 30 minutes Thursday to make their case. The hearing is limited to the state’s request to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Sunflower Electric Power Corp.

The attorney general’s office argues a federal lawsuit interferes with the appeal of the state’s decision. It contends the lawsuit seeks to force state officials to disregard Kansas law and the dangers of carbon dioxide emissions in evaluating the application.

Sunflower contends the decision to block the coal-fired plants violates its constitutional rights. It argues the state seeks to block the interstate sale and distribution of electricity.



New Study Lifts The Curtain on Clean Coal

Sunflower Corp is a long way from getting a coal plant through the administrative process and litigation. It is doubtful they will succeed due to environmental laws. House Bill 2369 is unconstitutional due to misuse of small amount of renewable energy incentives to justify a large increase in coal-fired pollution in KS. Read Renewable Portfolio Standards KS Corp Commission [KCC] website. Comment.

At a recent oil drilling conference, a KCC booth had the word SOLAR in large letters in the center of a poster. I was elated to see a database formed by KCC for solar energy. In 2005, I asked KCC to help develop a database for KS Solar Electric Co~operatives, Inc. to record 50,000 SF BI-PV Solar Roofing Potential in @ KS county. I have explored sites for BI-PV manufacturing since 1998. KCC reps said their SOLAR database had nothing to do with solar energy. S.O.L.A.R. is an acronym for 'Simplified On-line Automated Reporting' facilitating electronic applications for oil drilling permits. Check their rude SOLAR Logo designed by KS Geological Survey at KU using oil well to form A. KS_SEC sent order in tacit procuration to change acronym to SOAR or SOOOT.

What can KS consumers do to protect their families? Moderation is the key to making sound decisions not 135% coal. Do not be afraid to evolve diversity and never let any coal company or legislator insult or intimidate you because they refuse to seek the truth. Contact me for more information at

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